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What's the normal/expected turn out for Vintage at this location? it's about a 2 hour drive for me but it's the closest place for me to play paper so im gonna try to make the journey

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Hopefully this is an ok spot to post this!

I'm trying to find coverage of the 2018 EW, but i'm having some difficulties. CardTitan's twitch channel seems to only have the Swiss from Legacy, and both top 8's.

Anyone know where to find videos of the Swiss rounds for Vintage, or know if there are none?!

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@dshin said in Designing a hate card against Mental Misstep, Gitaxian Probe, Gush:

If you print a red 3/3 first strike haste like you suggest, that messes with the Standard format. You can't print new cards that bypass Standard.

You just addressed a card that was printed that bypassed Standard right before you wrote this sentence...

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@gkraigher said in The Mod Squad - decklist and primer:

As [card] enters the battlefield is not a trigger.

Then why can you Stifle a Phyrexian Dreadnought's effect as it comes into play? Is it the difference in wording between "as" and "when" ?

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What card is the Cookie Monster alter in Ferran Relat's list?

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Can you explain what you mean about potentially having to rip up a Chaos Orb?

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Was just watching the VSL finals, Oath player tries to Oath when his opponent has Containment Priest and a Cage in play. His creature ends up getting exiled. Can someone explain this to me? I didn't think the exile clause would occur because the creature wouldn't ETB because of the Cage. Does the Priest not even care about the Cage's effect on the creature?