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I had been playing Magic for some time, but mostly standard and a little bit of extended. I played regularly with Rich Shay, but my only attempt at vintage had been a brief stint where I threw together a burn deck that got crushed by keeper. I attended the local Pro Tour to do side events and was wearing a T-shirt with the name of the part of Ireland that my mother is from. An Irish guy approached me to ask about the shirt, we spoke a bit and exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways. I was surprised to later bump into him again at my university's cafeteria and approached him. It was a team Pro Tour and one of his teammates attended the school. This would turn out to be Jeff Anand, who had posted on previous versions of this board as Samite Healer. Jeff was a very dedicated vintage player and he made some compelling arguments for the virtues of vintage. Some of them hit home about Vintage cards being a better long term investment and not having to constantly rotate your cards like with standard. He had a substantial collection and was able to fill the gaps to get me within the proxy limit as I acquired cards and we split costs of traveling to tournaments.

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Wombo Combo acquired.

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@Samoht It's slightly more unplayable than I realized.

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@Samoht I feel like the bump for Tendrils would be marginal. Oath's always in these situations where it's got the Orchard, but needs the Oath and vice versa. It's looking for one specific piece and the ability to dig one deeper is at a premium in those scenarios. That stuff comes up for combo, but I feel the searches tend to be more general. The deck is mana, business and ways to find business. You're trying to hit a bigger target in those scenarios and in that case seeing one card deeper may not be as important as the ability to move blanks to the bottom with Preordain. I could be wrong, but that's just the way I feel about it. I think just about any way you slice it the bump is so marginal above preordain that it's a bit silly to have Ponder restricted. The DCI has been slow to pull cards off, but with Burning Wish and Thirst coming off relatively recently without a problem I could see them taking care of this little housekeeping matter.

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I'd like to see Ponder unrestricted. That card isn't a danger and I don't believe it ever was. Unrestricting it would be a tiny bump for Oath and nothing more.

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If you're going to be paying 5 mana at sorcery speed in Vintage it better win you the game. There are ways to cheat this into play, but I can't imagine a realistic set of circumstances where this card is what you want to be landing off of show and tell or Oath.

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