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Its probably easier to leave the mulligan rule as is for eternal formats than have to deal with multiple rounds of bannings/restrictions before they got this right. The odds of them deciding to restrict bazaar and workshop are lower than the failure rate of finding a bazaar w/ serum powders. I mean do you keep bazaar and restrict what?, grave troll, narcomoeba, and serum powder? Maybe hollow one? Is leyline of anticipation.dec automatically tier 1? Would we be locked into additional shops restrictions? How unfun would game 2/3's be on the play vs blue.dec when they can aggressively mull to FOW? Do all these things balance out in the wash? Far too many unknowns for my liking when considering nearly unlimited card pools.

Also (chuckles to self) the idea that MODO would program the new mulligan + Serum Powder interaction correctly out of the gate is low probability as well.

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@smmenen My early impressions of Lavinia are similar. In time I believe it will be compared to Chalice of the Void in terms of how it impacts the game, and the "unfunness" of games where it hangs around for extended periods. Playing alternating rounds of Shops, PO (w/Lavinia), Jeskai Xerox (w/Lavinia), and Dredge can lead to some pretty unfun 5-7 round events depending on draws/mulligans.

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@brass-man does this turn off Rootwalla? Does paying 0 count as paying mana?

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This is super subjective, but I would call anything with at least 2 mana drains, 4 or more plainswalkers, and 23 or more mana sources big blue.

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@joshuabrooks everything is relative though, and even though the price of CE/IE power is super inflated, $2000 for 5 CE moxen is substantially more affordable than $2000 just for a Sapphire. If there ends up being a "correction" in both directions, then so be it. No one believes that legalizing CE will suddenly create 2000 person vintage GPs, but maybe it means EW pulling 500+ regularly. Maybe StarCity could reliably pull 220+ for vintage events. This could also allow more smaller TOs to host EW qualifiers, which by definition must be sanctioned. I just think its a no brainer move.

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@volrathxp i think i saw on twitter a mono red prison list came in somewhere in the 60s. Not sure if any nulldrazi lists did better.

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@tittliewinks22 unless im missing some interaction that prevents it, this deck needs some nantuko shades and another coffers.

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I have been main decking true name nemesis to break open the mirror match, which often comes down to whos plainswalker or snapcaster survives the longest, or who gets mentor with critical mass of cards first. As a jeskai pilot, i had the hardest time against an outcome player who boarded in mana drains and an extra flusterstorm. The drains were unexpected so I played right into them.

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@joshuabrooks My main point is because it won't hurt anything, and the proxy precedent has already been set, then why not?

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I am going to keep this short, since I feel the argument is a simple one. Now that there is an official policy on Proxys for foil only cards like Kess in Legacy and Nexus in standard, I believe it is time for Wizards to extend the policy further to include CE/IE cards in the Eternal Formats.

I have no idea if this somehow infringes on the reserved list (not sure how it would...) but the merits of this have to outweigh the negatives. Access to cheaper duals for legacy, and additional power for Vintage players. This would add approximately 14,000 copies of these cards into the pool of available duals and power, and could help facilitate additional sanctioned Eternal events in the future.