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I think there is a happy medium here, and I think Old Schoolers might need to be a little more open to "tourists." Granted, those tourists might show up with a Netdeck The Deck, but if they have a good time, they might become more frequent players, hence building the community.

The annoyance many people get from sitting across from a Spike and a competitive player in OS can be just as odious as my converse experience last year at EW. I brought a deck that was a carbon copy of a deck I played back in 1995 as a teenager. I happened to first turn Tundra-Ancestral and immediately my "casual" opponent gave off a sigh worthy of the Simpsons Comic Guy and bemoaned having to play The Deck again. He didn't wait to see anything else (not that my deck was terribly creative), but it wasn't a grindy The Deck.

I think Old School players need to realize that at a large tournament or gathering, there will plenty of Spikes and not everyone will cheer your innovative use of Xenic Poltergeist. Large tournaments are some people's only chance to play Old School, why wouldn't they want to play a deck they like.

And while I can't condone someone trying to Spike a 4 round side tournament in the most annoying way possible, it is Magic and we all sit across from people we know we aren't going to like.

Like any format, the attitude you bring into the match, is what often you will experience.

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@nedleeds said in Eternal Weekend North America 2019 - Oct 31-Nov 3 - Pittsburgh, PA:

Most people dropped the swiss ones anyone because they were primarily interested in signing up for the next one and earning a bye.

Makes sense, thanks for the clarification.

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What’s the deal with single elimination?

Is it just because they can turn and burn more tourneys, or do people enjoy the knockout format?

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@protoaddict said in [ELD] Seven Dwarves:

I personally love everything about this set so far except the power level.

I’m assuming that they had to do a power pull-back. They’ve really pushed cards pretty far the last few sets (years). I mean, we have entire vintage decks based around cards printed just a few sets ago..

But if they’re going to do pull back, I’m totally cool with them maximizing flavor.

The art direction, the style, and the flavor of the cards has me more excited than I’ve been in a long time! I could even see old-school make an exception for this set (joking!!....kind of 😉

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I'm just so happy (from a flavor perspective) that Magic was willing to depart from Wotc-only Planes and come back to "Earth" for at least one set!

I normally care almost zero percent about the "world creation," but I've been hoping they would revisit Arabian Nights (or something like that) for decades, so I'm super excited for this set.

Would have been so cool to put the Collectors cards in old borders 🙂

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@nba84 said in Weissman cheating at GP Vegas Old School event:

I'm sorry but I'm not following what happened.

The photograph of the deck is in lieu of a printed deck list and there were inconsistencies between the photo and the deck played?

From what I could gather, he submitted (or someone submitted on his behalf) a photo of his deck that was different from the one he played. He claimed it was a "testing" list and he wanted his true deck to remain a secret.

He also stated that it's never been an official rule that your photo is a formal copy of your played decklist.

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Maybe a decade or two too late, but combos great with The Abyss or Drop of Honey!

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Well??? How was it?

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Great report! Not sure whether to upvote for the La Isla Bonita reference, or the fact that I had to look up multiple cards in your deck. How about both?!