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So I'm assuming I'm banned from coming, being blocked on Facebook and all, would be good to know before paying for registration

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People in the vintage community have been trashing non traditional ideas since I started playing this format competitively in 2003.

This website, for example, used to be so toxic with it's moderation, they basically chased everyone away and all that was left was just that small clique of clowns who really just wanted to shit on people together.

The best advice I can give is to keep holding on to the closest personal connections you have made in the community, the rest are just superficial and just want to be friends with you because you are a good magic player or a "personality."

The tournaments themselves have really become the worst part of vintage. The dinner afterwards, the car pool ride home, hanging out with people you see once a year, those are all experiences that can't be replaced.

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@Collecter ignore all that math and just run good. It's way easier, trust me.

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@desolutionist to be able to drink at a bar while streaming while taking a shit would absolutely be living the dream,

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@Topical_Island to be able to shit while streaming would be living the dream

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"rich shay is a robot programmed to get every blue draw spell ever printed restricted."

travis laplante - just now

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@Macdeath I thought that card gush was all about generating mana and drawing cards

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@Topical_Island one glaring weakness i found was ensnaring bridge. exactly 2 cards in the 75 to answer it.

red white blue delver with maindeck moat seems like an incredible deck right now

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It's actually incredible that I've been playing a deck extremely similar to that white eldrazi for the past couple weeks online in queues. I guess some people picked up on it.

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splashing white gives you all the answers to trouble matchups.

ethersworn canonist, containment priest aegis of the gods all fantastic in current meta, easily castable via cavern of souls. makes welder un counterable also.
blaine has the right idea barbarian ring is no longer viable,

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@Kai That is a concern, but most mentor decks are maindecking only one swords to plowshares, some also adding one ancient grudge.

Adding Cavern of souls and goblin welder back into the metagame is a great way to dodge removal of artifacts. It also makes 4 cards in the mentor main deck completely dead, in mental misstep.

The whole strategy behind metalworker is to either have it removed, or activate it and be in such an advantageous game state after resolving all the artifacts (possibly even winning on turn 2 with staff of domination.) In the first case, they waste resources removing a 1/2 creature, in the second case, you just win the game.

the strategy for workshops has to move away from running 9 sphere effects and praying that your opponent can't get out from under them, the shop player has to proactively be trying to win the game rather than attempting to prohibit the enemy from executing their strategy.