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Is it time to remove limits on proxies, but instead put a proxy price in play- if the card sells for more than $100; you can proxy it?

High quality proxies can be made (not counterfeits) that are distinguishable as the card, but not using wizards IP or art. I’ve seen and played against some and they look cool.

Appreciate the thread but Andy’s point may be the best take away- just find some people and play.

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I just like knowing the card I'm playing against, and that is why I loved the ELD proxies (and still use them!) for that reason. Basic Swamp with sharpie makes me sad. Not sure if others feel the same way.

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@daphex2 said in Price Spikes & Paper Vintage:

We’re the same age, and as someone who has owned and happily sold my set of alpha/beta power, I returned to paper vintage 2 weeks ago because of webcam mtg.

I think the vintage community needs to move past ownership of cards. 10 proxies should be default (maybe 20 proxies?) for any/all vintage events moving forward.

Theres no reason, and is potentially dangerous, to have events where people have $100k+ decks.

The community is small (and getting smaller). Embrace players, not real cards.

I agree with this sentiment, but it puts stores in a tough position. They need to be able to tell the mothership that no counterfeit cards are allowed, and proxies are terrible. I’m all for writing “fake” on a counterfeit card and using it to play a game I enjoy, but I think the stores would have to be against it to remain in good standing.

But I’m not sure that would increase participation in tournaments.

I appreciate this thread. I’ve never held a great deal of value in cards, but do worry about those that do- they are bringing more assets to a tournament than most have in their 401k. (That are also unregistered and incredibly difficult to track if stolen)

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Only going if Bill Copes is playing Dark Confidant Shops. Gauntlet Thrown.

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Can't make it this time, so you don't have to build your board around Sinbad or Fireblast.

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Chains of Mephistopheles- you are on notice!

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I've always played a few years behind anyways, what could go wrong?

Hope to catch you at this one, or a future one.

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Would be great to play against Dark Confidant Shops once again...

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I hope to come to this one!

Appreciate the thought on proxies and I support you Eric. I’ve argued other ways in the past, but anything to support more people playing vintage is good.