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tl;dr this top8 means very little format wise, reasons at the bottom

A brief premise about the format and this event that's now been held for the 3rd time.

It'd require a longer discussion, but while Legacy is still popular, EU Vintage is not doing that well at all.
MKM series dropped us and Europe has now only 4 "eternal" events with Vintage in it: two now laughable Ovinos, Nebraska's War and Eternal Weekend. Due to WotC EU/Italy (willingly?) ignoring official statement on proxy play and outdated and narrowminded preconcepts none of these is allowed to be with proxies. Old School here is not the nostalgia format, but it's the P9 format that vendors and vendor TOs are trying to push at the expense of Vintage.

Shouldn't be a surprise that EW EU it's a half-assed disappointment and it might not be entirely TO's fault tbh. First one had video coverage then it's been cut. First place gets the choice between painting (which WotC hands out for free) OR store credit. Play area is secluded and you can't spectate even if you're an enrolled player, due to TO history of theft. Attendance raised at first to then plummet this year, Legacy had less than Nebraska's War (that's now The de-facto Eternal Tournament). Being in Paris it's a huge detractor, really expensive. Advertisement could be miles better, it's always announced really late, especially prizes and who in his right mind other than a saboteur would schedule it the very weekend before the ONLY ONE Legacy GP in EU after 1y hiatus? For example none of our Italian Legacy big names even ever considered making it, most didn't even know it existed! One final funny detail, top8 was played with 90 min rounds and SUDDEN DEATH after. Don't get me wrong though in the end it was a decent event to partecipate to.

Regarding the metagame, long are gone the days when we in EU were innovating with TPS to battle 4Trinisfere MUD, now the majority are playing outdated or suboptimal stuff, close to no one is willing to change archetype. Low percentage of Shops is not due the price of the cards (no one is buying into Vintage anyway or into another archetype), but to the fact that there simply are few MUD players left, for example most of the old times players were Stacks aficionados that don't like the aggro approach. Low win % and top8 presence is explained by "the lack of a big overlap between good Shops specialists and people on up to date lists" and the good blue players know and exploit this, by respecting the MU less.

Top8 was: JAA Lopez was on Grixis Control, Zarzoso on UWR Mentorpyro, Henrik Storm on Eldrazi MUD, Cob, on a multi Combo deck, Nieto on Dredge, AR Villardell on my same deck, FRANCESCO GIANI leaguemate of mine from Italy and yours truly on @chubbyrain deck.

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I only started playing Vintage in the recent years, mostly on Xerox and since I'm an abysmal deckbuilder, usually someone's else list. Sylvan Mentor in 2016 (where I had my best chances), Silent Mentor in 2017 (where I got punished by facing only blue mirrors) and URw Snapcaster in 2018 (yes, I know it's Chubby Vegan Mentor)

Best choice for me, especially because I had been playing it in our monthly Vintage League since its very first iteration. I also got a ton of content about it, by watching streams and asking the relevant questions. For example I had recently a threefold Twitch conversation with @ChubbyRain @diophan @The-Atog-Lord during the Misplay Edition of TVSL that really helped me. My only doubt was the lack of Pyromancers, StPs and Balance. I'm a scaredy-cat and I always fear my answers might not be enough for the threat and cutting on the wincons really puts your play skill to the test.

I reached Paris after a 12h bus ride due to the transportation strike, with Rich going undefeated managed to catch the whole VSL stream with The Academy playing and arrived, having slept like 1h, at the first day of trials.

Very first opponent was Ruben Gonzales on PO with new Karn, @13NoVa praised him in his report and that's probably a rare occurrence so I knew I was in for a fight. And then proceeded to utterly misplay in both games into his hand which I knew thanks to Probe.

After this quick match I met the Danish crew ( @Thiim, Henrik and Simon), Tom De Decker, @qq and the man behing @PeAcH . I spent a lot of time with Guillem enjoying getting to know him and the Spanish guys more. At our very first chat he told me I had just played probably one of the best LCV players, together with Miguel Alcoriza.

