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@horvath said in SMIP: My Suggested B&R List (2019):

If MM is restricted, would you guys keep a single MM in aggro-control decks, or none at all? I feel like there are cards that I'd want to run at least two, or none at all, and I'm not sure where MM stands.

You absolutely run it, just to have it for the 1 Ancestral and 1 Sol Ring. If only to dunk the 18 year old math majors who claim Ancestral will ruin Vintage forever without the old stalwart Skillstep holding in check.

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I don't care if the Earth burns to cinders but for the love of Yawgmoth I hope Misstep is gone by Champs.

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@vaughnbros said in SMIP: My Suggested B&R List (2019):

The article is interesting in that it kind of provoked thoughts out how you think the B&R list should be managed. I’m just not sure that I agree.

The minimalist approach has a problem in that it’s really only band-aiding much larger wounds and then every set with decent printings, like Karn/Forge or TC/Dig, ends up with a few bad months of Vintage followed by a restriction. This ultimately completely defeats the purpose of having an eternal format. Not only can you not really play your deck from 5+ years ago, you often can’t really even play your deck from like 3 months ago (due to frequent printing/restrictions).

I think there is probably a middle ground between your minimalist and mine/Brian’s scorch earth that was elaborated on a couple months ago that would probably be best for the community. That might mean letting go of a couple of “pillars” to give the house some more space.

The minimalist approach was never going to work if Magic just kept on living and producing 3-5 sets a year. It's the nature of a non-rotating format with a singleton list. Eventually Vintage will have infinite restricted cards given infinite new printings.

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@13nova said in SMIP: My Suggested B&R List (2019):

@babau Flash Unrestriction would make the format EVEN WORSE than it is now. I don't want to play against turn 1 Bargain into Omniscience every single game via Flash - Rector.

Flash is at least 3x as dangerous now as it was back in the Protean Hulk days.

Flash with London Mulligan sounds like Roshambo.

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@thecravenone said in Eternal Weekend North America 2019 - Oct 31-Nov 3 - Pittsburgh, PA:

@desolutionist said in Eternal Weekend North America 2019 - Oct 31-Nov 3 - Pittsburgh, PA:

Need details so I can book my flights 🤔

It's an entire 80 days out and you want details!? What are you, some kinda planner!? /s

Good thing flights get cheaper the closer you get to the date. Also, hotel rooms empty out quickly!

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This card is neat but a red hate deck is already Null Rodding so that deck isn't playing it. A PO mirror where they have all their mana out already and you sorcery speed this thing as a red ritual (you can't bounce the treasures) isn't better than actually just casting an asymmetric hate bear like Lavinia or Kambhal.

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@mikenobull said in Leaving TMD (and most of the internet):

It's exactly a year later and I'm back. I couldn't quit you forever, TMD.

alt text

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@ajfirecracker said in Dredge, The London Mulligan, and the continued use of Serum Powder:

Every deck in the format is capable of running Serum Powder. Why do so few choose to do so?

Because it's only useful if a) the exiled cards provide some ancillary value (castable creatures for example) b) your deck relies overwhelmingly on 1 and only 1 card and your deck doesn't rely on 1 or 2 of's to function that you can't afford to powder.

This is because the card Serum Powder itself once mulligans are resolved is a Bone Flute for the most part. If your hand includes Bazaar and Serum Powder it's largely irrelevant. So the reduced over all quality of a hand is marginal because a measure of a great hand and an unkeepable hand is simply whether it contains that ONE card.

Dredge is so far the only competitive deck in Vintage that meets that criteria. There have been Shop decks so bent on having Shop the opener they've played it. In Legacy an example of a deck that can use it is Leylines ... the deck needs 1 card in its opener, Opalescence. The Powder is moderately castable off Sanctum as well.

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Old School or 93/94 aren't played for the game experience. The actual play experience is pretty bad. It's primarily driven by aesthetics and nostalgia (and younger people who like to think they are experiencing how Magic was played to a lesser extent).

Vintage is supposed to be about the game experience and the deck building experience. You won't get that with this approach for a while until you have a sufficient card pool and so you'll kind of just be old school with hideous M10 lightning bolts for a couple of years.