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Not sure what's new players have been hounding for the restriction of Workshop for ages.

I define a deck as being 'blue' pretty much if it can support FoW and has a MINIMUM of 14 blue cards.

When you see tournament results it's funny how 'blue' decks are put in so many categories do you want to win with blue? Oath? Tinker? Planeswalker?

Then notice pretty much all Workshop decks are put in one category (Shop) instead of Workshop Control, Workshop Aggro, or Workshop Combo.

If you did the same thing with Blue decks and lumped them all together, you would see a trend at who's been winning tournaments in higher numbers for years now... yet restricting Workshop is still the call? Geez, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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One of my favorite wins will always be back in the day at the SCG Chicago P9 tournament. My opponent was playing a Mindslaver deck, and after a grueling battle he was at 5 life, but finally got the lock on me. Smugly he asked "GG?" to which I merely pointed at my Juggernaut and reminded him that it HAD to attack 🙂 I think I ended up 10th place.

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Holy crap, I should be able to attend this. AND it's at a brewery???

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Oh. Wow. So restricting Chalice wasn't enough? I thought this was a late April Fool's prank. Lodestone Golem is restricted... What the everloving fuck happened to vintage???

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Ok then go over this because this is the most recent thing you posted in the tournament results page:


I see "Shops" lumped together and not Shop combo, Shop Aggro, Shop Control etc.

Now I see quite a few blue decks....not lumped together but given their own fun names/categories so as to make it appear like "diversity" of the format.

This data really helps illustrate my point, so how the heck are you interpreting this in your favor?

If you are going to lump decks together why not just do it right and lump the FORCE OF WILL's together then do the same for the MISHRA'S WORKSHOP's and then do the comparison of your supposed healthy and balanced meta.

Regardless that you don't appear to be correct, the effort you put into doing this is appreciated by some I'm sure. That being said....."There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

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@themonadnomad Not a bad thought. No point in me keeping a slightly used Beta set if I'm not actually playing with it anymore.