These are the other sleep deprived matches I played at trials, in no particular order. Lost VS Miguel on PO with New Karn, misunterstanding its abilities. Lost VS JA Mateo on Grixis Control, crushed by Tasigur in the sideboard. Won VS another Spanish guy on 4C Meandeck Control, Bolt and Confluence really open the way to punish Sylvan Library usage. Lost VS a guy on PO that I let takeback after I had already drew 2 cards from my Ancestral, to which he responded with Notion Thief. Lost to Italian friend on Grixis, never actually partecipating in any of the two games. Won VS two Thalia/Spirit ot the Labyrinth, thanks to Confluence, Pyroclasm and Tear. Won VS Irish old man on Shops, g2 he had Leyline of Sanctity that randomly slowed me down stopping the burn plan. Won VS a stock PO deck, blowing up his entire board with a 4x Spree in g2.

The eve before the main event I was second guessing myself, wondering if I didn't need Rods, StPs or even Karakas to answer that Tasigur tech, Kambal and all the Traxos players were buying, I was probably ascribing my utter losses to the deck rather than my misplays. As I struggled I luckily found @Montolio online that swiftly dissipated my doubts and I decided to go with the 75 I had been playing for longer.

I had two byes from a trial at home, the Italian expedition was comprised of: Francesco Giani on UWR Landstill, Bernardo Brogi on Grixis Control, Luca Bastianelli on Grixis Control, Daniele (ravidel85) Cupparoni on Dredge, Andrea Mengucci on Tweaked Shops, Enrico Vair on UBRG Xerox and Antonio Musarra on his take on Shops. I sadly didn't take any notes, so this is the most I can remember.

Round 3: Daniele Cupparoni - Pitch Dredge
Matches: 3-0
Games: 6-0

Game 1: Sad news, being paired against another Italian this soon, as we sit down I jinx it asking him if we shouldn't just go drectly to g2. He mulls to 3 keeping City of Brass and Therapying himself for GGT. I keep 5 with land, Mox, Timewalk, he doesn't dredge anything relevant and concedes once I land Mentor, Strip Mine and Snap back TW.

In: 3 Containment Priest 3 Rest in Peace 1 Pyroclasm
Out: 1 Island, 1 Wear/Tear, 1 Flusterstorm, 1 Mindbreak Trap, 1 Snapcaster Mage, 1 Merchant Scroll, 1 Lightning Bolt

I keep Pyroblast in, should bring in at least one Spree for one Bolt to answer Hollow One.

Game 2: He mulls low Bazaaring for a Hollow One and a Bridge in the gy, but no dredgers. I mull to 6 keeping with Land, Mox and Containment Priest. When the HO is about to be lethal, I Lotus for Dig that reveals Bolt that should have been a Spree and more action which I get. He's stuck with only HO and I eventually land Dack Fayden to steal it and then loot into Rest in Peace for the concession.

Round 4: Ruben Gonzalez - UWB PO
Matches: 4-0
Games: 9-1

Game 1: I keep Lotus, JTMS, cantrip and 4 lands. He Fows Jace and then Lotus into Treasure Cruise turn1. My Dack gets countered later and I die shortly after.

In: 1 Pyroblast, 1 Flusterstorm, 1 Mindbreak Trap, 2 Shattering Spree
Out: 1 Island, 1 Mox Jet, 1 Wear/Tear, 2 Lightning Bolt

Game 2: I stop his initial barrage and have two Snapcasters beating down, with 8 mana in play and fow+land in hand I draw Fiery Confluence for the kill. Snaps will be lethal next turn anyway and I make the wrong call of not playing land to hardcast Fow. He Digs into Ancestral that draws him the counter. Then in his Cruises which I Fow and then Tendrils me for 1 shorter than lethal. We play some draw-go while I beat him down, my Strip Mine on his Underground Sea prevents him from DTing for Will before his death.

Game 3: He casts Mentor which I decline to Fow pitching TC, since I've got mine and will try to just go over it. He then casts DT with plenty of mana left which I have to counter. I cast Mentor and we stare ad each other drawing blanks/moxes for a couple of nerve-wracking turns, I try to attack each time since I have some burn spells left. I draw Bolt for his Mentor, but gets Misstepped. When I draw Gush we think it's over, but it draws me two lands, nonetheless the damage is enough to kill him the following turn.

