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What's the normal/expected turn out for Vintage at this location? it's about a 2 hour drive for me but it's the closest place for me to play paper so im gonna try to make the journey

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Hopefully this is an ok spot to post this!

I'm trying to find coverage of the 2018 EW, but i'm having some difficulties. CardTitan's twitch channel seems to only have the Swiss from Legacy, and both top 8's.

Anyone know where to find videos of the Swiss rounds for Vintage, or know if there are none?!

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@dshin said in Designing a hate card against Mental Misstep, Gitaxian Probe, Gush:

If you print a red 3/3 first strike haste like you suggest, that messes with the Standard format. You can't print new cards that bypass Standard.

You just addressed a card that was printed that bypassed Standard right before you wrote this sentence...

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@gkraigher said in The Mod Squad - decklist and primer:

As [card] enters the battlefield is not a trigger.

Then why can you Stifle a Phyrexian Dreadnought's effect as it comes into play? Is it the difference in wording between "as" and "when" ?

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What card is the Cookie Monster alter in Ferran Relat's list?

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Can you explain what you mean about potentially having to rip up a Chaos Orb?

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Was just watching the VSL finals, Oath player tries to Oath when his opponent has Containment Priest and a Cage in play. His creature ends up getting exiled. Can someone explain this to me? I didn't think the exile clause would occur because the creature wouldn't ETB because of the Cage. Does the Priest not even care about the Cage's effect on the creature?

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The Tinker play in round 2 was hilarious. Thanks for posting!

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How come the Ratstill deck is considered "BUG"? I dont see any green in it. Is that just due to it playing some of the disruption elements seen in BUG (crucible/wastes/null rods)?

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@snowydude said:

i tihnk the fewest opening hand cards its possible to win off is 3. lotus show and tell bargin draw 19

If we're choosing to say the top of our deck will produce a kill, then you can achieve that same state by starting with 2 cards: Land/petal/sapphire + Ancestral into those 3 cards

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How often do you find yourself having "dead" fetches with 4 Tarns and only 2 fetchable lands (and in some matchups the Mountain from the SB in games 2/3)?

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This list looks sweet. Is there any functional reason for snow lands in Vintage, or is it just a style thing?

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@letseeker Of course i'd make them play it out! i think you'd be ridiculous to not do it.

If they're at 3 life and assemble the vault and key with a crypt in play, would you concede?

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@arj I believe the idea is to just be faster than Oath. If you can consistently beat a deck before they can activate their combo, there shouldn't be any reason to use SB slots for that matchup

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What're the 2 decks that fall into the "Other" category for April?

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So if you're being a real rules stickler, you could call out an opponent who controls Oath but has less creatures than you for not placing the ability on the stack during your upkeep? Wonder if anyone has ever done that in a tournament before...

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@ChubbyRain said:

At the beginning of the upkeep, Oath of Druids triggers. The controller of Oath of Druids is then required to pick a legal target. If they cannot do so, the ability cannot be placed on the stack and "fizzles". If they are able to do so, the trigger is placed on the stack. After other upkeep triggers are placed on the stack, the active player receives priority and this is the earliest point they would be able to tap Orchard.

I guess im getting caught up in this sentence because I always thought trigger meant "event happens (spell played, some condition met, etc) and something goes on the stack". So Oath triggers at the start of upkeep but does NOT go onto the stack until a legal target is declared (or does it go onto the stack, but immediately fizzle before anyone gets priority because there are no legal targets??) . If this is the case, in the proposed Example A in the original post where both players have one creature and the player controlling Oath untaps with an Orchard in play, there is no way for him to resolve the Oath effect on his turn, right? There has to be a legal target for the trigger to go on the stack, but there can't be a legal target because both players have one creature and the player controlling Oath won't receive priority to activate Orchard at any point and change the number of creatures in play until after the Oath has fizzled because there are no targets.

Sorry if that was a really convoluted way of writing it, just trying to make sure I follow it correctly

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@Aaron-Patten said:

@Hagrid said:

In example A you cannot tap to add a creature to the opponents side because there isn't a point in the untap step where you can do anything. You go to untap step permanents and such untap then you're immediately in the upkeep step at that point Oath of Druids has already checked and saw that the creature count is 1:1.

Not quite. It has checked the creature counts in that it has had it's target assigned but the ability goes on the stack and thus anyone can respond to it.

Im not sure this is how it works. Maybe im misunderstanding your point, but the ability won't go on the stack because of what Hagrid mentioned, right? You cant respond to the trigger if its not on the stack, and it won't be on the stack if there isn't a legal target for Oath at the very instance of the start of your upkeep. There won't be a legal target because there is no point at which you can change the number of creatures the opponent has before the start of your upkeep