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I’d love to attend this but with the current state of the Covid-19 outbreak WOTC has suggested suspending events at least through May 10th. I’d hate for your turnout to be low because of this. Maybe postpone until things start to return to normal?

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We have a group in Durham area that gets together once a month or once every two months for vintage. Send me a PM

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I have played similar lists without having power and found that 2 snap, 1 clique is a great split. Sol ring is bad generally. Running 4 wasteland, 1 strip is a must and I run 3 factory 1 faerie conclave for manlands. I agree with the use of moat if you can get/borrow one. Balance has always been bad for every time I cast it. I run a maindeck fragmentize and a disenchant. Spell snare is better than 2 mindbreak trap. Shops is a tough matchup and I would run a stony silence and a maindeck energy flux as a hoser. 3 swords is a must. Overall I think you’ve got the right game plan just a few small tweaks. Test against shops and oath a lot as they can be really tough matchups and require tight play to navigate. Hope this helps. Just my opinion and you can take it with a grain of salt

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I’m definitely going and I think some of the triangle NC people will be going as well. I’m looking forward to going and getting some redemption after getting destroyed at champs.

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@nedleeds who hosts most of the events in vintage and old school in Atlanta? I'm hoping to avoid this in the future and bring in some more "regional" players to events. Good luck at the qualifier!

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Reminder that this is coming up this weekend.

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This past Saturday my buddy Matt and I hosted the first of hopefully many Old School Magic charity tournaments at Ready to Play Trading Cards in Cayce, SC. First of all, I would like to thank Lon Starkey for hosting the tournament, dealing with the crazy judge calls, and helping with the organization. We ended up having a total of 14 players and raising over $200 for Harvest Hope Food Bank. We had players travel from Atlanta, Charleston, Chapel Hill, and around the Columbia area to participate. We had side events like a chaos orb flipping contest (with a CE Chaos orb for 1st place and an oversized Chaos Orb for 2nd), a riffle shuffle challenge (the point was to complete the most shuffles in 2 minutes and destroy the bulk we provided), and some raffle and door prizes. Thanks everyone for coming out!

We had 5 rounds of Swiss followed by a cut to the top 4. The Top 4 consisted of:
1st Place-Teddy Carfolite on White Weenie
2nd Place-Ash Anabtawi on Bant Fatties
3-4th-Place Lon Starkey on Mono Blue Merfolk (5-0 in the Swiss rounds)
3-4th-Andrew Werner on UR Burn

I don’t have the complete deck lists yet but when I get that information from Lon I will make sure to put all of them up. The metagame included white weenie, ernhamgeddan, UR burn, mono blue merfolk, jund, mono-blue stasis, and BW control (sorry if I’m forgetting anybody from this). This event arose out of 2 friends wanting to try to get more people involved in an obscure unsanctioned format that they played alone while drinking beer. Hopefully this is the start of a budding old school community in South Carolina and will continue to grow and see better and better turnouts. We actually already have people asking when the next one will be (It will be in December guys and when I have dates I will be sure to post it around the interwebs for everybody). I’d also like to shout out to the two Team Tusk members who made the drive from Atlanta (sorry I am totally blanking on your names right now and I apologize) and supporting more events in the southeast. For those of you who are not members there is an old school magic Facebook group for the southeast and I encourage any of you interested in the format to join the group (Southeast MTG Old School). It is run by our 2nd place finisher Ash Anabtawi from Charleston.

Overall it was a great event and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. Ironically myself and Matt finished terribly in the tournament we had the idea for and helped organize but it was the most fun I’ve had playing Magic in a few years. Again, many thanks for the participants in the tournament and we are hoping to grow more interest in the format in South Carolina and regionally in the southeast. All the best from one of the Magical Hacks!

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Thanks for all of the help and for breaking down your explanations for me. I have very little experience in the format and try to read as much as I can and look over deck lists and watch matches. The help is very much appreciated! I was thinking of balance as a reset button like the supreme verdict in case things get out of hand and I need to "pull the chute" so to speak. I know that sometimes having that backup can really help and having it at a lower mana cost against a shops deck seems appealing as opposed to the 4 mana spell which gets expensive with spheres in play. I'll go back to the drawing board a bit with it and try to play test some. Thanks again for all the insights! This format is so fascinating and complex from a construction point of view.