Round 5: Adria Romte Vilardell - Xerox mirror
Matches: 4-1
Games: 10-3

Game 1: We're at table 1, after some cantripping I find Ancestral and when I snap it back he concedes.

In: 1 Pyroblast, 1 Flusterstorm, 1 Mindbreak Trap, 1 Pyroclasm
Out: 1 Island, 1 Wear/Tear, 1 Mox Jet, 1 Force of Will
I will discover it's a mirror and he's not on Pyromancers only in g3 seeing Confluence looted away.

Game 2: I mull to 5 not finding any blue source and get ran over.

Game 3: Really huge mistake, declining to play a mox that would have let me Snap Misstep his Snapped Ancestral leads to my first loss.

Round 6: Enrico Vair - UBRG Xerox
Matches: 4-2
Games: 10-5

Game 1: Sad news, one of us will definitely not make it. I Misstep his DRS and Strip his land and then draw 10+ mana sources, I hardcast Fow on his Ponder to stuck him with one land waiting for me to draw any action that never arrives.

In: 1 Pyroblast, 1 Flusterstorm, 1 Mindbreak Trap, 1 Pyroclasm
Out: 1 Island, 1 Wear/Tear, 1 Mox Jet, 1 Force of Will

Game 2: I land Mentor that gets Decayed after making only one token, I bolt his DRS and get greedy hardcasting Fow on his Misstep that leaves both empty handed and me with a token in play. He then rips TC, into Dig, I draw a couple of more mana sources and die to Leovold beatdown.

Round 7: ? - Kelly Oath
Matches: 5-2
Games: 12-5

Game 1: I'm most likely out, but keep playing to boost Enrico's rating, he opens with Orchard, Mox, Oath, I bolt the token to buy some time until Inferno Titan arrives. I smile thinking "this is a Brian deck, I hope you know how to play it well, opponent" I then survive long enough to land Jace and bounce it. Since he's declining to Oath again I have enought time to sculpt my hand to counter the hardcast and then Mentor for the kill.

In: 3 Containment Priest, 1 Wear/tear, 1 Pyroblast, 1 Flusterstorm
Out: 1 Snapcaster, 3 Bolt, 1 Fiery Confluence, 1 Island

Game 2: I Probe him seeing Thrun and make the mistake of not scrolling for MBT, condemning me to Fow a mox and to a long struggle to find Mentor as my 3rd last card in the deck, while my non-Kelly-aware friends laugh at me.

Round 8: Miguel Alcoriza - UW Karn PO
Matches: 6-2
Games: 14-5

Game 1: Enrico has lost too, according to his calculation no x-2 is live for top8, but it's all coming down full circle and I want my revenge with Miguel too! He doesn't have an explosive start and I get to build some countermagic up while beating down.

In: 1 Pyroblast, 1 Flusterstorm, 1 Mindbreak Trap, 2 Shattering Spree
Out: 1 Island, 1 Mox Jet, 1 Wear/Tear, 2 Lightning Bolt

Game 2: I manage to Spree his board, counter his first Karn before he lands the second. Karn doens't find him much and once I land Mentor I kill him dealing like 18 damage with the help of Fiery Confluence.

Francesco is in and, as we are brainstorming, head judge Luca Romano comes to me to check if I'm on 18 points and then goes on to announce top 8. @PeAcH video on twitter is cut short otherwise you could hear that after my name is called there is no cheering, only me clearly shouting "WTF, are you serious?!"

Basically @Thiim won vs the one that'd have knocked me out reaching 19 points, earning 9th place for himself.

After Francesco scolds me since I always lose focus in the top 8, thinking my tournament is already over I sit down VS my opponent.

Top 8: José Antonio Alassio López - Grixis Control

Game 1: He opens with LoA OTP, I manage to resolve Jace, but probably too late. Anyway I make the mistake of starting an eot Snap Ancestral fight, thinking I can just recover in my turn with Jace, Scrolling away my dead cards to find Gush which draws me two lands to lose the game. I had no need of picking that fight being on Jace and even if so I should have probably Scrolled for Dig.

