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On The Stack Games First Vintage Tournament

Friday the 23rd, 2016 at 6:30pm PM
Entry Fee $20
Format: Vintage (proxy rules below)
Rounds: Swiss Style


1st Place: Lions Eye Diamond OR 8 Eternal Masters packs
2nd Place: 4 Eternal Masters packs
3rd Place: 2 Eternal Masters packs
The rest of prize support dependent on number of participants.
Grab bags, door prizes and 10% off all in store purchases.

Facebook Link

Restricted/Banned List can be found :

Proxy cards:

Up to 10 cards in your deck can be substituted with other "clearly identified" cards
All aspects of the card must be represented
Removing text with acetone or an eraser and using an extra fine point sharpie pen to cross out the irrelevant text and write the real text is the best approach.
Peeled foils are ok, see here
Pieces of paper, either glued or not glued
will not be permitted inside the sleeve.
Whiteout is not allowed.
Ball point should not be used as it dents the card
Questions about proxies should be asked PRIOR to showing up for the tournament to ensure play-ability of proxies.