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Unfortunately, it's a sorcery, but R&D finally printed the 2cc card I have been hoping for for years.


Draw two cards.
Raid — If you didn't attack with a creature this turn, discard a card.

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I was recently ripped off by a buyer in Singapore. The scam relies on filing a false police report with the Singapore police. I could use some help from a resident there.

Does anyone live there that could help me talk to the police or look for the stolen items?

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@Machinus I did some searching and only found KMC perfect hard, which are stronger inner sleeves. If this is about protecting the cards, they might be a good bet.

I have only seen those in clear. How do they compare to the premium hyper matte?

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May I suggest KMC Perfect "Hard" and any of the KMC matte sleeves.

They stand up to my large hands and forceful shuffling without ever bending a corner or splitting. That's why I like them.

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@Machinus Who makes these?

I never found out the manufacturer. They were available locally in Japan, but that's all I could determine. I do not think new ones are being produced.

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If you have any of these, or know where to get them, I'm willing to buy them in any color.
They look like this:

alt text

We can figure out the details privately.

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I volunteer to play "bad cop" on the team.

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I wish we had had more time without Chalice for the format to adjust before another change. It's such bad policy to make decisions like that.

Anyway, without getting into that kind of debate, I think that Chalice being restricted increases the value of a bunch of 1cc cards.

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R&D has pushed creature power so much (say in the last 5 years) that Vintage decks have had to change their approach to creature removal. Lightning Bolt was simply not worth a card for many years.

However, there are many creatures now that are so powerful that most decks have to have answers for them. I think the 3 damage is not the important part to focus on, but the cost of R. If you're in red and don't have access to better removal, then you will probably keep using Bolt.