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I'm fairly new to Vintage, so take what I say with a truck load of salt. But I find it fascinating as a Dredge player to see the difference in how people respond to Dredge doing well, compared to when Shops does well.

When Dredge does well, it's like this 'break the glass, hit the big red button' kind of moment. It cannot be allowed to happen. People bring in everything short of Withered Wretch to deal with us.

When Shops does well, you see people throw up their hands in frustration, and resign themselves to their fate. You don't see a vast increase in Hurkyl's Recall, or Stony Silence, or Fragmentize.

I understand the argument that Sphere, or Thorn can put a hamper on these plans. But you don't see people stop playing Reanimator simply because Deathrite Shaman exists, or people stop playing Storm because Flusterstorm is a thing. They find ways around it, or they power through it. The argument that Sphere effects are a reason to not even try feels similar to the popular 'Dies to Doom Blade' argument.

This past weekend the meta was incredibly hostile towards Dredge, largely because it was touted as the bogeyman of the tournament. People responded to that threat accordingly. I would like to give these same people a chance to respond to this threat of Shops before I start seriously considering a restriction on Workshop.

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This will hit Ichorid and Bloodghast.

Oh, and it exiles our Bridges when you sacrifice it.


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@smmenen Danced naked in the rain?

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Travis Compton doing the Lord's work.

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I just want to say that this is my first time attending Eternal Weekend, and I'm so damn excited. Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet some of my Vintage idols, and other neat people this weekend!

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@jhport12 I think Unmask/Leyline was seeing play going into Eternal Weekend because Dredge had been touted as the bogeyman of the weekend, and Pitch Dredge can be kind of weak to the mirror. Short of racing to Elesh Norn, we don't really have a plan. Force, and Misstep aren't great in the mirror.

We're at the point in the cycle where everyone packed a lot of hate to deal with the threat, and now the threat has somewhat subsided. I personally would go back to the Force/Misstep plan. But if we reached a high point for Dredge again I might go back to Leyline/Unmask.

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@jaco said in Midwest Vintage:

We have just announced a Vintage tournament in Chicago proper for Saturday November 18. All details here:

We're probably going to work with a couple of local venues to do start doing regular monthly Vintage tournaments in Chicago (some will be at game stores, some will be at bars and/or breweries). I'm thinking about organizing a quarterly event in Milwaukee as well. If you are interested in playtesting we now have a group of about a dozen guys in the Chicago proper for Vintage, as well as a handful more in the surrounding suburbs. Feel free to DM me if interested.

I'm here for all of this.

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@brianpk80 AFK sprinkling jacks under your tires.

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@wfain Indeed! Athena really enjoyed playing the deck, so I told her to come check out this thread, and see all the progress you all have made it on the list.

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I've noticed a significant increase in Paradoxical Outcome decks, which I take to mean I either need to be faster (e.g. Fatestitcher Dredge) or I need more discard (e.g. Unmask Dredge)

I'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks, and won't have much time to play. But that's probably where I would start if I was about to get into the swing of things.

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Important to note that it's a trigger, not a cast, and that it can go through a Grafdigger's Cage.

I'm intrigued.

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Hello! My name is Erin Campbell, and I'm pretty new to Vintage. I've only been playing the format for a couple months, but everyone has been really accommodating, and helpful.

My MTGO username is 'Oestrus,' and you can find me playing Dredge.

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@MaximumCDawg said in Amonkhet Mechanics:

Again, I'd be shocked if they put the power level of Emblam cards high enough to make a splash in Dredge, but you never know. One thing in particular makes it very important to keep an eye on utility creatures with Embalm - the creature itself does not come out of the graveyard. Hence, Containment Priest and Grafdiggers' Cage don't do squat against Embalm. If we can just get an Embalm creature that pings for 2 when it enters, or kills an artifact or something, then I think we'll have to see people reaching into the back of the box for Yxilid Jailer again. About time the Mistress of S&M showed up again!

God that's hot.

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I do want to add a caveat to this, as someone who also played in these events.

The TO wasn't initially going to run them as Swiss. They were advertised as such. However, when we assembled at the Gathering Point, we were informed by a judge that because there were less than 16 of us that it had to be single-elimination if we wanted to play for the bye. We were told this is what Nick Coss wanted, and that the TO was simply going along with his wishes.

It was only after Solly personally called Nick that the TO reversed their stance, and we were allowed to play four Swiss rounds, with the 4-0 players receiving the bye.

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If I'm facing Storm, I will keep a hand without Bazaar, but with multiple discard spells. My theory is that I'll shred their hand enough to buy myself time to find Bazaar, and do what I came to do. I haven't done it enough to say whether it 'works,' or not. But I wanted to say that I have done it.