Game 2: He has LoA again, but this time OTD, I have to Snap back a Probe to apply some pressure, but after a couple of tunrs opponent has enough cards to win 3 times.

I was happy with the deck, losses coming mostly from my misplaysm, we'll see about this Traxos.

I will close thanking everyone: my Italian comrades, my Spanish enemies, my overseas allies and everyone else I enjoyed time with.

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While it's still fresh in my memory I might as well write down somewhere how I went from an offhand comment to an actual painting.

The sole and starting lead from Nick was: "I reached out to Parente about Masticore original art, the only thing he remembers it's that he gave it to a store in northern Italy 20 years ago". Turns out that our monthly Vintage league organizer Giampiero Ronzo (you might remember him from Menendian's articles as 2009 BoM winner) recalls it being displayed in the Bluesbrothers flagship store in Milan.

Bluesbrothers was a franchise that pioneered hobbies and especially LGSs in Italy back in the days before it went bankrupt, the general owner would have been quite hard to contact, all I had was an inactive phone number.

At Nebraska's War Tournament I talked with the old guard Milan players, all had not encouraging informations like the man having moved abroad and such, apart from Alessandro Cattani that gave me an e-mail address of someone that "used to be at the store as the ..." rest of the sentence being covered by the speakers announcing pairings.
At the event I met also Antonio Rama that works for Lucca Comics&Games (a con on par with the S. Diego one), they used to deal with BB franchise owner and rumor had it that he had recently surfaced at some historical wargames gatherings.

I went to browse some forums and surprisingly stumbled into a post where the man introduces himself and lists his contacts in hope to get people from his area to play some games. All I needed was some sort of connection, to not reach to him out of the blue unannounced (supposing that he does not like to be "found"). My dad makes historical dioramas as a hobby and I found out that one of his peers had recently sold an army of Romans to the guy.

With high hopes I went to make the call and sadly discovered that all my efforts where for naught, since he barely remembered the painting and didn't know for sure where it might have ended up. Nick thanked me for my efforts saying that what I had done was already enough and that was it.

Then after some time, while watching a Vintage stream struggling to get some sleep I remembered about the e-mail address, thought that there was no harm in trying and went on to write a message. Got an answer the very next morning, turns out that the one I mailed was the owner of solely the actual store in Milan and more importantly was on the receiving end of Parente's gift 20 years ago and still had the piece, all I had to do was to put him in contact with Nick and it was over.
Message me if you need anything from Italy, I guess!

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There will be a streak of Eternal events that includes the only EU Legacy GP if anyone fancies spending some time over here.
4 Seasons Fall, 23th-24th Nov, Bologna, with both Eternal formats
Magicfest Bologna, 29th-1st Dec, the only Legacy GP in EU
Nebraska's War, 5th-8th Dec Lucca, with both Eternal formats

Bologna's got an international airport easy to fly to and takes 1h and half of high speed train to reach Venice in case one wants to visit it while using Bologna as base during the first week. Then 30mins by train to the south there is Florence that one has to go through and can visit for a couple of days on his way to Lucca. Close to the latter there is Pisa with int airport to fly back home.

If coming only for one week the best combination in terms of Magic, tourism and time/money saving is GP+Nebraska, visiting Florence in the meantime. I'm a local and usually friends come for Nebraska's War from overseas (Joe Brennan, Dan Miller, etc.) so I can provide information and lodging in Florence, do not hesitate to ask.

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The post on reddit has all the information one might want on the matter.

Any sharing that might reach WotC US and made them aware would be appreciated.

@Brass-Man @Smmenen @The-Atog-Lord @Thiim @Prospero @PeAcH @yugular

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@Prospero get back to play Vintage then!

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Since MKM abandoned us and Ovino is now only a shadow of its former self, we're left with only two Vintage events in Europe: Nebraska's War (announced December 13-16 this year) and EW EU (last one with again a disappointing showing) Looking for alternatives (incidentally Andrea came to me at EW EU with the same idea) I thought about the 4Seasons Tournament and approached the TOs.

