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Don't be sorry for venting. I don't think anybody thinks you are anyway. Despite me not knowing a darn thing about what it is you are studying, I can tell you from a test writer's perspective that you have to read into questions and answers exactly as the writer sees fit. It's really not fair because so much of standardized tests are subjective and therefore put you at the whim of the imperfections of human beings. For those that I help prepare for test taking is to continue reading and taking relevant practice tests to get to know how the writers of the tests like to frame their questions and answers. If you are struggling with a particular concept, set the practice test aside, study up on the concept, then revisit the test. I would encourage you to try writing your own test questions and possible answers like a test writer would. The exercise prompts you to pay close attention to details and differentiate between subtlely different and distracting answers.

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