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Im a new member here, but ive been playing magic for a long time. I have lots of decks, this one is 'mine' basically a home brew black and blue deck ive been tinkering around with since 1994. every once in a while I like to look online for advice about it. Heres where im at with it right now:
4 force of will
4 daze
2 spell pierce
3 jace, the mindscuptor
2 tezzeret the seeker
1 tinker
1 ancestral recall
1 brainstorm
1 ponder
1 time walk
1 mystical tutor
1 personal tutor

4 thoughtsieze
2 duress
1 demonic tutor
1 vampiric tutor
1 imperial seal
1 yawgmoths will

1 black lotus
5 moxes
1 mana vault
1 sol ring
1 mana crypt
1 lotus petal
1 time vault
1 manifold key
1 blightsteel colossus

4 underground sea
2 watery grave
1 library of alexandria
1 tolarian academy
1 bloodstained mire
1 flooded strand
1 marsh flats
1 misty rainforest
1 polluted delta
1 scalding tarn
1 verdant catacombs

I don't expect to win any big tournaments, I don't even run a sideboard. im not looking to tune it against any particular meta or anything, and in a way its kind of a showcase of my favorite cards from my collection.
ideally im looking to tinker/ blightsteel or vault key to win and I use tutors to try and get them as quickly as possible. jace and tezzerets ultimates are my back ups and I use discard and counters to protect myself.

I'm mostly happy with it, but have a few things id like advice about.
-I think I have 1 too many jaces.
-I think I might have too many counters.
-ive been thinking about adding another tutor (grim tutor) and a mind twist. but im worried about taking out blue cards for black ones because I often need to pitch a card to force of will to protect my combo.

ive never really been happy with my watery graves. sometimes I play 1 island and 1 swamp instead, sometimes I play darkslick shores instead. but none of those things feels like its quite right. sometimes I feel like 25 mana sources is too many and I can take out 1 or both of the watery graves for more counters / discard and tutors....

thanks in advance for any advice you might have.