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Hi! Is anyone playing yawgmoth's Storm nowdays? I have not seen a lot (actually i have played with Y Storm just 2 or 3 times while was on Dredge) of Bargains Deck during November, but now i am very intrested in learning and playing this cool deck. How it feels in current meta? Is a large amount of shops a big problem for storm to shine? And how difficult is deck to pilot perfectly?

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Guys, I have another question for you. Is Containment Priest the strongest option against us? I mean i have a lot of answers for artefacts but Priest can be dealt only by Force of Will in Dredge i guess. Maybe there are some tricks about playing around Priest or if she was cast the game is over and it is pointless to continue to do something?

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@ajfirecracker Thank you a lot for reply. My current sideboard containts from the following cards:

  1. Nature's Claim x3 for artifact and enchantment hate and for destroyng graveyard hate. I love theese cards.
  2. Hollow One x4. Really cool and strong cards for post sideboard games i think. Allow you to have very efficient beaters as early as turn 1. Love it.
  3. Gurmag Angler. This one has dissapointed me. I don't think that i will save his place in 15th cards.
  4. Ravenous Trap x4. I hate leyline. I hate its concept and its randomness. It can give you a value only when it is in starting hand. Unlike Leyline Trap is exellent for sudden effect cos it is instant. And it is very easy to cast in games where Trap have to shine (vs Storm, in mirror).
    And other questionable choices which still in testing like Ingot Chewer, Ashen Rider.
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Hi guys. I am really new in Vintage and i think only one playing this format in my country. 😃 I have chosen Dredge and i really enjoy to play a deck. But still i did not understand completly what is the right sideboard plan against different decks. Sometimes it is too hard for me to choose what to cut from main deck after game one. Can you give me any advises about sideboarding agains most popular decks like Oaths, Shops and Dredge too. Thank You!

P.S. English is not my native language. Sorry for mistakes.