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I know nothing about survival vintage but your list just looks beautiful. You really know what you are doing. Gz.

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I just googled him. Looks INSANE. I'm pretty sure the best survival list runs 4 of those. 3/4 with flying and a free bazaar activation is the deal.

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@evouga Dont you have to sac exp. Map to use its ability? This dude can fetch for a strip effect every turn. How can you compare both? Also, how can turn 3/4 be late game?
I would waste you to death and when we both have zero lands in play i still have a 3/4 on board. It isnt bad, Is It? I like this dude. And hes not exp. Map with legs.

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This will all end with a 'roll the dice' game... win the roll, win the game... How sad. This was a cool game.
The London mulligan in vintage Will change things deeply. Degenerate things are going to happen. All the time. Deck Building Will change. Draw 7 , draw 7, draw 7,draw 7 keep this 3 cards? With vintage cardpool? Yes baby, all day. Boom. Bombs everywhere. Will be war. Turn 1 like theres no tomorrow. Add these One sided PW add karn and narset. And so, at the end, Who goes first should win. This factor existed alredy but wasnt big as It Is now.
Chubby has seen just the top of the iceberg...

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I like the deck, seems like a lot of fun. Who doesn't love to draw cards? This deck draws ALOT, i like it.
Can you give more insights about the different MUs? How the deck plays, feels, to you?
Also, wich one is the hardest MU and wich deck you feel is the 'easy win' , if it has any.

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@kaluma form of the dragon wins you games VS? Its indeed a lulz card xd

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@john-cox 11.5%? That's ALOT... that card seems even stronger now... 😄

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I like anafenza alot! I wouldnt mind running 2 of them, but i have no idea what to cut.... any ideas?

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This card is nuts... just bananas to my eyes...i'd be runing 3-4 copies in any blu deck i'm playing. You don't realize the power of the one sided cotv here... and in the blu mirror the first guy to land this will see his win % improved by ALOT. Guys.... preorder your sets asap this card will be The New Mentor