4S had a lot of nice features: it's a (unsurprisingly) 4-stops Legacy and Modern tournament at its second complete run. Numbers have been increasing, especially with L reaching in the last one 170+ players coming from around EU. It's always held in the same venue in Bologna, city in the center of Italy with its own airport.

TOs are Legacy specialists and would be more than happy to host a Vintage event, L has of course the premier Sunday slot, Vintage would have to be concurrent to that or Modern on Saturday. I guess that for attendance is probably better to be on Sat then to overlap with the other Eternal format.

In the end I posted all this to have some feedback and gauge the interest in it, since beginning with a really low turn out could just kill it right away. Barring any unexpected circumstances we are definitely doing it, but we have the option of kicking off on 1-2 September or wait for the next one in December. Starting as soon as possible will obviously give the thing more time to grow, but I fear for the attendance since it's so close to August, it might be too short of a notice and I had confirmation that the guys from the other Italian Vintage League won't be able to come. Waiting for the next one might give us more time to spread the word, but has the risk of the Old School side event they started having in the June one growing too much and get us buried under the attendance comparison.

I'm not related to TOs in any way, just want to play more Vintage, come half July will talk with them and finalize the decision. Tagging some that migh tbe interested.

@Prospero @PeAcH @Thiim @Twiedel @stsung @francois-f @albarkhane @Nightowl974 @matori @Timewalking @nsammael @babau

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Posting, since for some reason the TO @nebraskaswar hasn't done it yet and the news has been out for quite some time.
This is at the moment the only event left in Europe with both Eternal formats, with attendance higher than EW EU, at least comparing most recent Legacy.

Lucca Fiere e Congressi Spa
Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237 (Traversa I)
55100, Lucca (LU) - Italy

Details have been added daily and can be found on website, facebook or event.

I'll just add a couple of clarifications: there will be TWO Vintage events, I managed to have the TO give us the Saturday slot this year for the main one (Super Vintage on the schedule) and most of its detail are already out, let's show them some attendance in return.

The other one (Vintage All Stars on the schedule) has the prize structure yet to be announced, but the idea is to have a premium "High Stakes, High Rewards" event for the dieahard players, with high registration fee, most likely 100 euros, that will inevitably result in a smaller attendance, top heavy prizes and sort of a trophy for the winner.

Feel free to ask for any logistic help, especially if you plan to go to Florence before or after, Joe Brennan and friends from overseas will be visiting me again, so you're definitely in for some tough competition.

@Prospero @PeAcH @Thiim @Twiedel @stsung @francois-f @albarkhane @Nightowl974 @matori @Timewalking @nsammael @babau @Aelien @Ceremanius @BranDawri @VCF

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After my previous post about the need of a Vintage Series in EU to fill MKM void, having talked with players and TOs, the first stop featuring our beloved format is out.

ARCI Benassi
Viale Sergio Cavina 4
40139, Bologna, Italy

Details can be found on website and facebook and event.
Everything I already said still stands: 4-stops circuit at its second complete run with quite the big Legacy on Sunday, held in the easily reachable Bologna.
Feel free to ask for any logistic help, I will be at Nebraska's War and so will the TOs (they're Legacy specialists). I will update with further information as soon as avaliable.

@Prospero @PeAcH @Thiim @Twiedel @stsung @francois-f @albarkhane @Nightowl974 @matori @Timewalking @nsammael @babau @Aelien @Ceremanius @BranDawri @VCF

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This is has been the defacto EU tournament with both Eternal formats for some time, with players coming even from overseas.

Lucca Fiere e Congressi Spa
Via della Chiesa XXXII, 237 (Traversa I)
55100, Lucca (LU) - Italy

Details will be added and will be found on website, facebook and event.

TO is probably going to replicate the same formula whe had last year, hosting TWO Vintage events: the main one on Saturday and the premium one on Friday. The latter was sort of a premium "High Stakes, High Rewards" event for the dieahard players, with a registration fee of 100 euros.

TO also is considering the idea of allowing 15 proxies (playtest cards) for the first time which would boost attendance a lot.

