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No CMC restriction on the returned instant or sorcery? Pretty nutty that you can cast an early dig through time, then late game get it back, forget the obvious ancestral/timewalk/PO shenanigans. This also has super interesting interactions with Gush since it is an island itself.

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Yay for another card that will lead to countless judge calls. I guess at least its symmetrical? I don't know, just chalk it up to another in the long list of cards that say "lets play less magic for a more protracted period of time".

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I think it's easiest application is in PO. You draw then search and have this in hand. If you hit a 2nd PO with the draw, great, tutor resolves and you get your academy, mana vault, whatever and win the game. If you dont, get your 2nd PO and still probably win the game. Finding a deterministic win is obvious when the situation calls for it.

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I'm with @Serracollector on this one. The interaction with painter is way to significant to ignore. It may only see play in 1 deck but may push that deck from relative obscurity to a deck that can steal weekly challenges and league 5-0s.

Once Upon a Time is another boon to the Painter Archtype as well serving as painter copies 5-8.

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This card will prove to be bananas in multiple formats, possibly even ban worthy in Modern. Not having a color restriction on the creature is huge imo.

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@vaughnbros said in The Restrictions Are Just a First Step Toward Fixing Vintage: Brian DeMars:

Without Workshop, Forge is on a similar power level as other Future sight effects. If just having the effect with more colorless in its cost was strong enough, we’d have seen more impact from experimental frenzy getting printed.

If only I could just put 7-10 cards in my sideboard and near autowin a matchup against decks like BUG, Shops, and Xerox. Dredge is the weakest of the big 3. Restricting Troll changes basically no part of this.

Island and Force of Will are responsible for a number of restrictions. Gush being a big one, but also Brainstorm, Library, Ponder, Dig, TC, Scroll.

Don't blame little old island for the sins of Fetchlands, which made brainstorm playable (and ultimately, restriction worthy) and fueled delve spells into restriction. Forget the zillions of additional hours spent shuffling since Onslaught block in vintage, legacy and extended/modern, not to mention the bans these cards have led to in other formats (DRS, Divining Top, ect...).

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@desolutionist I've found the BUG vs Jeskai matchup to be one of the most enjoyable to play. A true 50/50 matchup IMO and very swingy. Toxic Deluge, Plague Engineer, and Fatal Push (no more misstep yayy) all shine in that matchup.

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@protoaddict not sure how big a loser PO is. Cast diving tops without fear of misstep, fastbond is a PO target and provides a ton of value if you hit gluts of land off that first PO. I've seen more than a few PO streamers fizzle when they could have gone on if extra land drops were available on a given turn.

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Since we are all saying ridiculous things today, lets unrestrict Monastery Mentor so Jeskai with main deck Stony Silence can race Assassins Trophy and Forge.dec. Unrestrict Thorn of Amethyst because blue has access to 8 FoW effects on the Draw. Finally, Restrict Mental Misstep 🙂

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Do you get to use workshop mana to pay the cost to flip on artifact creatures? My instinct is no...