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Hey @ChubbyRain if you don't like Liliana of the Veil due to tokens, what about Liliana, the Last Hope? Or is that too much of a dud?

Awesome looking deck though.

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@volrathxp said in [m19] mistcaller:


Narcomoeba is a may ability as well, so this basically just cuts Dredge off for a turn. You can just decide to not resolve Narco, Ghast, and Ichorid.

Realistically, you'd want to pop this guy in response to a Dread Return, but that would mean you'd need to have it already in play (telegraphing hard what you want to do) or find a way to get it in at instant speed (without flash inherent to the card this is much harder).

I don't know that this is terribly bad personally. Card only works for one turn. Sure, that single turn might be all they need, but it's not like Containment Priest that can just blow you out.

Excellent points I didn't immediately think about. I don't think it's terribly bad though. It still slows down Dredge and Oath (not stops them), which may be enough time. Having a sideboard option when you're not in white that can hit both isn't a bad thing. Still stronger to probably run Grafdigger's cage for that role most likely. But being a creature isn't nothing (but also a detriment).

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@protoaddct I would consider this more reactive, but regardless, this effect has been a white effect with Containment Priest and Hallowed Moonlight type cards (or artifacts). I have never seen blue stop creatures from entering the battlefield if they are non tokens if they weren't on the stack. Please, correct me if I'm wrong there if there are similar type of effects in blue, I just don't recall.

I'm not mad that this is in blue, I just wouldn't have expected it. This is, though, giving blue more tools than I would have expected.

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This is all initial thoughts.

This sounds like a fantastic sideboard card, regardless of Merfolk or Wizard. Good against both Oath and Dredge. With it being blue, this will be put in a lot of blue side boards, so you don't need to just run Tormod's Crypt or have black (or count on a Leyline in opening hand).

Though, Dredge has moved a lot towards Hollowed One in the sideboard, so it's not as effective coming from the sideboard as it could be. However, certainly a massive hoser still.

One important question. Why is this even in blue?

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@Protoaddct As someone that has been a software engineer in the past, I really want to see how it's built out of sheer professional curiosity (honestly). Like, since it's most likely Object Oriented. What do the interfaces look like. How do they program the classes, what properties are given. How do they do the programming? Do they do it test driven (which I'm a huge advocate of) or do they program it and test it later?

It's not to find out how bad or good the code is, I just want to know. Heh

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My theory has always been the roots of magic online, the core code, is a mess. Could be for multiple reasons, bad design, poorly paid workers, bad schedules, bad programmers, etc. I’m not sure what language it’s written in. I would have to assume it’s some kind of object oriented code. I would certainly hope so.

Anyway, the tree has sprouted, branches grown. They try to trim the tree every now and then, but it’s a mess and it continues to grow into a bigger mess. They all know it, there’s no good way to fix it... probably without ripping it out from the ground up and starting over.

Don’t get me wrong, the tree is still a tree. It has problems, but I would call it mostly good.

Yes, they could give it a glossy new paint job, make it look nicer, but that doesn’t stop the problems from being there. Businesses being businesses, they see the product making money, so they refuse to fund development of this product to fix it correctly. Especially with their attention divided between this and magic arena. I don’t see much more development time given to this product compared to arena. Arena is the new baby.

And now I realize I went off on a tangent. 😞

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@brass-man That would be so freaking awesome if there was a secret Canadian TMD. For some reason that makes me giggle a little bit.

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@protoaddct said in [BBD] Sentinel Tower:

Kinda like Aetherflux Reservoir but a little more aggressive. Your math is wrong though. its 1,2,3,4,5, not exponential Never mind this bit, i see you are calculating damage over time.

I like it, it's a colorless tendrils you have to cast first in many ways. The thing to note is that if you cast it mid turn and then keep casting spells, it does not start at 1, it starts at whatever you already cast +1 for subsequent spells. It also helps you win counter wars which is nice.

Probably a good thing that Probe got restricted. You could have some disgusting ritual turns with this and probe, or honestly just probe turns.

Yeah, sorry, I was writing it at work, so I was trying to be quick. haha

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Interesting for Storm? Not saying it's great, but I feel it deserves discussion. You can cast Ritual + Ritual and be able to ping off two creatures on the board and still continue your combo (or just go to your face or planeswalkers).

Cast Number | Total Damage (combined)
1 = 1
2 = 3
3 = 6
4 = 10
5 = 15
6 = 21

By instance or sorcery #6, you have lethal damage. May not need to cast as many spells. However, the obvious inherent weakness is it doesn't count moxen and other artifacts. That in itself makes it much weaker.

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@neo_altoid Also a fantastic way to save 800+ dollars for paper 😛

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@chubbyrain If I bought back to vintage online, this really seems like a deck I'd buy into. It looks like a ton of fun. Has Erayo been impressive since your last comment? It sounded like at some point you weren't sure about that.

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I've been really enjoying the team portion of the super leagues, not just vintage. Vintage obviously has a special place in my heart for them, but hell, I'm even looking forward to even the Standard one (I think that's today...).

It makes for an interesting dynamic, because sometimes, while I may be rooting for one team, sometimes I want to see 7 matches so I can see more decks. Heh.

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The deck looks sexy as hell.

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@Brass-Man Don't listen to @13NoVa . You need go with lines like... "your skills of magic are sub-par and mine are better, you less-than-adequate card slinger!" That will let them know you mean business and they are in for a world of you turning cards sideways into their defeat. You may also want to make sure they also know how their sanctioned cards are made of inferior stock of cardboard to really hit below the belt. If it's a proxy, you have to leave that alone, that's just going too far, man. Too far.

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@oestrus I feel so much love between the two of you. 🙂

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I haven't made it out in a long time but I don't want to miss this tournament (need to get me a Time Walk again!). Outside of an emergency, I'm going. 🙂

We should try to get a late night dinner set up to bullshit with everybody.

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@hierarchnoble Agreed. Not only that, but I think demand for Workshops and Timetwister can always grow and outpace more and more power, as they are legal in even casual EDH.

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@mediumsteve I do not need Wizard's to sanction my fun. 🙂