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Actually, the first iteration of the deck wasn't manaless. Dread return or narcomoeba had not been printed yet, and people used ichorid and ashen ghoul to win.

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hermit druid

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@oestrus I agree, so, I played them

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@oestrus I think it's funnier than effective. In my opinion, after try it, it doesn't improve previous lists.

But it's great that there are new toys for dredge.

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Ichorid & co are in addition to Creeping chill. I think that 4 bloodghast is not enough for hasted creatures, and I added the classic minions (ichorid and ghouls were played long long time ago...)

My list was:

4 bazaar
4 dakmor
4 undiscovered
3 confluence

4 ichorid
4 ghoul
4 bloodghast
4 narco

4 bridge
4 therapies
3 null rod

4 creeping chill

4 troll
4 imp
2 thug

Side, I used fow, mistep, chain of vapor and mindbreak, but it's very bad. I didn't like it

This first version got 3-2 (4-1 if I didn't make so big mistakes in one g3). And I'm sure It could be improveda lot.

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@vaughnbros I have done a version with 4 ichorid, 4 ashen ghoul, and 4 bloodghast. I'm 2-2 in a league, but It should be 3-1due to many, many mistakes G3 against paradoxical oath.

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I totally agree with you. This card id bad. It is worse than future sight, in a worst colour. And FS is not played.

Bulk rare

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I think uba-stax was more expensive. Pack, bazaar and workshop.

Not most competitive at the moment, but...

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I played barbarian ring in MKM Rome 2015, several months before the first list using It was publicated.

It's true that a person could use some tech that nobody use before, and they are never considered as the first user due to their list was never publicated.

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@nsammael said in EW Europe 2018 - Decklists:


I had a lot of discussions with my friends regarding these two cards.

All of them agreed that darkblast is bad, and I should play a golgari thug instead. But I like having a card preboard against Jailer, though It is not the most played card now.

Loam is played as Cage or priest 'antihate'. With only those cards, my idea was return lands and play trolls.

Actually, both cards seré irrelevant, as many of the cards, because my opponent or I died before.

To complete this information, my pairings were 1 mirror, 1 blue with vault/key, 3 MUD (2 win 1 Lost), 1 oath. I don't remember the other one.

I lost against fantasy paradoxical un top8, maybe my worst pairing un whole top.