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I misread this, this card is terrible.

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@brass-man we are old... I, I simply have no words.

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@topical_island I love the idea of saying the game is marketed to 7 year olds by making a reference to a 25 year old kids show. Maybe WotC isn't dumbing things down... Maybe we're just really old.

This is a reason I really like vintage. I can go play vintage with my friends and we have a lot in common, mortgages, kids, money. I've been to a couple tournaments at a bar.
If I went to the standard FNM that draws most of the players where I live I wouldn't have that comradery, I like vintage because I'm old.

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Lotus, 2 Moxen and Petal is four secondary sources (40% chance in opener) of mana. Math that out with a 4 off card (40% of 40%) and you get about an 11% chance of it happening turn 1 if theres 4 copies in your deck.
Add in stuff like repeal and chrome or opal mox and your looking at 20ish percent.
This isn't a bad turn 2 play.
I think the home is in a mentor shell. Maybe a PO mentor deck without the PO's. Put in some extra Snapcaster/Jaces. Maybe a blue angel 2.0 deck.

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More like a hanweir garrison than a rabblemaster.

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We didn't even get the vanilla "Vintage: No Changes" notice. We got the implied non-notice "Vintage: the format WotC won't even acknowledge, let alone give a F about."

They only mentioned the formats they were modifying. There was no mention of Standard /Commander /etc.

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@vaughnbros I think against the big threats in vintage I would rather have this. Also, this gets rid Blightsteel. Beast within doesn't.

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As an Oath player I really like this, I also like that they will not be doing any thing prior to EW. This was a great move for WotC.

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@13nova said in Keep or Mull?:

Your hand is Tundra, Grafdigger Cage, Swords to Plowshares, Blank Magic Card, , Blank Magic Card, Blank Magic Card, Blank Magic Card.


I don't think its as simple as that. After side boarding he has 8 (or close to) relevant cards in the match. Having a hand with 2 of them is an accomplishment.

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@vaughnbros said in October 17, 2017 Banned & Restricted announcement:


Restrict the island subtype!

TBH I usually only play one basic island. If I needed two I could play a snow covered.

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Sorry for the necro, but is there any predictions for the RIX B&R announcement? I'm hoping something comes off.

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This seems like a solid upgrade to the anti artifact hatebears out there (Tin Street Hooligan, Torch Fiend), it also blows up bridges and kills most creatures in the format.
While I don't see a dedicated deck that would play it (maybe a sideboard in Mono Red?) It might be worth a look, any thoughts?

alt text

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I was look at pimping out a 93/94 deck, but i really like my decks to be all foreign and signed/altered. I found that the community (where I am at least) wasn't all for that. I'm happy with vintage.

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Is the survival player in the top 8 in Pittsburgh anyone here?

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Imperial Seal might be worth trying if you face a lot of aggro and need another tutor for tinker.

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@fsecco said in MTGO Clock Etiquette:

You guys forget that Chess only has 1 move and 1 step per turn. It's way easier to deal with punching a button for the clock in Chess than it is in Magic and its 907 priority checks every turn.

QFT, imagine Paradoxical going off and not begin able to F6!

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@megustalabanana said in Vintage 101: Survivor - Amonkhet Edition:

@kaluma i really dont understand your last posts... so i have 2 questions for you, so i can understand the whole thing better:
Do you stream aswell? If so...
Does this jeff got more viewers than you?
Somehow i feel i know alredy the answers.... and now i understand your post better.... it actually makes sense xD

I don't want this to get out of hand, but Kaluma (along with a whole bunch of other people here* @wfain) invented the deck and did it witha lot of it streaming so I doubt Kaluma has stream envy. I think jeff is very good at playing popular decks in interesting formats. Most TMD people are more attuned to vintage gameplay than jeff's audience probably is.

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Its a few hours away but I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!