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why didn't they just use the same excuse as restricting trinishphere, a turn 1 golem resolving is just unfun to play against.

that's the actual reason, players want to play their cards, not stare at a full grip unable to interact.

I've played workshop forever, and was absent from the meta for the majority time that lodestone was available to play.
lodestone golem is a completely skill-less card, in the same way orchard+oath is.

truth is shop players have gotten spoiled beyond belief with how easy their crap mono brown decks are to play.

take this as a lesson and start deckbuilding with a little more thought than just 13 sphere effects and pray to go first.

no sympathy on the loss of an idiot proof card, oath and mentor should be next.

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Ok, so basically I've been back playing vintage online after a break of about 6 years.
I'm already sick of losing to monastery mentor, why this card can be a 4 of, and lodestone got restricted seems like a sick prank to me, but what can you do?

Here's what we can do:
Use this thread to discuss individual cards and strategies that best combat a gush based mentor deck, and it's typical sideboard options.

is a card like propaganda/ghostly prison an effective answer to mentor? it's better than ensnaring bridge possibly due to not getting hit by ancient grudge.
blood moon effects, typical mentor lists have only 4 force of wills to counter this card as flusterstorm and misstep do nothing against it.

the best strategy seemed to be to bury them in sphere effects, but what are answers for people who don't want to play that game?

Let's do some damage, because from what I've seen, mentor is the new boss in the format.

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the last thing that has to happen is for this site to become anally moderated again, it's what made the last version suck to the point no one bothered posting anything over fear of being made fun of by the elite douche cunts that ran TMD

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how much does it cost to rent out yankee stadium skybox for a saturday?

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I'm definitely coming on the 27th now, fuckin thieves can eat shit

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People in the vintage community have been trashing non traditional ideas since I started playing this format competitively in 2003.

This website, for example, used to be so toxic with it's moderation, they basically chased everyone away and all that was left was just that small clique of clowns who really just wanted to shit on people together.

The best advice I can give is to keep holding on to the closest personal connections you have made in the community, the rest are just superficial and just want to be friends with you because you are a good magic player or a "personality."

The tournaments themselves have really become the worst part of vintage. The dinner afterwards, the car pool ride home, hanging out with people you see once a year, those are all experiences that can't be replaced.

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I'm of the opinion that this was the greatest depiction of the punisher in all media. Anyone else binge watch this?

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@p3temangus it's not off, people just don't like to be called out or take any criticism whatsoever without getting hyper defensive.

Maybe the player base has just changed in 10 years, I really have a hard time understanding where some of the attitudes of people I have never met are coming from. Or most of the cool people quit and only the jerkoffs are left, who knows.

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@rikter that was me, I beat the other travis with city in a bottle animated with karn !

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@diophan I just watched this match.

game 1 was a god opening draw, complete blowout, had nothing to do with any of the cards he was playing different from typical lists. The only play eric could have possibly made was to force the lotus if he had one, but I can guarantee you eric never would have forced the black lotus, no one ever force of wills the black lotus, even though it can be game breaking when you do.

game 2 the jori en was inconsequential, eric had already lost, BPK's hand had everything it needed without even triggering it once.

so yeah, eric did lose because bryan drew better, it should not be considered a slight to brian (he obviously intended it as one), although many people seem to take offense to being called lucky, it's just a fact.

I'm all about adding cool cards to decklists, it's my thing, let's not get carried away though with the impact of changing 4 cards in a deck and stamping it pure gold.

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gush and playing against it is just plain old fuckin boring

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i timed out and kicked from the event at the start of rnd 3 due to waiting for my chinese food derivery.

was having a lot of fun storming with u/b/w landstill too...

mind's desire fits in every deck!

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I love the asterisk hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha

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I had my own poor interactions with judging staff during the main event.

Game 1 round 1 judge tells me to take off my hat due to it being offensive, hat had 3 words on it no graphics saying "girls gone wild."
I didn't argue enough after appealing to find out whether or not I would get a dq for offensive behavior or whatever.

Game 3 round 2 , I catch my opponent blatantly cheating while resolving a dig through time, essentially he claimed that he cast it on my end step when it was the card he had drawn for his turn, which allowed him 2 turns in a row.

Head judge spent 20 minutes basically walking the kid through reconstructing his part of the game to determine card order etc. It was outside coaching as far as I was concerned, it got to the point where the player simply lied about having dig through time in his hand and got away without any warning at all.

From all the stories throughout the weekend, the judging was definitely inconsistent if not borderline abysmal in some spots.

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@Klep I really enjoyed that film even though it didn't do so well. Good acting by the guy ray Stevenson