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I started playing Magic in the fall of 1995 with some friends that I worked with at a bar. I took a quick liking to the game and soon wanted to be competitively. I purchased a Timetwister for $100 and I played at Gen Con in 1996 in both Type 2 and Type 1. I just remember loving the game and went all in at that point. I purchased all of the power cards with the exception of Black Lotus. I played mostly casually in college and when I got married I just played Friday night magic for a few years. Around 2010 I decided that I only wanted to play Vintage seriously. It was the year before my son was born and I played some very intense magic. My son was born and now I am limited to about one tournament a week. I play with my brother every week to test out decks and talk shit. I still love the game and I will never sell my cards.

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@brass-man I'm going to build a Paradigm Shift deck with this card.

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@desolutionist I actually quit playing for a year when it was the Stax vs Slaver meta game. I hated it so much. When I think of Vintage I remember Black Vise Prosperity and the fast Academy decks being super fun. I actually like Vintage right now, just hate MTGO. I find any Magic played in paper is just more fun.

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You can play Paradigm Shift and Tormod's Crypt yourself.

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How does the escape mechanic work with the stack here? If I have ancestral in the yard and I cast it then my opponent counters it, can I cast it again while the counter is on the stack?

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This card is going to be extremely powerful in a control shell. If you play Dack Fayden then crack a fetch you have 3 cards in the yard. You can cast Ancestral Recall and Time Walk multiple times. you can just play into counter magic and replay the spells over and over again.

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This card is good, not sure if it is good enough for Vintage. It is very good with Dack Fayden. It is also very good with Bazaar of Baghdad. I can see some very efficient artifacts, planeswalkers or creatures making use of this. Oath decks can also really break this card with the right build.

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I do have really have a place to post thoughts about MTG cards aside from here so I'm going to put this out in the aether.

I think fetch lands have had an adverse effect on Magic overall, but their function is needed to be able to play any decks that do interesting things in my opinion. I think they could have been designed in a way to minimize their hyper efficient use by having them read something like this: Look at the top 10 cards of your library. You may reveal a (land type A) or (land type B) and put that into play. Put the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in a random order. Exile this card.

Not sure if other players think fetch lands are not good for Magic but I wanted to share this thought.

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@nedleeds That is hilarious. Lotus was my last piece of power. I played for almost 10yrs without one. Now that I have had one for more than 10yrs I would never want to play Vintage without one.

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I stopped playing Standard during Time Spiral block and I have not wanted to ever play Standard again. I went big into Modern during Eldrazi winter in 2016 but found the format dumb. So, I went hard into Old School and I have had a blast with the format.

The problem is not the format, it playing paper magic. I love playing paper magic. I can usually find games of Old School with friends, Modern on Friday nights and some Pauper events (for some reason it is HUGE at my LSG).

I would always rather play Vintage or even Legacy but finding places to play paper that do not require at least a 2hr drive is very hard in Metro Detroit right now.

Pioneer does offer brew space but the format will quickly get solved and turn into something stupid. The biggest issue with Pioneer and Standard and to some extent Modern is the lack of stack manipulation and speed. Modern players get mad when the format speeds up and the other formats do not have any speed or real manipulation of the stack. There are not even any good combat tricks.

Casual formats look more fun to me lately but it is just so hard to play paper magic now that I might end up playing this stupid format.

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I have never had a regret owning bazaars. I bought them to play Dragon and occasionally I’ll still build Dragon. They are in survival and lands. You can play rogue decks like replenish as well. Dredge won’t ever die in Vintage. Mastering the deck is extremely hard but the deck is always viable.