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Mtgo player ianmarsh has been playing a deck like you're describing for months. The list has changed around a bit, so you might want to look their their past decks to see the progression, but the most recent result was this deck link

Divining witch tends to be better than shift because it doesn't get pyro'd, and you can activate it to find the oracle, then activate it next turn to win with the oracle. It's also just a risky tutor, which is much better than a dead exile your library card.

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It's not exactly the same, but this reminds me of kannister's latest take on dredge. Built to be very resilient vs hate, especially things like surgical, tabernacle, and wasteland. Link

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Null rod could be in the board if you expect a ton of ravager, but that's just not a large enough meta share for me to board more cards in what is already a reasonably favorable matchup. PO has mostly died off, and the deck has a million counterspells to fight against it anyway. Other than those two matchups, I can't think of any where I'd want rod.

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Pithing needle and attacking it with true name. In the challenge vs bug, they turn 1 oko'd me, and I ended up stabalizing the board by stealing food with skydiver multiple times, tapping down food with tidebinder mage, and attacking it with true names and the flyers. Needle is the easiest answer though.

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@botvinik said in Merfolk:

I like how angry this list is my only real question is do you think you have enough spells and wastelands to fit a cruze or a DTT?

I think even one delve spell would be pretty greedy without fetches. Maybe a cruise, but it would never be live before turn 6 or so I don't think.

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I haven't touched this deck much recently, but I did play a challenge with it yesterday so I thought I'd share my list. I went 4-2 top 16, losing a match to bant where I misplayed my force, and a match vs oops where I didn't have any creatures in my top 30 cards and died to hardcast narcomoeba beats. I beat shops twice, skydiver stealing stonecoils, basic islands, and fluxes continue to make that matchup incredibly good. I beat dredge, I think that's surprisingly a good matchup with the current board plan because you can waste the bazaar, protect your hate, and not die to hollow ones. Last win was vs BUG, plan was the same as ever vs fair blue, cast an uncounterable true name and then watch them spin their wheels for 8 turns until they lose. The only match I missed having lords was vs oops, but I would have been happy to have literally any creature.

I might experiment with moxen over vials now that I'm playing 4 breachers and no lords, but vial was still pretty reasonable in my matches.
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I'm a big fan of manatraders, a rental service for mtgo. One of the biggest advantages of mtgo is being able to swap decks league to league, so I try to take advantage of it as much as possible, and renting is the best way to do that. I know lots of players will buy just fetches, or just forces, or some other wideranging format staple, and use a rental service to fill in the blanks in whatever decks they want to play.

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Haven't seen magmatic channeler mentioned yet, that's probably the best red draw engine outside of dreadhorde while also playing blue.

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That's just incredibly false. Fetchlands are already lands that effectively tap for more than two colors, and they have other upsides like shuffling and fetching sanctuary. If you have 4 three color indestructable lands in your 3 color deck, that's a significantly worse manabase than playing 9 fetches and 6 duals.

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Fetches are even harder to replace now than ever because of how insane mystic sanctuary is. I can't even really imagine any land that would make me cut fetches from my xerox deck. Maybe if they started printing mishra's workshop clones for instants and sorceries, but they would need to be at that level of power, and even then you'd probably still play fetches and duals, just less.