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@protoaddict said in [M20] Mystic Forge:

Citadel is substantially harder to play in most shells I think. If your colorless shops then you don't have BBB, and if you are cheating it in play this card may allow other strategies because the life could be an issue.

Possibility though.

You can use Mystic Forge card as an enabler in a citadel list. And it isn't dead the majority of the time either.

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Isn't bolas's citadel an artifact? You could pay with both!

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If a store is found to have proxies on their premise the can loose their ability to sell WoTC products. So cards with "proxy" on them is bad. "Playtest Cards" would work, the issue is that there is no way of guaranteeing that it is a playtest card and not a real card with words written on it.
You could show up to a 15 proxy event and with 20 cards with "playtest card" written on them and say that 5 of them are real and just have "playtest card" written on them.

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After looking at @Brass-Man 's Survival list, I'm wondering if Death's Shadow could be used in other decks like Jund, Hate Bears (aggro centric strategies).

I see no reason it can't, does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I buy them on MODO and try them out? Should I buy a playset of Russian foil death Shadows ASAP with no testing?!!
Is there any thing special I should do or look for when I test them?

Thanks in advance,

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@megantic said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

I would write "Proxy" on the card. Issue solved.

Aren't proxies like really bad at LGS though? There is also a well know piece of power that has "fake" written on it, -It's real.

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If you have Tabernacle in the SB the question is whether this is better than Tabernacle #2

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@nedleeds said in 5C Staxx 2019:

@chubbyrain said in 5C Staxx 2019:

I posted about Engineer earlier, but I thought I would bring it up again.

Goblin Engineer feels absolutely insane. You don't get to do the broken things that Welder is capable of but Goblin Welder always had the issue of consistency. Welder needed set it and required Dacks, Thirsts, Bazaars, multiple copies of similar spells. Engineer doesn't require any of that. Play it with singletons. Go get a Crucible when it's good, a Bridge when it's good, or Time Vault when it's good. Go get Sculpting Sphere and Tangle Wire. Or just go get Trinisphere. And you don't have to worry about @nedleeds favorite card, Misstep.

I know you joke but as a way to get Needle out through the deluge of Skillstep this Goblin is pretty sick. Still might not be fast enough vs. Bazaar on the draw.

It still contributes to non dead cards post board against Dredge. Worth looking at IMO.

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I was using Hooting Mandrills for a bit. He seems functionally better than that.

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@fsecco said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

@thewhitedragon69 said in Should all Vintage be 100% proxy?:

you're not far away from chipping away at pieces of power.

Sorry, but this is exactly the point - and I'll say this the last time to I don't say it too much. There's no such thing as "chip" at pieces of power. It has become expensive even to buy CE Power. Also, you can't start having "big Vintage events" in places where Vintage is non-existent. Those events will fail, lose trust from players and never be able to happen again.

^^100% this!
This is the cheapest Mox Ruby on eBay in Canada and its 3k Canadian before import duties!

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This would be really good in a Karn deck.

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I only have a paper vintage deck to look at. It's mostly russian and has no proxies. I would never play a deck with a proxy in it in vintage.

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I have been thinking Landstill will be the best deck post London Mulligan. You can play 8 pitch magic, tons of draw spells, Narset -stuff that kills Narset...

But yeah, draw 7's are good too. 😃

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@blindtherapy said in SCG CON Summer 2019:

anyone else going? Don't want to enter a tournament if it's just me and Joe Brennan

You have a alot of confidence in Joe Brennan.

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At the moment "Just Jund". I would like to dodge Narset and blue draws a lot of cards.

Here's an odd question. Would you play straight up R/G beats? I'm trying it and its doing OK.

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I'm looking at picking this deck up with the cards from War of The Spark and Modern Horions. Does anyone have an opinion on whether Grim Lavamancer is worth playing? How many Force of Vigor and Collector Ouphe are you playing?
Is anyone else Brewing Jund?

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I like that this dodges misstep and pyroblast. 5 Damage to a player on this would be way too powerful.
The decks that would use this probably aren't winning with Lightning Bolt also.

The only downside I see from this is that your removal would become conditional. Being able to deal with a threat when it appears is important. The delve requirement means this may not turn on till turn 2 or 3. That may be too late against some decks.

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Good catch!

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Elvish Spirit guide + Nature's Claim, Simian Spirit Guide +Shatering Spree. In about a month Force of Vigor
Thats about it.

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To be fair I would kill for this in Old School, and probably rate it on par with Fellwar Stone and maybe Sol Ring.

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Retrace is an effect that allows you to discard a land to cast an instant or sorcery with retrace from your graveyard.
I think the design is to allow you to acquire lands to then cast sorceries and instants as though they had Retrace.