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What was number of Vintage players last year?
Legacy was declining this year, 300 comparing to 450, most probably due to GP Birmingham next week.
Congrats to @Thiim wining trial Vintage event and scoring 9th place on main Vintage event, also congrats to @PeAcH on his Top16 and 5th place out of 45 players on Old School event!

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@Brass-Man is it possible to take ownership of TMD clan from Zherbus as well? It would be great if we can (re)build strong TMD modo comunity.

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There is also nice recording from Magic Cruise 2012 with Dr. Richard Garfield on topic "Luck Versus Skill" :

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Wow guys, what a story!
I don’t know why, but reading this reminded me on old TMD and quality of articles I found there first time I discovered it.
I feel that voting system embedded on this forum, while totally in line with online technology trends and nowadays user habits, somehow downgraded our community in terms of lack of comments and quality feedback on such great stories.
@Log thx for your side of this great story, I totally felt atmosphere while reading.
@Prospero Excelsior!

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There is not a single line about EU EW on WoTC site besides announcement from January. Didn't really expect full coverage or anything near that, but some simple article about it would be nice. Thx to @PeAcH , @Log and all other who shared info with us.

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@diophan Well, even I lost 1st round vs him and before that lots of games vs Shops, I cannot agree that deck is dumb even with lucky openers. His tweet is not ok and it is disrespectful to all pilots who spent time developing Shops all these years.

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With "traditional" list I am sticking to FKZ , and when I'm on "pitch" I'm on DK plan.
I faced Moat during one Power9 Challenge and in that case DK is clearly better choice.
However with expansion of Landstill and other decks with Karakas I feel more comfortable with FKZ.
Adding dmg math image:
alt text

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@Mike-Kidney Hi Mike, I am also CET time zone and I think most convenient daily slot for us is 1st daily during FRI, SAT, SUN starting @8.30PM CET. Power9 events are once per month starting @8PM CET on the last SAT of that month. TMD League is not played on modo and I don't think that time frame would fit your schedule. Maybe in near future Wizards will introduce League for Vintage on modo so you can play games almost whenever you want (I don't want to comment on prize structure of leagues).

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Platinum Pro. Working as a Technical Product Manager in one of the biggest electronics Corporations.

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Hello Pitch Dredge lovers 🙂

I Top8ed November P9C, losing "only" to @The-Atog-Lord Stax twice.

During rounds I faced :

  1. Call1Me1Dragon (UW Standstill) 2-1
  2. mtgosalseo (Saheeli Oath) 2-0
  3. The_Atog_Lord (Stax) 0-2
  4. Mr.Random (Griselbrand Oath) 2-1
  5. K0de (TKS Ravager) 2-0
  6. lsv (Mentor Gush) 2-0

I madeTop8 with 5-1 result positioned as 3rd after 6 rounds.
In Top8 I lost to The_Atog_Lord 1-2
I missed land drop to assemble Marit Lage for several turns during game 3 before he found double Wasteland+ Crucible sealing it with Smokestack. All 3 post board games (during rounds and Top8) he had Leyline of the Void which pretty much shut downed dredge plan leaving Marit Lage combo as an only option.

I already replied to @Lesbimagical about my MD reasoning but I will paste it here as well :

I am playing Pitch Dredge for some time now. I started with standard Adams list, slowly modifying it during time.
First modification was Dragonlord Kolaghan MD since deck was missing classic dredge explosives.
Great weakness of post board plan is Karakas, Wasteland, and Jace -1 ability, so 2nd modification was Pitting Needle in sideboard ( @Islandswamp credit). Due to needle I was forced to trim lands, so I abandoned Library of Alexandria plan trimmed Urborg to 3 and included 1 MD.
Urborg MD can be great for hard casting therapies and even creatures if we face Containment Priest game 1 which we can easily beat by casting creatures and sacking it to therapies with GY full of bridges.
Last modification was including Ashen Rider MD, which can answer bunch of threats and is really mvp against many decks.
Since I wanted lots of heavy filers to deal with Moat, or block Blazing Archon until I found solution for it and I love “free wins” there are 3 Chancellor of the Annex MD.
Chancellor is basically flying Lodestone Golem and can easily steal games if opponent kept hand which is reliable of Ponder/ Preordain or mana light.
Since I want Kolaghann, Ashen Rider and Chancellor to be easy accessible hence 3 Dread Returns MD. Also it is useful to sac/ return Ashen rider multiple times.

I feel that Pitch Dredge is positioned very well right now, just we need that fine tuning for particular meta from time to time.

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@joshuabrooks amazing work. Thank you for this, what a time travel 🙂
Maybe you should change title to "Investigative Report from 1994 World Championships" .

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@fsecco said in Workshop with Color:

@prospero this is a great piece of writing and reminds me of mtg articles from old times. What happened to those great storytelling/theory articles from the past?

Same here, I really enjoy every time @Prospero write something like this.
Archive from previous TMD is available here :

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Any chance to ship to Europe?

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@prospero thx a lot! Looking forward to it. Just send me instructions for payment..etc