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@ChubbyRain @Brass-Man

Brassman and Chubby,
I'm unsure if this is the correct thread but nonetheless I saw Brassmans decklist for the VSL this week (Chubby Jund... correct?) and would like to re-invigorate this thread.

Personally I feel (perhaps too often) that this particular time is a perfect time for a non-FOW blue deck to actually perform well in the meta.

I've spoken enough previously ( relating to the archetype but would love further thoughts.


P.S. I have not looked at this thread post website design; and it looks amazing. All the separate headings, colour coded etc. well done.

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Hello all,

I thought I would re-instate this list.

Brian Kelly (who's manadrain tag I can't find, apologies) put forward a 1/4 of this deck on the VSL, thank you.

None the less Lavinia has made non-0-creature spells quite the premium. Thus let me present a updated version, with the addition (in the form of removal) from what @wfain suggested

Here we go:
// 60 Maindeck
// 8 Artifact
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Sol Ring
1 Black Lotus
1 Lotus Petal

// 9 Creature
3 Lavinia, Azorius Renegade
4 Arena Rector
1 Spellseeker
1 Monastery Mentor

// 15 Instant
2 Mana Drain
4 Force of Will
2 Flusterstorm
1 Flash
1 Dig Through Time
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Gush
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Brainstorm
1 Mystical Tutor

// 16 Land
2 Underground Sea
3 Tundra
1 Island
1 Strip Mine
4 Flooded Strand
1 Misty Rainforest
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Cavern of Souls
1 Tolarian Academy
1 Library of Alexandria

// 4 Planeswalker
2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

// 8 Sorcery
3 Cabal Therapy
1 Time Walk
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Fragmentize
1 Merchant Scroll
1 Innocent Blood

// 15 Sideboard
// 4 Artifact
SB: 4 Tormod's Crypt

// 2 Creature
SB: 2 Containment Priest

// 2 Enchantment
SB: 2 Energy Flux

// 3 Instant
SB: 1 Mindbreak Trap
SB: 1 Flusterstorm
SB: 1 Hurkyl's Recall

// 1 Planeswalker
SB: 1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

// 3 Sorcery
SB: 3 Fragmentize

I welcome critique above all else.

Wfain is correct, misstep is wrong. Thank you.

Since the deck is quite obscure I cant explain all selections, but if anything makes little sense please ask me,

All the best,

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Hello all,

I've been preparing Blue Jund for a post-Lavinia metagame; namely one that revolves around the successful resolution of the creature (either through FoWing it through or perhaps via Cavern).

Blue jund was a logical consideration due partly to its non-reliance on FoW and a heavy non-xerox manabase.

However, with a decline in Oath observable in the meta with a steady increase in Paradoxical Outcome; the life-total within any given 'blue' based matchup has altered.

To qualify my statement relating to the my expectation of the post-Lavinia meta might rotate around a bifocal axis a) decks that utilise her to disrupt the opponent to assemble their own combo (Paradox) b) decks that utilise her to hate out a combo (Xerox, Humans). The third way is perhaps to assemble as to not be affected by her non-symetrical effect to the same degree.

Partially in celebration of @Brass-Man (currently at the time of writing) playing Death's Shadow in the VSL, I have reconfigured the deck as to capitalise on the life-loss which Sylvan Library/Thoughtseize had exacerbated in the decks previous iteration. Further to this, I have observed a reduction in StP in the meta, replaced by sweepers and lightning bolts. Thus the channelfireball legacy tech of Reanimate seems like an interesting possibility. Reanimating a Vengevine, Grave Troll or such like seems quite powerful on a secondary axis.

Lastly, Lavinia itself seems to punish a) heavy moxen decks, b) FoW/MindbreakT/Misstep decks, c) delve decks; and Blue Jund simply does not play those (4x misstep, but they are almost exclusively for removal).

