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It's the original oil painting on art board, complete with a one-sided 'artist's proof' card, and I've had it for close on two decades now. Unfortunately, I can't afford to hang onto it.

Are there any particular places which are better for auction/resale of vintage MtG card art these days?

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@prospero said in Where's best to sell my original Brom art of Mirri's Guile?:

She’s magnificent.

Facebook is the best place, specifically the MTG Art Market group.

If you’re interested in potentially trading her, shoot me a PM. She’d be paired with the original art for Mirri.

You have a lovely collection. It's neat to hear from someone else who enjoys Mirri and has another original of her! Unfortunately, I am sadly unable to consider a trade at this time, as I'm trying to figure out how to pay my rent for September.