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Maybe whatever ails them might soon spur them to reprint reserved list cards? One can only hope. 😉

The list of cards being reprinted is unusually good. The flavor text on some of these cards is kind of funny too. Demonic Tutor reads: "Beware the generosity of demons." Beware getting whatever you want for 1B with no downside?

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Have you tried using High Tide as a one or two-of? It could be really good with a candelabra. Candelabra with High Tide, Outcome and Hurkyl's would result in a pretty high storm count provided you have a few other artifacts and a couple or more Islands. I think a single Frantic Search could be good with High Tide too, while helping chain Outcomes.

I've been experimenting with using a couple of mainboard Cunning Wishes to tuck away the more clunky win condition cards into the sideboard, like Brain Freeze and even Blue Sun's Zenith (which gets shuffled into your library after using it, which is nice). I think it works reasonably well in streamlining the deck. Given that you don't have too many tutors as a mono blue deck, a couple of Cunning Wishes alongside Merchant Scroll and Mystical tutor doesn't seem bad at all. An added benefit is being able to wish for specific solutions like Echoing Truth when necessary, without having to clutter up your mainboard with them.