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@tattoocek said:

I'm not basing it solely on the events results. Leading up to the event I tested it vs pyromancer Gush and mentor. And basically those decks lose to moat. Especially in game 1. Post board ypu protect moat, or you get a notion Thief BLOWOUT play. It's good enough vs Gush when piloted well. That's all.

Library is there to trump Gush, 2 Moat 1 e-Tutor is there to trump Gush, and thieves are there to trump Gush. The deck certainly has game vs Gush. Like I said I built the deck with eldrazi, Gush, and shops in mind. In testing and in the event it did just that...

Is that a subliminal message, Mr. Potucek? Nice job on the finish!