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As someone who sold out of MTGO many months ago, the idea of a p9c every weekend has me pretty excited and I pay bite the bullet and grab a deck again.

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@Juggernaut-GO said:

i timed out and kicked from the event at the start of rnd 3 due to waiting for my chinese food derivery.

was having a lot of fun storming with u/b/w landstill too...

mind's desire fits in every deck!

Gonna need to see this list.

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Click the timestamp next to the username on the post.

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This is a good idea. I'll probably start contributing to this thread when I play dailies. It'll be a good exercise to re-watch my matches and write them up.

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@Prospero said:

@Leoj I lasted through Steve's match with Dave and then couldn't stay up any later (after 1:00 am EST). I know that Steve, Brian and Paul made it. Who was the last one to make it in?

Shuhei. I'll admit I tapped out before Williams/Shuhei because it was like 2:30am.

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Really excited for the three new faces & Steve who qualified last night. Can't wait to see the play-in with new decks next week.

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Fantastic write-up, Rich. Thanks for sharing.

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@diophan I really enjoyed our first game in round 1. Hopefully we'll meet in future matches and have similar games.

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It could also maybe just be a bunch of people who only owned shops cards (and not things like FoW or blue power) and didn't want to bother. Or maybe people who quit when the deck they really liked was neutered. Probably a bunch of factors.

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Second the MTGOTraders site. Check here for the most up to date coupons. If I'm buying more than a couple cards at once I absolutely go through them, the convenience is well worth paying a little more, which I think balances out with the coupon, anyway.

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@ChubbyRain said:

@Leoj Most people will scoop to Rich Shay streaming on the combo. They will not scoop to lesser known players...And there is still the issue of nondeterministic kills even with Salvagers + Lotus.

Yeah, sadly most people don't scoop to me 😞

Still playable IMO. Then again I also played Eggs w/ KCI in Modern so I have some experience.

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Salvagers isn't banned. Pain in the ass? Sure. Impossible to play? Absolutely not.

It also helps that most people scoop to the combo. But even still I've killed people twice with it with plenty of time left on my clock.

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@Fred_Bear said:

@Leoj That's not strictly true, though. If you replace the Tangle Wires with the less desirable version and cut Lotus and Ravager (another common approach), you actually have a much more affordable build.

Yes, if you want to cut core cards out of the most commonly-played shops build, you will in fact have a budget shops build!

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@rikter said:

I think using MODO data is a bad idea for B/R decisions in paper.

Maybe I am wrong here, but isn't workshops one of the cheaper decks to build on modo? I mean, modo is the place where card availability has turned friggin Misdirection into a $93 card. That's insanity!

But going back to point one: there is no denying workshops is a strong deck, but if you have a strong deck that is also one of the cheapest decks to make, doesn't that seem like a recipe for such high representation? Given the huge disparity between card availability on modo vs paper, is it really reasonable to draw conclusions about paper based on data from a different environment? Doesn't modo kind of cut out some decks like bomberman just because you can't shortcut?

Modo to paper seems like apples to oranges on some level. Adding VSL to the mix results in a bastardized version of the format that should have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on ANYTHING to do with paper vintage.

Shops definitely isn't "one of the cheapest" decks on MTGO. Tangle Wire and Wasteland are both pricy.

The most common shops build is more expensive than Delver, Blue Moon, Dredge, Doomsday, DPS, Oath and most Mentor builds

So it's probably the most expensive deck people typically play, and it's about equal with BUG Fish in terms of price.

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To @garbageaggro 's point I think everyone just linking to MTGGoldfish is missing a big part of the picture here. His point was "the overall online metagame" aka every person playing in every daily event. Goldfish (and the mothership where it scrapes the data from) only publish one daily for each day, so we are stuck with 3-1 and better decks from (assuming they all fire) 5/8 of all daily events each week. This obviously doesn't include things like paid 1v1 queues.

But what I think he was saying is that it's possible Wizards has ways of aggregating all of the data from every event, not unlike what @diophan and @ChubbyRain do for p9 challenges. So they're getting 8/8 of daily events each week with EVERY deck played by all 12+ people. That would certainly paint a clearer picture for them than it can for us, where we are only seeing a fraction of what's going on.