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@dracomnisgt If you're playing before August 26th, play Red Hate with Lotus Petal and Mana Vault replacing Black Lotus and Mox Ruby:

If you're playing after August 26th, you'll have to wait for the update to the banned and restricted annoucement to see what's still legal for your event. People are calling for Karn, the Great Creator's head, so that list doesn't do you much good if he's not legal as a 4-of.

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@wfain Bloodghast may not be directly responsible for most Vengevine return triggers, but that's a downside that I don't believe Gravecrawler makes up for. Having an instant speed way of returning Bloodghast (cracking a fetchland) can be vital to play around cards like Containment Priest. Having haste when my opponent is at ten or less life was vital to one of my wins against UW Xerox where I was otherwise flooding out and losing control of the game. It's a very sticky threat by itself when I wasn't comboing off and gave the deck some easy resiliency.

As for Ouphe over Force of Vigor, Karn Forge is FAST. I do like Ouphe when I get to play it, but I don't get to play it until I hit two mana. Maximizing turn zero interaction against the format's combo deck is important for game one, and game two I'm maxed out on both.

@notmi I honestly didn't get to cast it. I had a line against Karn Forge game three where I was going to Bazaar into a first turn Vengevine and flashback one of the enabling creatures to hit Karn, the Great Creator. I drew into a Force of Vigor and ditched the line in order to maintain a faster clock.

@chikararyuu Maybe, perhaps over a Hogaak. I'd be concerned that Deathrite Shaman or Yixlid Jailer would turn it off to really plan around it.

Feel free to try different creature packages. There were three different Survival players at the event on three different configurations. I opted for the brutal efficiency of almost-mono-green aggro, while @poxeveryturn played more expensive haymakers in Flash and Wheel of Fortune. The third player was on a Lavinia + Force of Will build. The beauty of Survival is that there's no one correct build, just a core engine that you can tune to a metagame much like the Fish decks of yesteryear.

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I saw @notmi's back-to-back lists appear on MTGGoldfish back in June. I was enamored by the straightforward nature of the maindeck gameplan, which echoed how I used to build and pilot Noble Fish. I chose the list with Squee, Goblin Nabob because Joe Brennan has constantly highlighted it as his least favorite card to see out of Survival and because the Ultimate Masters printing has a Legendary hat.

I've played Survival off and on since the original @wfain lists back in April 2018, but queued this list up on Magic Online to test the Hogaak math. I proceeded to 2-3 against five flavors of blue and deemed the 75 perfect.


  • Round 1 - RG Welder (2-0)
  • Round 2 - UW Xerox (2-0)
  • Round 3 - BUG Midrange (2-1)
  • Round 4 - UW Xerox (2-0)
  • Round 5 - BUG Midrange (0-0-3)
  • Round 6 - UWR Xerox (0-0-3)
  • Quarters - Forge Shops (2-1)
  • Semis - BUG Midrange (2-0)
  • Finals - UWR Xerox (0-0-3)

Sideboarding Notes:

  • UW Control - I saw a Karakas and Lavinia so all the Hogaaks came out, along with half of my Force of Vigors, for Therapy, Ouphe and Nature's Claim.
  • BUG Midrange - With him being on the Yixlid Jailer plan, along with Deathrite Shaman, I eventually settled on cutting Bloodghast and Force for Ouphe, Priest, and Therapy.
  • Forge Shops - Kataki, Ouphe, Claim, and Therapy came in for Hogaak, Squee, and Bloodghast. Apparently I really like Therapy for post-sideboard games.

Memorable Lines:

  • Casting Hollow Ones and madness Basking Rootwallas into Lavinia to trigger Vengevine.
  • Activating Bazaar into Narsets and Leovolds on their turn to mill a card and possibly hit a Hogaak, Bloodghast, Vengevine or Rootwalla.
  • Activating Bazaar while empty-handed in general during my upkeep for all of the above plus making a topdecked Hollow One cost 4 less.


  • Calvin, Liz, and all the judges for creating and running this amazing event.
  • The hotel for their gigantic Bavarian pretzel to fuel me for the playoff rounds.
  • @poxeveryturn for his kind words and sharing our Survival stories.
  • Joe Brennan for literally giving me the shirt off his back because I forgot to wear my Arabian Knights shirt for photos.


  • The parking ticket I got because I was too dumb and anxious to work the parking meter properly.
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Sex Panther Arcanist: 50% of the time, it works every time.

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Courtyard by Marriott Pittsburgh Downtown
945 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Not only is it walking distance from the convention center, but it's in the heart of downtown when it's time for late night festivities.

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@blindtherapy said in Tormod’s Crypt in DPS:

@mike-noble notably for your second scenario, you only should pop in that situation if they are doing this on main phase and could immediately therapy/DR on resolution of bazaar; otherwise letting them dredge more cards for you to crypt before they can use them usually is good.

Edited "in their main phase" into item #2. Thank god Cabal Therapy is a sorcery.

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Tormod's Crypt is for removing Cabal Therapy(s) from their graveyard at the last moment of priority before they're able to cast it. There are three good, but not foolproof, heuristics that I use:

  • If they're showing Cabal Therapy and have a creature on the stack (return trigger or being cast), blow it.

  • If they have a creature in play and are activating Bazaar with a Dredge card in the yard during their main phase, blow it.

  • If they have both a creature and a Cabal Therapy during a step/phase where they can't cast it (usually the draw step), blow it.

In all these cases, that's the last moment you'll have priority before they can cast Cabal Therapy. The popular configuration of Pitch Dredge is a slow, disruption-heavy build that has Nacromoeba, Ichorid, Prized Amalgam, and Hollow One as free creatures. Avoiding Cabal Therapy will help you avoid them pushing your critical turn back.

This is basically what @Vindicator said, but with the heuristics spelled out.

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@p3temangus said in [C19] Scroll of Fate:

Do you get to use workshop mana to pay the cost to flip on artifact creatures? My instinct is no...

Your instinct is correct. Turning a manifest creature face up is a special action according to 701.31b, basically just like Morph, and Mishra's Workshop can only be used to cast artifact spells.

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Scroll of Fate

Scroll of Fate - 3
Artifact - Rare
T: Manifest a card from your hand.

Here's a card for all the Vengeur/Spoils Masque enthusiasts to help them reminisce about better times.

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I've removed my posts as they weren't beneficial to the forum at large.