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You didn't go to NYSE VI either so it's not surprising that you, as a Texan, are disinterested in New York events.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Prospero asked for people's opinion and I gave mine.

I've traveled pretty far to tournaments before, including to New York state within the last year. (And another non-Magic trip to NY about a month ago) My issue isn't with New York, it's about being in a difficult spot to get to in general. Like if I scheduled an event in College Station, sure you could get there (heck, United flies multiple flights every day) but I'd have a lot better turn out if my event was in Houston or Dallas or San Antonio or Austin.

Can I interest you in Chantilly Virginia?

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If she was symmetrical she also doesn't get restricted. The issues with these insane 2019 walkers are the effects being so one-sided. Karn, probably had to go regardless. This restriction will return the Pyroblast mirror to being more light sabery and less bludgeony but it just adds another turnip to the blue stew. The 2 x narsets will get replaced with a Dack that was sidelined, or a Saheeli to churn tokens, or more Oko in the builds with Forests.

These restrictions aren't a sustainable solution in anyway. What I don't understand is that given how Vintage (and Legacy) are worth no money at all to WotC why they don't admit the obvious and just let the eternal formats use different constructed rules. They already basically do this with Vintage in that it's the only format with a restricted list. Vintage and perhaps Legacy should just use the original Legends deck construction rules for Planeswalkers and then when the inevitable next dozen planeswalkers need restricting it's already baked in. This rule got changed in 1995 I think with Ice Age (so you could play 4 x General Jarkeld).

Just say in these hallowed ancient wizard battles each player can only have 1 of each walker in their deck. I'd actually just make it by name, e.g. Jace / Chandra / OKO because I hate planeswalkers but I can see an argument for 1 of just Jace, the Mindsculptor. Not sure how the flip walkers would work, I'd just restrict those also, fuck it.

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Always start with Lotus.

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You sure you want to play dredge all day? As part of a vacation?

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@gutocmtt said in Survival:

I've played both approaches, fow and deafening silence. Silence seems better against combo, but having fow increases by a lot our blue matchup. Played the playoffs with BUG survival and got 4-2 (9th place -.-) , fow helped a lot more than FoV would have.

Seems like there are less combo out there and I don't think it's worth playing white for it. 4 Leovolds between maindeck and sb seemed pretty good too. Too much blue out there, and with fow leo is a house.

What are you commonly FoWing against fair blue / xerox? What are you pitching? Deafening Silence crimps Xerox pretty badly as well they can't chain cantrips. And fast Thalia is a beating against Xerox.

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I think a mix of 3-4 Ouphe, 3-4 Deafening Silence in your 75 are better than Force of Will at fighting broken in SotF. Moving back to Thalia2CMC hurts vs. shops but she's not a complete brick if you have an Ouphe out.

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Trade Routes. Let's party!

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Most people dropped the swiss ones anyone because they were primarily interested in signing up for the next one and earning a bye.