Feel free to ask for any logistic help, especially if you plan to go to Florence before or after, friends from overseas have been visiting me for the past years, so you're definitely in for some tough competition.

@Prospero @PeAcH @Thiim @Twiedel @stsung @francois-f @albarkhane @Nightowl974 @matori @Timewalking @nsammael @babau @Aelien @Ceremanius @BranDawri @VCF

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There is a massive transportation strike going on in France, be sure to double check that your means of reaching the event are stil valid.
@francois-f @PeAcH @qq

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Please don't start a B&R discussion here. I was there, I'll shed more light about the event once I'm in a place with stable internet connection.

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I finally have time to edit my response and answer.

@qq That doesn't look like the full Silent Mentor package (multiple MBT and Stony Silence main), just has one rod effect main and one in the sideboard with a manabase much like @13NoVa EW NA deck. I'm not sure about the choice, I preferred @ChubbyRain approach that had 3 decks in top 16, at least before Traxos.

@Brass-Man I might have expressed myself really bad, but I wasn't complaining about the format or the metagame at all, I was presenting the dire situation Vintage is in EU and complaining about the fact that this leads to a less up-to-date playing field. One should look at tournament results here knowing that and with so few event here, there is no way one would play enough to grow tired of any imbalance of the meta, if there were one or not.

@PeAcH It was awesome meeting you and all the other guys, I will eventually come to the LCV, I'll let you know via PM.

@matori WotC hasn't been about EW on the mothership since the most recent 2-3 editions IIRC.

@Tittliewinks22 Francesco played an UWR Landstill that is basically a drain control shell in the Jeskai colors that tries to leverage the fact that he usually is the most experienced player by using Standstill. (Francesco is an old guard player, even traveled to Gencon back in the days)

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I had a chat with the TO and we both agreed to delay beginning to host Vintage to 2019.
There is not much time to prepare for September and the December one is too close to Nebraska's War.
Our League together with the other Italian one might try to set up something smallscale like a side event for the December one, but the real thing will start next year.
The first 4 Season will be in February and by the December one and Nebraska the dates will be already set, I'll keep everyone updated.

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Tournament details have been added, prizes will soon be announced and there is also wonderful news.
Finally in EU we're having what US has been enjoying for ages: the tournament will allow 15 PROXIES (playtest cards), hopefully our clueless WotC won't give TO any trouble.
Guidelines will be posted soon, but expect something along the NYSE lines.

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After the success of the previous stop, Vintage is here to stay as part of the 4 Seasons Series.

ARCI Benassi
Viale Sergio Cavina 4
40139, Bologna, Italy

Details can be found on website and facebook and event. 15 proxies (playtest cards) allowed.
With no news if we're even having an EWEU you might want to take a quick trip to Bologna for some Vintage action, also Legacy on Sunday is quite big thus you'll be able to satisfy all your Eternal needs.
Feel free to ask me or the TOs for any logistic help.

@Prospero @PeAcH @Thiim @Twiedel @stsung @francois-f @albarkhane @Nightowl974 @matori @Timewalking @nsammael @babau @Aelien @Ceremanius @BranDawri @VCF @caron

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I'm the Italian that fought to have the TO register us on site, congrats.
Come to Italy at 4Seasons, but more importantly at Nebraska's War!

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ARCI Benassi
Viale Sergio Cavina 4
40139, Bologna, Italy

Details will be found on website and facebook. 15 proxies (playtest cards) allowed.
Even if the Summer one might get low attendance for our format, you might want to take a quick trip to Bologna for some Vintage action, Legacy on Sunday is still going to be quite big thus you'll be able to satisfy all your Eternal needs.
Feel free to ask me or the TOs for any logistic help.

@Prospero @PeAcH @Thiim @Twiedel @stsung @francois-f @albarkhane @Nightowl974 @matori @Timewalking @nsammael @babau @Aelien @Ceremanius @BranDawri @VCF @caron

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I think it's fair to say the community support is evident @Prospero
Don't think I/we'll let you NOT make another NYSE, let alone stop playing.