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If you don't have the financial stability to buy expensive mtgo cards, then you are in luck, because there are multiple rental programs to take advantage of. You can in fact play with every card in existence for a relatively low monthly cost, something completely impossible in paper.

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@chikararyuu flying is pretty close to as unblockable as swampwalk against most BUG decks, and both get hit by DRS pretty easily. Flying is significantly better against the rest of the field, and is particularly important to beating dredge in game 1 imo.

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@Mike-Noble I eventually ended up cutting the cabal therapy from my side because they didn't have as much impact as I'd hoped. I really liked the idea when I was originally making the deck, did they perform well in your games? I may have just cut them too early and with too few games of experience.

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Killing artifacts and enchantments is relevant against every deck in the format, even dredge because of hollow one and leylines. I've found maindeck FoV to interact well with everything, shops based decks the most obvious example. Killing revokers and ballistas is really good, and often a double stone rain is also good enough.

Ancestral and time walk are obviously powerful cards, but I'm not sure they're actually necessary. I want to be attacking turn 1 or 2, and late game is hopefully locked into DRS or hogaak. I've actually missed wonder a couple times, notably in the mirror, but hogaak is still generally enough to get damage through.

I also considered going deeper into a bridgevine style deck, but I don't think that version is any faster or more resilient than the current version.

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This deck has gone 5-0, 4-1, and a 4-2 in the challenge this past week with a list I haven't really seen anyone else trying. The only loss in leagues involved two mulls to 4. I bubbled out of the top 8 after losing a win and in where I played pretty horridly.
5-0 list
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I've found force of vigor to be just better interaction than force of will recently, and being virtually mono green pre board has felt very good. The most broken draws still involve vengevine and hollow one, but the addition of hogaak and bloodghast have made the average draws a lot more aggressive. Hogaak has made soft hate look pathetic, and pretty much every match I've lost I feel like it was my play errors that caused it, not the deck being beat.