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I'm in Dallas & could probably bring 3 people depending on when it is. Saturdays would be rough as I and one of the others both work on Saturdays.

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@fsecco and @thecravenone are both correct here.

If a player names "Academy" with a Phyrexian Revoker that player has not named a legal Magic card. They MUST clarify at any REL whether at the prompting of their opponent or by calling a judge.
If they name Tolarian Academy - that is not a legal card name for Phyrexian Revoker. If they name Tolarian Academy, they get to rename to a legal card which is any non-land card legal in VIntage.

One thing to make sure of, is to make sure to never let your opponent break a rule.

If you have any follow-up questions, I am a Level 2 judge so just ping me on this thread.

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I'll be streaming these decks starting with Craig's Zacama Oath on tonight's stream. Then I'll be doing one per stream until I get to Ben's list.
Unfortunately Oath hates me so I expect no success tonight.

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I really wish these were not held on Saturdays. I have to work on Saturdays. Otherwise I would be there with a car load of folks.

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Thanks for typing this up Jon. This event was super fun, makes me look forward to EW even more.

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This is really exciting. I think that this will bring more players into vintage on MTGO. I have several friends who can't make the dailies, but can do random times.
And there are a lot of names I see playing Vintage but they never join the dailies.

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Nice. Glad to see someone else coming from OK to battle. I am pretty damn excited about this.

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Anyone else going to this?

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I considered it, but chose to try it this way. I think next time I may run them main & see what happens.