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Paradoxical Outcome feels like a Mind's Desire without having to worry about holding mana acceleration in hand for your storm count.

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This Vintage format sounds pretty spicy. I'll have to look into it.

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This seems bad enough that none of the good names are commenting on this thread yet good enough that @Soly isn't ripping everyone that commented a new one.

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Maybe someday we'll live in a world where decks with 4 Mishra's Workshop have just as many restricted cards as decks packing 4 Force of Will.

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@Stormanimagus said in Vintage Restricted List Discussion:

I do try to rock 5-C Humans now and again. I'd hardly call that deck "mainstream." Actually I've been trying it out again in this "Tangle-Wire-Less" Shop metagame and it kinda curb stomped shops the couple times I played it. Ancient Grudge and Mantis Rider were both complete houses in the matchup and the new Crucible on Legs did some good work as well. I will ALWAYS love to innovate my way out of things first before writing off a metagame.

Ramunap Excavator is a snake-person and therefore doesn't have legs.

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Adding this to my best of alongside @Protoaddct forgetting that Impulse exists and Brian Demars forgeting that Mercadian Masques exists.

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This event was great! I really enjoyed the chance to commentate with Randy Buehler for the first time, as well as spending time goofing around with my buddy Mark Hornung. There were a lot of huge shakeups in the final round that left the top 8 as it was, including the two 7-1-1s both getting paired down and both losing, allowing Eric to sneak into 8th seed at 8-2. I don't have access to the standings right now, but that last slot could have been any number of players, including @13NoVa, as it didn't look clear until the round settled. I was very happy with the games that I got to commentate, and hopefully my love of the format translated well over Twitch. Thank you everyone that said nice things to me and for everyone that I got to talk to, either for the first time or for the first time in a while. Please let me know if you have any feedback for me. I'm going to try to run it back next year and the audience deserves the best possible show.

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Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian break down the results of Vintage Champs and interview 2017 North American Vintage Champion, Andy Markiton.

Contact them at @ManyInsanePlays on Twitter or e-mail them at

0:01:00: The Announcement
0:03:00: VSL Update: UW Pumpkin Spice and Ad Nauseum Tendrils
0:28:20: Eternal Weekend Tournament Reports: Grixis Daretti & Jeskai
0:53:00: Interview: Andy Markiton
1:30:00: Metagame Breakdown and Top 8
2:08:00: The Workshop Era

Eternal Central Eternal Weekend Coverage

LSV’s video on Shops

Brian Demars – Workshop Needs to Go

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EDITOR'S NOTE: There was no editor or editing. I typed this as a first draft at work and didn't check for spelling, grammar or syntax mistakes.

Squee, the Immortal

Squee, the Immortal - 1RR
Legendary Creature - Goblin (R)
You may cast Squee, the Immortal from your graveyard or from exile.

Squee represents the third in a line of creatures that are able to cast themselves from exile:

Misthollow Griffin
Eternal Scourge

While Squee's predecessors haven't done too much in the Vintage metagame as of late, they have had minor success in other environments. Both Misthollow Griffin and Eternal Scourge have found a home in Legacy Food Chain. Its full metagame representation can be found here, but here's an example deck:

This deck aims to be a midrange creature deck that happens to have a combo kill. Using cards like Manipulate Fate to essentially draw four cards by exiling the Griffin and Scourge, you can find your combo pieces. Once you have them and a Food Chain, you create a loop by casting and exiling one of those creatures over and over again, generating as much mana as you need. You funnel this mana into Walking Ballista and you have a kill out of nowhere. The beauty of this kill is that Food Chain itself is the only "dead" piece of the combo, with all the others providing some sort of value outside of the combo. Relic of Progenitus lets you rebuy dead Griffins, and Force of Will pitching Misthollow Griffin lets the counterspell essentally be a 1-for-1.

In addition to Legacy Food Chain, Eternal Scourge has found a home in Modern Eldrazi. The metagame share can be found here, but here's an example decklist:

This deck is a simple beatdown deck for the most part, using Eldrazi Temple, Simian Spirit Guide and Gemstone Caverns as acceleration to create some of the best beatdown creatures printed in the post-M15 era. However, there are some cute synergies with Eternal Scourge that allow the deck to regain some of the card advantage lost with the mana acceleration. Serum Powder, assuming you don't like the other six cards it comes along with, allows you to exile a hand with Eternal Scourge and essentially "mulligan to 8" with your new hand. Additionally, Gemstone Caverns on the draw allows you to do the same thing. You exile Eternal Scourge, drop it into play, and easily have multiple mana available on the first turn to cast your creatures. Heck, with Eldrazi Temple or a Simian Spirit Guide, you can cast that Eternal Scourge you just exiled on the first turn!

So Food Chain, Serum Powder and Gemstone Caverns have synergy with these creatures. What makes Squee, the Immortal any better? Creature type! Consider this:

This is a sample list of Food Chain Goblins that I found from a forum post dated 2005. Much like Food Chain in Legacy, it is a beatdown deck with a combo win condition. Thanks to the power of Goblin Recruiter, a card that is only legal in Vintage, you are able to stack your deck in a way that allows you to place lethal damage on board the turn you resolve Food Chain. I won't bore you with the details, especially since we've just added high-octane jet fuel to the metagame. Consider the following sequence:

Turn 1: Mox, Land, Goblin Recruiter, stack your deck.
Turn 2: Land, Food Chain, sacrifice Recruiter for RRR, "burn" a Goblin in hand to generate an additional R, Goblin Ringleader, draw four cards, sacrifice Goblin Ringleader for RRRRR, cast Squee, the Immortal, loop for as much red as you need, cast another Ringleader to draw four cards, play out a fistful of Goblin Warchiefs, Goblin Chieftains and Goblin Piledrivers to attack for lethal.

Goblin Ringleader
Squee, the Immortal
Goblin Piledriver
Goblin Piledriver
Goblin Ringleader
Goblin Piledriver
Goblin Warchief
Goblin Chieftain

Goblin Recruiter
Food Chain
Useless Goblin

That's a lot of things going our way, but it's pretty powerful sounding, and gives a good reason to why Goblin Recruiter is banned in every other DCI format.

I don't know exactly what the maindeck for a build using the above example hand looks like yet, but it's very possible that it uses quite a few Squee, the Immortal synergies in order to maximize both the combo and the aggressive nature of a non-Food Chain hand. Goblins benefits from having multiple mana on turn one, even if it's just creating a Goblin Piledriver and passing the turn, so Gemstone Caverns may make the cut. Serum Powder allows you to exile Squee, the Immortal so that the "Useless Goblin" illustrated above is actually an exiled Squee. You can grind out a longer game by constantly casting Squee, the Immortal from the graveyard and sacrificing him to Siege-Gang Commander. Whatever the case may be, I think Squee, the Immortal is the new linchpin if Goblins wants to make its true return to Vintage.

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I prefer asking for forgiveness, not permission.

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Hey everyone!

Without sounding too sappy or full of myself, I'm posting to say that I'll be deleting my TMD account after I "check in" to see the new posts tomorrow morning. This has nothing to do with the community, but is an internet-wide choice that I'm making for myself. Account deletion casualties will include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others.

If you are looking to get in contact with me, there is still hope! I will still be using Twitch @ to watch streams and, hopefully once the weather turns foul again, begin streaming again myself. They have a messaging system you can use to get a hold of me. If that's not your style, there's always email at

I look forward to seeing some of you in Twitch chat, listening to Andy, Kevin, and Steve on their podcasts, and attending paper events. Hell, I still hope to be behind the booth at Eternal Weekend. Thank you again, for the good and the bad, and I look forward to what this wildly unorthodox choice does for me.

Mike Noble

EDIT: At Andy's request, I am leaving my account active for posterity. If I find at anytime this undermines my goals I will come back and delete the whole thing.

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@chubbyrain That's only what you name because they added power level errata to Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII to remove the italics, removing it as choice #1 on MODO. That's the real travesty.

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As a Noble myself, this is certifiably a Noble pursuit.

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Of note, Ryan Glackin's maindeck is a card-for-card match with Mark Hornung's 2011 Vintage Champs-winning maindeck.

Also of note, Michael Scheffenacker and Nicholas Dijohn have identical maindecks, with the former being shipped the list by the latter. Considering Ryan Glackin's winning list from NYSE 5 was also a Nicholas Dijohn creation, it's safe to say he's the best Workshop deck designer in the Northeast in 2017 thus far.

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The real money question is how expensive the Jack & Cokes are in the VFW hall that you hold the event in.

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It's exactly a year later and I'm back. I couldn't quit you forever, TMD.

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I both applaud Charbelcher's win and despise being paired against it and similar Vintage decks (Informer/Spy combo, etc.). Having something unusual come out of the woodwork and find success feels similar to when a notoriously bad player does the same. It gives players hope and allows the format to grow instead of having the bottom echelon of players walk away from the format over time.

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I hardly notice the subforums at all since I just click the unread button when I visit.

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I'm trying to make you proud, @Smmenen. Here's what I'll be beta testing in the post-HOU metagame:

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@diophan said in Vintage Challenge - 9/9/2017:

  1. The Atog Lord - URW if I call this Jeskai Rich will complain Turbo Xerox

I understand your deck doesn't run any Jeskai wedge cards from Khans block, @The-Atog-Lord, but it doesn't run any on-brand corporate office technology either.