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Blue deck plays from 4 to 9 cards able to draw them 2 or more cards.

If you can connect this one :

  • your opponenet do not draw 2
  • you spent 2U but got 2 tokens back
  • you get a 3/2

in the end you spent U to play a 3/2 with a strong ability and hymn to tourach the opponent. Quite good.
Now the opponent has to get rid of it before playing other draw cards / activate Dack.

I do not know how many you can play but it can devasting.

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@protoaddict said in [CMR] Hullbreacher:

Smothering Tithe

no, tithe tax you. Breacher steals from you. Black n blue steal, red pillages you and sometimes mess with you.

Yes an eldrazi would have been fine. And yes, I agree that being in another color, even white, would be great.

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If you can counter ancestral/brainstorm or the like, you play it for free. This is so strong that could push more ppl toward decks that do not draw as much as blue does.

and no, it can't be white. but it could have been red or black or bicolor with those abilities.

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6 mana do nothing. 3/4 mana, draw 3 cards. Too expensive.

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Comparing Mirage fetches with Onslaught Fetches is like Dual or Shocklands vs Invasion Dual. You can't afford lands coming into play tapped in Eternal. Mirage fetches anyway have been played in Wr decks in T2 or Extended.

Regarding lands powercreep I think Wizard has often miscalculated in early days. Actually they did not until Urza s saga. Both bazaar and workshop had created fine decks in the early days.
It's difficult to image them printing something good enought to open a new style of deck without being too strong in other formats Legacy included.

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I think you are looking at things on the wrong side.

Fetchlands changed a lot in terms of consistency and in the possibility of playing 3 color decks with a solid manabase. They are SO good because Shocks and Duals can be grabbed with. But the performance of the manabase is greatly increased with Fetchs. If you had to choose between Dual and Fetch, you would probably play Fetch + Shocks instead that Dual + painland or whatever else.

the Eldrazi lands are very narrow but are very good at doing their job. The issue is that Eldrazi are good but not incredibly good.

moving toward the topic : yes power creep exist and sometimes Wizard is moving too ahead ( Oko) but there is a limit to the power a card can have, unless it's very narrow. Think Eye of Ugin with 3 or 4 cc2 playable Eldrazy hatebears/beaters. it would create a deck able to deploy 6/8 power and a couple of restrictions to your game turn 1. Eye is fair because the other cards do not trigger it's potential.

This Lotus is very very less powerful of the original one. It needs a 1/2 color or a expensive commander to be useful. Not mentioning the variance of a 100 cars deck.

And Wizard has already printed Lotus petal and LED as lotus #2 and #3.
So they have already explored alternate forms of reserved cards.

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gitaxian probes
lava dart ?
shattering spree

it's damn exciting even in a fair deck

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I d like to see how many slots are needed to have a fair/positive matchup against shops.

Right now a 3x bolt+3 energy flux seems enought on paper.

This version of shop is explosive but seems frail, being composed of aggressive artifact Creatures, the most killable permanent ever

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Workshop is busted. Superbusted.
but if you play it, you dont play the over iperpowered cards.

That s the point of T1. Strong cards define the meta and the archetipes.

So the point is not how much strong this card is, but how taxing is the deck it enables.

Remember the Trini era ? To survive, blue deck had 5 wastes, extra mana, etc.... Life was miserabile.

Now, is this Ravager Shop so warping? I dont know, but we should give the meta the time to adapt and return to fight brown like we used to in the past .

History of Vintage is kinda like this :
blue fights brown
blue prevails and start to fight other blue
Something got restricted
Return to point one.
At some point trini is printed.
then blue fights brown.
Life is miserable for blue
something brown got restricted