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Full coverage in English, including corrected Top 16 decklists, Top 8 playoff bracket, video feature matches, and more is now live on EC here:

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@nybaseb2 said in N.Y.S.E. Open VI - 7/20/19 - Long Island, New York:

Will decklists be posted anywhere??

This was an amazing event!! (My first NYSE, taking 14th with Pitch Dredge) Its unfortunate to hear they won't be happening moving forward.

Full coverage (including all decklists, metagame report, photos, and more) can be found here:

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NYSE Open 6 Coverage and Results, including ALL decklists, metagame breakdown, video embed, and massive photo report.

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Once again, a massive thank you to @Prospero for organizing everything and creating such a great experience for the community to get together.

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Live coverage is going on here, if you haven't already seen elsewhere:

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In the summer of 2018, after a 10 year hiatus, StarCityGames dusted off the long running Vintage Power 9 series of events from the prior decade at last year’s SCGCON. This year StarCityGames once again unearthed the Power 9 series, at SCGCON 2019.

SCG did not do a coverage writeup this year, electing only to post T16 decklists, so we've done a full writeup. Full report of this year's Power 9 event, including pairings, results, standings, in-game photos, Top 16 decklists, and complete metagame breakdown of all 82 players can be located exclusively on Eternal Central here:

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If this is who I think it is (Mike), DM me and I can help you organize and promote. I used to be a regular at CrazyCards for a year or so when I lived in Chicago previously. I'm currently living in Chicago proper, and we have a handful of regulars who play Vintage, plus there's probably a good amount of people isolated in individual suburbs.

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I will be there as well, hosting the Old School event on Thursday, and playing Vintage on Friday. Looking forward to playing in a 20 person Vintage tournament for Power.