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I started playing Magic in the fall of 1995 with some friends that I worked with at a bar. I took a quick liking to the game and soon wanted to be competitively. I purchased a Timetwister for $100 and I played at Gen Con in 1996 in both Type 2 and Type 1. I just remember loving the game and went all in at that point. I purchased all of the power cards with the exception of Black Lotus. I played mostly casually in college and when I got married I just played Friday night magic for a few years. Around 2010 I decided that I only wanted to play Vintage seriously. It was the year before my son was born and I played some very intense magic. My son was born and now I am limited to about one tournament a week. I play with my brother every week to test out decks and talk shit. I still love the game and I will never sell my cards.

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This actually might be good enough for Grixis Thieves or even a side board slot in an Esper PO to kill Lavinia and Collector Ouphe

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@serracollector Isn’t that what Karn, Scion of Urza and Managoger Hydra do now?

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I am really interested to pair this card with a flipped Erayo, Soratami Ascendant.

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This really depends on the meta game. If I am playing a bunch of Leyline of the Voids and Tormod's Crypts to keep my opponents in check then this is really bad.

On the other hand, if Mana Drain is ever good again then this card is awesome.

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@desolutionist said in August 26, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

By restricting cards that make effective turn ones less consistent, you leave the door open for more types
of decks and high level interaction to be at the forefront of the format.

I find this argument very frustrating. Everyone plays this game for different reasons and we all want something different from the it.

No one wants to just lose a game without doing anything, I get that, I really do. But it is very exciting to figure out the mechanics of a turn one or turn 2 win.

The other view is that I play a spell you counter it, I play another spell and you counter it then you play a Narset and somehow this is better because there was interaction. I disagree.

There needs to be a balance in what keeps the format fun.

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@fsecco Understood. But this card on turn one, I keep a hand with Thalia and I use this to look at the top five and get a Cavern of Souls. That is value add. Even later in the game if I draw this and I get to pick the creature or land in a creature based tempo deck that is good.

Now the bigger issue is that Human is like tier 6 but this card helps it.

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I think this card opens up Humans or it can help a Belcher deck. The ability to get Spirit Guides or a Tinder Walk will help Belcher. The humans deck can find Cavern and or a creature to attack the opposing deck.

It also works in HateBears or if Eldrazi went green this card could really help it.

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Glass canon decks are a feature not a bug of Vintage. My concern as a longtime Vintage player is that some of the voices about their preferences for the format will over shadow those that enjoy playing the format is a different way. My preference for various styles of decks change over time and based on new printings I will experiment with combo or something else.

I admittedly am not a consistent MTGO player but the shifts on MTGO are somewhat dramatic when the meta shifts. I find that paper players take a bit more time to shift their decks.

I like playing very broken decks and I think it is a big feature of the Vintage format overall. People seem to get upset about turn one and turn 2 wins but I have lost to a control deck on turn one not just combo decks and it does not feel good. Their plays on turn one essentially made it so that it was better for me not to even play a card and just go to game 2. All of these experiences are anecdotal and @ChubbyRain is correct to take a more analytical view of what really is happening.

Personally, I have been playing around with PO and it is very difficult to play right now. You really need to be a master with the deck and know the meta to do well with it. Vintage is format where one card will tilt the entire game and it will shift quickly. This never feels good but it is a feature of the format, not a bug.

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@boerma I used to think like that but I do play MTGO on and off. I invest in it what it is worth to me as an on and off player. I play paper with my brother and some friends regularly so I mostly buy paper but when I want to really see the meta and get deeper into the format MTGO is where it is at. So it really depends how you want to spend your money and your time.

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@gutocmtt I am not a Shops expert but cards like this one, Traxos, Fleetwheel Cruiser are cards that can used as innovation pieces. Currently, aggro Shops does not play equipment. Could that change? Also, the modern shops decks are all colorless but a card like this can use Fling to win a game or a card like Fling. Just some thoughts.