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Ostensibly one of the strengths of Oath is being able to play 4c due to Orchard. Your deck will struggle with that. You have four red sources (volc, orchard, mox, lotus) to cast cards like 2x W6, Titan, 2x Dack, Pyro. On the other hand you have six black sources (3x sea, orchard, mox, lotus) to cast 4x trophy and a demonic.

You are relying heavily on red for the "end game" control. If a volc gets stripped prior to W6 coming down, you are rarely casting a large portion of your spells - and probably none of your creatures ever.

Orchard is mana fixing. If you remove it your mana base has to change

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@desolutionist maybe in the thread relating to this specific card and not the thread for an article relating to all of vintage.

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This will become a 4-off in Paradoxical Outcome.

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@nba84 said in August 26, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

It's going to be a fun few days of brewing until PO decks claim 20% of the meta

I was wrong on both accounts. Should have written "a few hours" and "40%"going by the latest challenge results

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Perhaps I'm the only one, but I feel like the "secondary" ability of hitting enchantments is overkill for this card. Within the vintage contex (relating to enchantments) this card realistically hits cards that are and could only be healthy for the format. How many necropotenece (that is apparently earmarked for unrestricte) hurt vintage?

Within the milieu of planeswalkers being enchantments with their static ability this feels heavy handed and unfortunate.

I feel like enactments are something that are seen as the mistake of the game, and will not be repeated within game design. A part of a different era.

Should Oath suffer indiscriminate tax for being 'similar' to an artifact?

Of course in a format like vintage this makes huge difference.


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@ian-mars I agree. Pyroblast which is Bugs bane was largely margenalised with Karn Forge and Pitch dredge. Jeskai and RUG will get a major boost by effectively being able to replace Misstep with Pyro which is a net zero gain vs shops but is a huge tempo swing vs BUG

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@desolutionist the global aspect of the vintage community is run more like a medieval guild. This guild is fundamentally separated into those with the means of playing the paper format and those who cannot. The guild ardently keeps prices fictitiously high by demanding a reserved list and thus reinforcing the hegemony on the format.

By keeping the format alive they keep their investment gaining value.

This is thoroughly highlighted through the financially motivated naming of bazaar and workshop as being pillars of the financial format rather then the game itself.

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It's going to be a fun few days of brewing until PO decks claim 20% of the meta