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Updated point totals through October 2019. Basically this is the last updated with September added in because we didn't have an October event:


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We're coming up on the next event in a few weeks.

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@chubbyrain said in August 26, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:


I would love to hear a justification for Workshops and Bazaar remaining legal that doesn’t involve “feelings” because every objective measure seems rather clear...

I would also encourage you to look at qualitative research as you and many others don’t seem so understand that feelings and experiences have value in many professions and can be the basis for decisions.

Reading back I dont think I was as clear as I intended to be - it sounded good in my head but I think it didn't translate as well as I meant to (sorry, its difficult to think straight when your wife wont stop chattering to you as you type). Feelings should not be the only or even the main focus of reasons. It can be a part of the decision making process. Or more to the point it could be the trigger that starts a hard look at the decision making process. But too many times people come out and all they can do is say, "I dont like playing against this. Its unfun for me. "

Well that's great. But its a lot of fun for me and you want to take away my toy just because. My point is that the B&R list should NOT work like that. If enough people come out and say, "Its unfun," then its time to take a closer look at some hard data. There are other reasons to look at hard data as well.

Feelings are a personalized agenda and unfortunately for people who want to use feelings to stump for their B&R additions, the list is a community list, not a personal list.

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What this card does for dredge is turn a mull to 1 into a mull to 6 as far as finding bazaar goes. Its green to pitch to FoV which is a big plus. I think if it didn't have both of those properties it wouldnt be considered. But since it has both, its worth looking at.

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@mike-noble said in August 26, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

@khahan said in August 26, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

I just thought that this part right here was worth repeating.

Sadly the choice isn't between objective versus subjective. It's between the preferences of the DCI versus the preferences of the DCI combined with information from the peanut gallery.

Anyone that bemoans "the thing I like is gone/disappearing" should talk to a TnT/Oshawa Stompy player about how Survival didn't have any real metagame power for 15 years. Any format that receives new printings will cycle between what an individual player likes and what they don't like.

I dont bemoan, "the thing I like is disappearing" or even, "the thing I dont like is staying." I bemoan the people who use anecdotal evidence from personal experience only to stump for restrictions and changes. That is how I interpret that statement I quoted. Great, you dont like it. You dont like playing against it. Others dont mind playing against it and some other actually enjoy playing it. We should not have a format B&R list decision based on "I feel. . ."

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@moorebrother1 said in August 26, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

My concern as a longtime Vintage player is that some of the voices about their preferences for the format will over shadow those that enjoy playing the format is a different way

I just thought that this part right here was worth repeating.

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Below is our year to date standings updated with the results of the July event:


And congratulations to Zach Dobbin for taking down the July event, defeating his teammate, Joe Brennan in the finals.

year to date our top 8 stands as:
Joe Brennan 97
Greg Hoover 78
Ryan McKinney 73
Zach Dobbin 72
Dean Harris 71
Stephen Harvey 56
Nick DiJohn 52
Josh Barkon 50

We didn't see much in the way of top 8 shake up - The tie for 8th was broken with Chuck Grebe a mere 3 points out of a spot in the finals. Other than that, there was some shifting around of the top 8. Joe Brennan seems a certain lock for a final spot. Greg, Ryan, Zach and Dean are on pretty steady footing. Steve, Nick and Josh are currently in but has Chuck Grebe nipping at their heels. The next tier of players show us Evan Hunterdmark, Dan Barkon, Stephen Ganter, Jason Beaupre all close enough that a strong finish to 2019 in our final 3-4 events could push them into contention.

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Talk about last minute. Below are the standings after our July event. I apologize for the delay. Between 2 vacations, switching jobs and a file corruption that caused me to have to rebuild the entire spreadsheet it took some work.


Your top 8 as of right now and entering tomorrow's event are:

  1. Joe Brennan 79
  2. Greg Hoover 70
  3. Dean Harris 65
  4. Ryan McKinney 64
  5. Zach Dobbin 54
  6. Josh Barkon 50
  7. Steve Harvey 41
  8. Nicholas DiJohn 39

See everybody tomorrow!

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August is upon us and its that time of the month again. Time to sling cardboard in the ultimate test of skill - Vintage Magic.

Deal Me In Games presents its August event in its year long monthly Tournament. We'll be meeting Sunday August 11, 2019 at noon at Deal Me In Games in Boyertown, Pa to sling cardboard, win prizes, earn points and gain bragging rights!

Starting at NOON on Sunday, August 11 we have our monthly store tournament.
Jason at Deal Me In Games

15 play test T1 tournament (Vintage for you young 'uns)

127 East Philadelphia Ave
Boyertown, PA 19512
ph#: 484-415-0058

Sunday August 11 at 12 Noon

So we can get together and have fun playing Magic the Gathering in its best format ever for some kickass prizes. ***

***Starting with our January tournament, all prize payouts will be in cash. That's right, you walk in with cash for an entry fee and cards to play and walk out with cold hard cash in hand. Payouts will be based on attendance. The entry fee remains at $35. $5 from each entrant each and every month goes towards to the end of year invitational prizes (2018 we had a mishra's workshop and underground sea for 1st and 2nd). $5 towards the host store and $25 per person goes towards the prize pool. 100% of prize pool payout goes towards top 8 (depending on attendance, may be top 4).

Because this is a cash payout, please bring cash for the entry fee.

As always, leave some time after the event for dinner and some drinks. Come join our vintage community.

Also you can earn more points towards our year end invitational. Every round you play in you earn:
3 points for a win
2 points for a draw
1 point for a loss
At the end of the season the 8 players with the most points get invited to a special event in January to duke it out for title of store Champion. Prizes in the past years have included multiple duals (underground sea was our 1st place prize in 2017 and 2nd place in 2018) and a Mishra's Workshop (2018 store champion prize)
year to date standings are coming with the July update added in.

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Who's ready to see what madness War of the Spark, Modern Horizons and core20 have brought to paper Vintage along with the London Mulligan?

We are just days away.