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I don't think this was brought up earlier, so it seems worth pointing out that the FB group currently has 2,000+ members, and how many members are on TMD (500+)? I think in both cases we are dealing with a lot of non-response bias. My intuition is that the majority of people who did not answer the FB poll just don't go on FB that often, but there are probably quite a few that saw the poll and decided not to respond. In this case, it seems reasonable to assume that many of these people did not feel strongly enough to spend time advocating for a change.

More generally, how many people do we think play Vintage worldwide? And what is the size of the core constituency that WOTC should be listening to in making these decisions. I feel like it should be TMD users, but that is personal bias.

I guess I just think we should put these results in the context of the size of the community, and if we do so, my guess is there is that these polls tend to overestimate the desire for change. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing some un-bannings 🙂

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I don't think this card is great, but I wouldn't count it out. I could imagine playing this in a controlling deck with DRS/Noble Hierarch and maybe Vendillion Clique . Also Bant planeswalkers sounds like a lot of fun to play, even if it isn't a great deck. I think the protecting itself mode of the +1 ability is actually more interesting than attacking.

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I think the benefit of having one stifle in your deck is pretty big for blue decks these days. I have wrecked people with a singleton on a number of occasions, partly because for the rest of the match they try to play around it which hurts them. However I will not play more than one since it is also dead so much of the time in my experience and having one in your hand can make you play suboptimally, as you wait for the chance at a blowout.

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Hi, my name is Matt and I used to organize vintage tournaments in the Hadley MA area, including the first grudge match. I now go to Penn State for grad school where I have picked up playing again fairly regularly. Once I start a regular job again, I plan to restart hosting tournaments.