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@mike-noble said in [ELD] Deafening Silence:

Anyone that thinks that a top 8 performance in 7 round events is a solid metric for card/deck playability should know about the time I made top 8 of a 65 player event with 4 Shardless Agent, 4 Daze, and 0 ways to manipulate the top card(s) of my library in my maindeck. That deck was trash despite this result and the win I got at a 20 person Mox Pearl event.

That reminds me a deck that I saw. When broodbraid elf was released, a person played a 4 BBE, lands and singletons.

He won the tourney.

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I like it, but it's true that It has a feeling like Fact or Fiction, a card that it's not played at all, even if Narset doesn't affect It. I
don't know if it's better or worse

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@gutocmtt said in The Restrictions Are Just a First Step Toward Fixing Vintage: Brian DeMars:

To me it's more about how busted the deck is. If the deck has a 14% metagame share with other decks having to pack 7-10 dedicated slots to play against it, it's clearly warping the metagame. Dredge is the deck we kinda get used to waste 6 sideboard slots. Pre-ban the sideboard had to be 12-14 slots for dredge and artifact.

About the 'island' comment, you should compare island to wastes. When we see a land with 'tap to add UUU. Use this mana only to cast instant or sorcery spells' it will make sense. Mishra's workshop has made a lot of cards get restricted so that it doesn't need to, and that's a pretty loud fact.

Jejeje... It was only a "joke". But, it's funny that Manu people are speaking about highlander mud, when blue decks are commander decks with 4 fows since... when? 2008?

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"Mishra’s Workshop is directly responsible for SIX restrictions now"

I would like to know how many cards are restricted due to islands...

But..., nice article.

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The version i'm thinking about has some more lands, 4 dakmor + 4 paradise + 2 "free slots" (It could be petrified field, riftstone portal, wasteland and strip mine...) And 4 Diamonds.

As I said, it's more combo focused, but It has 2 FoV, though It could be 4 (i'm afraid not having enough green cards)

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Brawl it's a minicommander, 60 cards. WotC launched for standard, but I suppose that could be adapted to any format

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In the fatesticher version, LED it's the best card you can draw, apart of bazaar. It lets you dredge from t1, and unearth fatesticher. That's a 95% chance of T1 win. I don't know why you would play any other rock over it.

With London mulligan, I'm thinking in play full set of mox diamond and dakmor savage, in addition to the 4 mana rocks (Lotus, LED, shapphire and petal). Obviously it's even a more combo version, with less interaction.

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Because survival has other lines of plays. You don't need that bazaar is 100% of times in your starting hand.

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Well, reanimating It gives you 8 cards...

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alt text

New Griselbrand for oath. Each orchard gives you two cards. Misstep too. Lose the crypt flip is not as bad as before. Kills baleful strix...

I don't know if he's better than Griselbrand, but he is bigger.