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@MSolymossy Thanks for pointing these things out. I really appreciate the input.
So without a flying beater am I assuming I rely on JTMS to win if I land a moat? Without a flying beater I don't have any other real win condition. I have seen lists that run Emrakul, the Promised End and Morphling. I don't like the idea of Emrakul because I don't think I can reliably cast it without mana drain mana (realistically going to cost me 9 at best). I'm just curious what your idea is for a win condition if moat hits the table.
As far as explosives I would think it would be good against tokens, moxen, and spheres even only having access to 2 mana. I know that I'm also playing stony silence but it seems like a lot of decks are running stony silence and moxen. Is the possibility of hitting stony silence after playing EE a huge downside or is it mostly having stony silence in play and then drawing EE. I guess I'm unsure what the downside is if I hit it before stony silence?
Is spell snare just really bad against shops? I know it is limited in other matchups as it only hits DT and some other very specific cards.
Yeah after looking at it I'm very light on counter magic. I'll have to see where to put in more. I thought echoing truth into standstill would be a good play but is it just that situational?
Sorry for the questions and I'm not trying to be argumentative I am genuinely just trying to learn from more experienced players. I don't really have access to events in my area and I can only travel once or twice a year to play so I'm eager to learn from more experienced players.

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@structuremole Thanks for the insights. My thought process behind spell snare was against shops since they do have a lot of 2 drops (also against oath which is not really in the metagame from what I can tell). I wasn't sure if running more than 1 flusterstorm would be good in the shops matchup considering my sideboard options. I wasn't sure about energy flux vs kataki in the sideboard and my worry was that kataki just gets mowed down by the various shops creatures (ballista in particular). I thought energy flux would be a good finisher for that matchup and stony silence was what I thought would be better vs other decks with artifacts with one mainboard and one sideboard. Should I run third stony silence instead of one of the energy flux? Am I correct that combo now is usually using the paradoxical outcome engine?

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This is a list I have been brewing on for a while as I am very new to playing vintage. I don't currently own any moxen so this is the list that I have come up with to play in a few upcoming events. I have only played in a handful of events (before having owned any power) and I am admittedly not as knowledgable about the format as I am about Legacy. I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on some of my decisions that were good/bad citing examples within the metagame.

Thanks in advance.

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Non-Sanctioned Vintage
Ready To Play Trading Cards
Cayce, SC

Entry Fee: $15
Registration: Noon
Start Time: 1pm
Format: Vintage
Event Structure: Swiss with a top cut based on # of players.
Decklists are required
Cash prize payout in the following structure.
1st = 50% - 65% of prize pool based on # of players.
2nd = 20% - 35% of prize pool based on # of players.
3rd-8th = Based on # of players.

Playtest Card Policy
Playtest Cards must be hand drawn on basic lands/blank cards or approved by the TO/Judge. No printed piece of paper slipped in with a card unless the entire deck can be made this way. (The only time this will be an option is charity events.)
The use of Playtest Cards is for the purpose of community building and generating interest in a format. Any event allowing Playtest Cards will not be sanctioned by WOTC.

Questions –


Phone: 803.834.6336

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Thanks Loukayza. It's actually just a buddy and myself that play together and decided we wanted to try to get more people in the area and hopefully get some people to travel for it. We thought raising some money for a good cause was how we wanted to give back to the community as well.

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Ever heard of Old School Magic? This amazing format, sometimes referred to as 93/94, is all about the cards from the first 2 years of Magic. Take a stroll down memory lane and raise some money for a good cause. The First Annual 2 Magical Hacks Old School 93/94 Tournament will be Saturday August 5th starting at 1pm at Ready to Play Trading Cards in Cayce, SC. The $10 entry fee will be donated to Harvest of Hope Columbia (please bring cash). Each player will receive an Old School card to be signed by each opponent for participation (similar to the Eternal Central Old School Tournaments). Proxies will be $5 extra per 15 proxies so it is possible to play with a deck consisting of only proxies (but is highly frowned upon. lol). The event will follow the Eternal Central rules for banned and restricted list and card legality (with the exception of allowing proxies). Proxies must be clearly marked with original art (or your best attempt to draw it) and/or all relevant wording for the card including converted mana cost and the correct color of the card (basic lands of the appropriate color are highly recommended and will be available). Swiss rounds with a cut to top 2-8 based on turnout (No draws! We will determine a winner!). This format is all about having fun and playing with some nostalgic and powerful cards like old kitchen table magic with friends. Limited singles will be available as well.

Prize Support:

8-12 Players
Top Prize-Ali From Cairo
Top 4-Beta Disenchant

12-16 Players
Top Prize-Ali From Cairo
Top 4-Beta Disenchant
5th-Beta Island
6th-Beta Swamp
7th-Beta Mountain
8th-Beta Plains

Side events will include:
$2 Raffle-FBB renaissance booster pack
$5 Chaos Orb flipping contest with a CE Chaos Orb for the winner
$5 Riffle Shuffle Challenge-riffle shuffle bulk (we will provide your bulk) as hard and fast as you can the way Richard Garfield intended. Whoever can complete the most successful riffle shuffles in 2 minutes wins. Causing the maximum amount of wear to your bulk will get style points. Prize support FBB renaissance booster pack

Ready to Play Trading Cards
All main event proceeds will go to Harvest Hope of Columbia
For rules, banned and restricted list, or questions about the cards available in the format check out: