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My friends and i recently started recording a series of our conversations about vintage and legacy. We started posting them a couple weeks ago.
episode 2 is now posted on soundcloud. Feel free to give us a listen and a review. We want to improve where we can!
We record weekly and will be posting a new episode every week on Wednesday evenings.

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@ydl I found that if the game goes according to plan, T1 lock piece, T2 threat, T3 another threat. Sin prodder gets there pretty good. Being that mono red has very few card advantage spells, it's also a way to get deeper into your deck, or throw damage at your opponent. Menace is also relevant.
I found that in legacy, sin prodder is pretty meh unless you are winning though. In vintage, he is a problem lol.
More hazoret go in vs decks with swords to plowshares, I also like boarding hazoret in against oath/blue decks because if she sticks, you don't have to cast any more spells. Just pitch until you have a dead opponent. 😄

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Hey all! I just wanted to put my two cents in on my FAVORITE achetype- mono red Prison!
First let me tell you guys that this is what i ran in a trial and what i had an amazing time running (BUDGET) at EW.

here is my list that i got 100th place (6-4)
a note about what i lost to:

First loss was to dredge, I cant say he outplayed me more than i failed as a pilot.
I had created a locked boardstate and decided to protect against single removal and run out every ensnaring bridge i top decked. and in the third and final game, my opponent reminded me of the sideboard card i had most feared, serenity....

Second loss was to variance. I lost to eldrazy, one of my best matches. Opener in game three was turn one blood moon with no lands in hand. I figured that my odds to draw a land would be pretty good. I was wrong. A revoker on black lotus beat me down while I was top decking lock piece after lock piece, not able to cast them.

Third loss was to possibly my worst matchup, Jeskai mentor/good stuff.
i got killed by my own rabblemaster game one, and a jace ult the next game. was not pretty.

My final loss of the day was to Patrick Brennan, cool guy, he was the guy who got crushed by reid last year on paradoxical.
It turns out that game one, on the play, I have a fantastic shops matchup and it showed all day long. Game two, the power of mishras workshop showed as my opponent had the mana to cast a turn one lodestone golem AND a phyrexian metamorph. Game three was a fight, but he prevailed doing shops things that they do.

Wins were against:
eldrazi (2-0)
Lands(2-1) - turn one 20/20 really good when i don't top deck a bridge lol
White Eldrazi(2-0)

3 Goblin Rabblemaster
11 Mountain
4 City of Traitors
4 Ancient Tomb
4 Blood Moon
1 Trinisphere
3 Ensnaring Bridge
4 Null Rod
1 Lotus Petal
4 Chrome Mox
4 Magus of the Moon
4 Simian Spirit Guide
3 Sin Prodder
1 Hazoret the Fervent
4 Chandra, Torch of Defiance
4 Fiery Confluence
1 Chalice of the Void
2 Cursed Totem
4 Leyline of the Void
2 Hazoret the Fervent
1 Ensnaring Bridge
3 Sorcerous Spyglass
3 Mirage Mirror

In a format/color where if you dont have power to pump out equal threats, you have to make cover-most answers.
This is where the red prison deck shines!
If someone can make it powered efficiently, go for it. I honestly think this deck is fine unpowered because of the pieces in the deck that work with bridge, hazoret, and chandra. This is an explosive prison deck that tries to jam, problem after problem, until your opponent is dead, or at 6 life, then you fiery confluence them 🙂
Main deck artifact hate makes this deck really strong against much of the decks out there.
and the call to run ensnaring bridge was strong as i got paired against two lands players, even if i didnt have a moon, I would have time against merit lage.
questions, comments, concerns?
I think this is super strong in the current paper metas, if shops holds the majority and you still want to have outs to many other possible vintage strats.

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Our pleasure! We appreciate the listens. This is something all of us have wanted to do for a while now. Even with the few number of listens we have so far its been an awesome experience.

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Episode #4 is up on the soundcloud and MTGcast!
give us a listen! ❤