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FYI - its almost certainly illegal for the store to knowingly deal in stolen goods. depending on where you are, intent may not even matter. You've clearly shown that some of the cards on display were stolen. They aren't doing you a favor, they are following the law. Maybe I'm wrong, but I get the impression from your posts that the store isn't doing everything in its power to determine if they have any more of your cards.

If I were you, I'd bring the police in right now and have them deal with the store owner, and whoever sold them the stolen goods. Both parties may be innocent, but that doesn't mean they can just plead ignorance, and continue on their way. At the very least, both accepted/are in possession of stolen goods. Depending on state/local laws, its possible they've already committed a felony. If you think the cards crossed state lines, its entirely possible they've committed a federal crime. You meet the min dollar amount. Felony possession of stolen goods is a big deal with lots of consequences.

Anyways, all parties should be working with the police. not you.

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I always wanted 5 color uba to be a thing back in the day. I remember some of our convos about that.

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This seems like a good resource.

I know there were a million WordPress plugins with free API levels

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2007 is nothing, there are BD folks still active on this board! I kinda miss the Dutch contingent. Watching this community evolve has been fascinating.

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Thanks for the replies so far, l will check out those recommended sites.

Good to hear prices are going up. I figured with my luck we'd be in some sort of huge slump.

I'm not going to hold. I'll keep the stuff that has sentimental value (and therefore will never be able to price appropriately), but everything else is pretty much just valuable clutter. I'd rather see them out in the world being appreciated or used. If I get the urge to play, I'll borrow some cards or buy in online.

I'm in northern Virginia (but I do find myself in Europe often for work).

When I say I'm not going to sell piecemeal, what I really mean is individual cards, or even playsets. Its more of a time value question for me. I'm not going to dicker over a 20 dollar card and then mail it and risk getting ripped off. I'd probably consider any deal with a 1k threshold. I guess with the price of duals that may not be hard to hit. Something I'll have to think about.