// 60 Maindeck
// 6 Artifact
1 Black Lotus
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Ruby
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Null Rod

// 13 Creature
3 Deathrite Shaman
4 Dark Confidant
1 Leovold, Emissary of Trest
1 Snapcaster Mage
3 Death's Shadow

// 1 Enchantment
1 Sylvan Library

// 13 Instant
1 Brainstorm
1 Ancestral Recall
2 Pyroblast
3 Mental Misstep
3 Lightning Bolt
1 Flusterstorm
1 Vampiric Tutor
1 Snuff Out

// 18 Land
2 Bloodstained Mire
4 Polluted Delta
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Strip Mine
1 Tropical Island
1 Underground Sea
1 Volcanic Island
2 Wasteland
1 Steam Vents
2 Watery Grave
1 Overgrown Tomb
1 Blood Crypt

// 2 Planeswalker
2 Dack Fayden

// 7 Sorcery
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Time Walk
3 Thoughtseize
2 Reanimate
1 Deep Analysis

// 15 Sideboard
SB: 2 Mindbreak Trap
SB: 3 Ancient Grudge
SB: 2 Abrupt Decay
SB: 2 Pyroblast
SB: 2 Grafdigger's Cage
SB: 4 Leyline of the Void

I have discussed the different metas previously, but the new deck on the block is Survival.

Survival Strategy
Deathrite Shaman is an initial Venngevine/Squee removal
Leovold is anti-Bazaar, albeit slow
Reanimate is Vengevine tech for your deck
Dack is Hollow one's foil

Post-SB the deck can play Leyline, however that might be overkill. Ancient Grudge takes care of Hollow one if needed.

Final thoughts I will reserve after perhaps some community discussion; but as I am not a streamer perhaps @ChubbyRain could make a new take on his much lauded Blue Jund alternative.

All the best,

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Hello all,
Could someone with limited, standard or even modern format experience explain to me what legally playable cards Lavinia disrupts in those formats?

As a definitive non-expert, it seems to me that it attempts to give UW control in modern another out to Tron. Maybe some type of storm, but i doubt it.


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Hello all,

simply put what are your sideboard strategies?

to not leave it too open, and imprecise, the SB is perhaps the most important aspect of the most important games in magic. The games that can make you lose a match. No one can lose a match game one, that's a fact.

Thus, a common held concept is that you must, in the instance you are not one of the two categories described henceforth, segregate 6 or so cards to beat workshop and bazaar type decks. you 'must' be able to beat workshop if you play workshop, and so on.

My mission is not to run through then minutia of all the specificities of each deck interacting with one another; rather a sober voice, to explicitly say exactly how they interact with any other deck.

The concept derives from @Smmenen talking about his approach to beating PO via Jeskai (via podcast i believe). His summary was, and hopefully is, not to beat PO via stony silence/null rod, but perhaps attacking the artifacts 'on the field'. Thus his SB features Fragmentise rather than SSilence.

As a Jeskai player is that correct?


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@chubbyrain very interesting discussion thus far.

The way that I look at this card is through a rubric similar to Mystic Remora, that is to say that in a mirror matchup the player that plays this card first is vastly advantaged. Therefore a turn one play of this is much more powerful than subsequent turns.

Paradoxical Outcome decks will undeniably be able to cast this on turn 1 via:

11x on colour producing lands (fetches, sans library)
2x moxes
4x opals
1x black lotus

With secondary non-mana utility cards

1x Time walk
1x Demonic Tutor
1x Petal (if played)
1x Repeal (in specific situations)

Thus approx 20 cards allow for some instance of a turn 1 Lavinia.

That is incredibly powerful. Especially considering that I've applied this card to an existing archetype with no changes to strategy.


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Also planeswalkers will be quite adversely effected. Rarely does one see Dack or Jace cast strictly off lands. Let alone Teferi.

The significant impact will be on counterspells however, as others have pointed out.

Within the scenario of this creature being in play:

  1. Mental Misstep wars become decidedly uneven.

  2. Force of Will is essentially uncastable.

  3. Mindbreak Trap costs it's CMC.

  4. Mana Drain mana only casts creatures.

  5. Fluster and Spell Pierce uneffected

Interesting times ahead.

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@nower1990 If white Eldrazi is specifically causing you concern, I would suggest taking a look at Goblin Cratermaker. It doesnt get taxed by Thalia/Thorn, can shoot all the white Eldrazi's white creatures or destroy the colorless fatties and Thorn/Chalice. Lastly the card is also quite splash-able due to the 1R casting cost and 1 generic activation cost.

I honestly believe that it might just be the final nail in the coffin for white Eldrazi.

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@wfain your suggestion has proved absolutely correct so far in my testing. the missteps have been replaced with two drains and elsewhere a volcanic has been brought in for the potential Bolas casting.

the only spell that has been difficult to deal with without misstep has been StP