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I’m not attacking. I don’t play with creatures. I am not a creature.

It’s just that if you’re comparing Greed to Jace the Mind Sculptor, Read the Bones, or Yawgmoth’s Bargain and suggesting Greed is unplayable because of those cards, you’re not understanding the scenarios in which Greed is a good card.

My goal is not to receive praise, but to share knowledge and enthusiasm for this gem from Legends. Comparisons with Moonlight Bargain or Fact or Fiction don’t really encapsulate what Greed does.

You can continue referring to me as the OP as if I can’t read and you’re having a private conversation with your buddies. It honestly doesn’t bother me and I won’t be deterred from posting and talking about my ideas in the future.

It’s just a little contradictory that some people would like to set up a Rube Goldberg contraption every time something like Octavia Living Thesis is printed — to somehow find some narrow case where it would work, while simultaneously be completely dismissive of someone else’s enthusiasm for an older card.

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Greed has a greater chance of seeing play in Vintage than Octavia Living Thesis. These other cards you’re mentioning don’t matter. Not one of you has ever resolved Greed in a game of magic and it shows. Sad.

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Steve, Kevin please do set review for Arabian Nights!

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Part 3 and 4 dropped earlier this week. Highly recommend giving it a listen. Alpha is such an amazing set

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It’s not 5 mana draw 1 though. It’s 4 mana up front and then 1 black for 1 card at your leisure as long as it stays in play. Hypothetically this could convert unused mana every turn into cards OR just draw as many cards as you can over a turn or 2. That should be good game. No other card mentioned does that for just 4 mana. It isn’t 5 mana. It isn’t 6 mana. It’s 4 mana and will never require any mana beyond 4. I never mentioned anything about blue or blue sorceries. This is a black card that requires black mana that is conveniently generated with Rituals. You mentioned Divination. Divination draws 2 cards. Greed draws up to 9 cards... and that doesn’t mean it costs 13 mana.

You should at least be able to see the fact that if you untap with Greed in play, you’re probably going to win the game because of Greed. I mean “EoT Draw 7” is nothing to scoff at. Cannot say the same thing for Divination, Fact or Fiction, or whatever else you want to talk about. Especially when considering immunity to the most popular counterspells

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@blindtherapy said in [LEG] Greed:

yawgmoth's bargain isn't even restricted anymore

Well I think Bolas’ Citadel is better than Bargain, so I or anyone would probably play at least 2 Citadels before the first Bargain.

Greed on the other hand serves a very different role. Since it costs 2 less mana to bring into play, it serves the roll of a weaker 4-mana threat that can be deployed when you only have 4 mana. I have seen the power of 4 mana threats in DPS 2 years ago when Karn DPS won Asian World Champs. It’s just nice having a good mana curve in my opinion.

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I wish I would have considered this card years ago for Pitch Long, Grim Long, and TPS brews. In the modern Vintage metagame, I would have to consider it for DPS and possibly Doomsday. (Dark Ritual decks)

Most of the time this card isn’t going to win on the spot. But what I like about it is that it’s a permanent-based draw engine. It should be countered by the opponent if they have a counter. So it would be in the “bomb” or “threat” territory. Ritual decks would be the natural homes since Dark and Cabal Rituals can mitigate the initial mana cost. Given a turn 1 Duress, this should reliably land on turn 2 and provide a path to victory by drawing a ton of cards. Similar to Necropotence. Not as good, but it seems good enough as a 1-of. It won’t eat a Red Blast or a Flusterstorm. Just an alternative engine for getting ahead. I’ve never considered trying it until now.

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I was once young but now I am old. I have brought a new life into this world and learned some humility. And as I see the ages of the new up and coming vintage players on mtgo, I have developed a newfound respect for young players. Young players are always going to be better than us old heads because they’re more motivated with something to prove and they’ve got all the time in the world. I was best at magic when I was about 16 years old. The nostalgia I have for premodern and old school formats is really just the desire to be young again... to be back in the drivers seat of developing the latest tech or archetypes.

My hats off to you young players. You’ve got this. Always have. Always will.

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This card isn’t close to Mentor. Mentor is exponential growth...

This card is worse than Pyromancer due to mana cost but still a good card. I suspect the mana cost will prevent it from seeing too much play because there is a lot of competition at 3.