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Here's Caleb Durward playing Legacy Experimental Charbelcher, in a game state after he's traded off a lot of spells against a Grixis control/midrange deck:

Audio is muted for the first part of the video, sadly.

Card did look pretty real there.

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@desolutionist said in [GRN] Experimental Frenzy:

The flavor text on this card is pretty wild. Has a magic card ever referenced an earthly beverage before?

Is the coffee grown in the city?

Tell me that isn't coffee.

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I sympathize with this decision more than I'm comfortable with. I hope to still see you in my Twitch chat from time to time!

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@chase_dagger said in StarCityGames Power 9 Vintage Tournament - 6/8-6/10:

I'd really like to know more about the "Mardu Planeswalkers" deck, do you remember much about the match? Do you know who played the deck?

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There are other, earlier examples of black creature exile as well. The earliest example I can find is (93/94-legal!) Ashes to Ashes, but there's also Eradicate, Gild, Sever the Bloodline, and Silence the Believers. (And in more recent sets, Hour of Glory and Reaver Ambush.)

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alt text

Exile target colorless creature. You gain life equal to its power.

I want some copies of this in the sideboards of all my Grixis decks immediately. Every part of it is relevant -- incredibly mana-efficient; it hits both artifacts and Eldrazi; it exiles (nice Hangarback Walker over there); incidental lifegain.

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Any event is better than no event.

And a large tournament of paper Vintage, with proxies allowed, has plenty of mystique.

Your efforts are very appreciated @Prospero. I'd be very sad to see the NYSE be a thing of the past.

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@vaughnbros said in The Official Fantasy Card Design Thread:

Soul Seal - 1B
When Seal of Souls enters the battlefield, return all exiled cards to their owner's graveyards.
Cards in graveyards can not be exiled.

This seems absolutely terrifying with Yawg Will.

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@iamfishman Thanks so much for posting this, and of course for hosting it! Had a great time as usual 🙂

Although it looks like the "all decks 15 points and above" link you provided is actually just the top 8 ...

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I now wish I had signed that Erayo before I gave it to you

Congrats man 😄

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@rbartlet If you are practicing for tournaments, or want to jam games at all hours, there is nothing better.

I've also had a lot of fun streaming MTGO. Gives it a real social aspect.

Yes MTGO sucks and it's fun to dunk on it. But there's nothing else really comparable to it.

Also I agree with @Brass-Man that this thread is a bit repetitive...

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@brass-man 0_1525104561004_4a22e36b-7ba0-405f-a5b7-ada7d10f2f60-image.png

On my own posts, I additionally have 'edit' and 'delete'.

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@brass-man The only thing that appears in the drop-down menu for me is "Bookmark". "Report post" is not there. This is on desktop.

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@moorebrother1 said in SMIP Podcast # 78: Dominaria Vintage Set Review:

Why is Dack Fayden hands down the best Planewalker in Vintage?

Didn't we have this discussion already?

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Wizards just changed their policy on proxies in sanctioned tournaments:

Kess, Dissident Mage is seeing some Legacy play. Unfortunately, some of the foil printings are warped too much to be used in a tournament. This happens with foils sometimes. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, as you’d just use a non-foil version. But Kess doesn’t have one.

As the number of foil-only cards increases, the odds of similar situations arising also increases (and this update also features the rules needed to make the buy-a-box promo legal). As a result we’re extending the proxy policy to also apply to situations where the card is only available in foil. This is the only extension. Cards that have a non-foil printing cannot be proxied.


This is great news IMO.

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@ssasala said in White Eldrazi:

I actually flashed in a containment priest in a guys/gals upkeep to prevent him/her from playing multiple spells in his/her own turn. Good stuff

Wait, does this work?

Damping Sphere says

Each spell a player casts costs {1} more to cast for each other spell that player has cast this turn.

So I don't think flashing in Priest on their upkeep would increase the cost of your opponent's spells at all... am I missing something?