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Made my purchase to finish my 2 old school decks (The Deck and UR TempoBurn) and bought from abugames. They had the best prices and stock for the cards I needed with free shipping to Manila.

Also, I'm adding TrollandToad to the list. I'm considering my next purchase from them.

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thanks for the suggestions. I'll go and make my price comparisons and check out which has the best shipping option.

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Aside from the big stores like starcity, abugames and channelfireball, any other sites where you buy your cards? Needless to say specifically for the older cards for vintage, legacy or old school staples.

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I have to agree with the games being entertaining. It was the correct deck choice given the information that he had. Also if you look a few years back, white hatebears had 4 grafdigger's cage and 4 stony silence maindeck.

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I would absolutely play in a vintage league. I used to play the dailies regularly but had to sell my collection at the end of last year. I just recently got back to playing and was deciding between vintage and legacy. I ended up buying into legacy simply because of the league.I'm slowly buying the power cards back so that I can compete in the monthly P9 events.

Although my problem in not being able to join the dailies (if I had the cards) is the schedule. I have the same issues as those not living in North America.

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It's not as good as it once was. What are you really misdirecting anyway nowadays? The only thing its good for is that it acts a 5th FoW in a counter battle and that its a blue card. The two other common counterspells are mental misstep and flusterstorm which are very situational to redirect, and misdirection itself is so situational already.

Selling for tix is not a bad idea, imho. I feel the same way if I own one online.

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jester3397 on MTGO

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Rarely post in the old forums and mostly just checked it out for ideas. I've always found this to be the best source for Vintage information. Made the pledge first time I knew about it. I like the new style a lot. Hope that we get continued support from the community.