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@brass-man this is why I sold/traded all my Arabian cities in the mid late 90s ad now have no Swedish legal copies.

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It's been a long time since people have riffle shuffled Vintage decks for spite , certainly in the UK at least. I usually riffle my decks however. I shuffle all decks outside of Old School, because the tool proportion is even lower than the already low element in vintage. Usually pile shuffle a couple of times then side box with a final cut.

Shuffle floor rules have changes a lot over the years, but there was a glorious period pre Paris mulligan where I repeatedly screwed mana weavers in low rel/casual events. I simply 3 piled their stacked decks and clumped the hell out of them. Whenever I've suspected stacking/insufficient randomization outside of casual, I've always called a judge. Sadly these have been upheld much more often than not, as there are cheats out there, though in UK Vintage circles, much less so in my experience (though there was a period where this was a real issue in Italy - I had one opponent playing 5 workshops for example in a tourney with power prizes.)

Re the issue of Minds Desire - unless there is some interaction while each storm copy is resolving, I'm always happy to shortcut and just shuffle once before it starts resolving, though I suspect this is against floor rules at comp rel, but is a big time saver.

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Bit of an awkward subject, as Annecy era BoM was great fun, plus there have been a number of large and well run Euro Vintage events over the years. As people have mentioned, when they moved the focus from large well supported Vintage events to broader GPs (in fairness, they must make good money) they may still have hoped to keep the Vintage players on board for a while. Problem is, they skimped on vintage for too long and then hoped to instantly get the players back, which was not realistic.

Last straw was pulling the London event (,31.html?event=20&evt=20) at relatively short notice and putting part of the blame on Brexit! Luckily I personally wasn't left out of pocket for hotel or travel, but it made it a lot less likely that I'd go to BoM Paris and I know some people were stung. Even though recent events in mainland Europe have actually dropped hotel and travel costs despite the unfavourable exchange rate, I decided to go to GP London for the side events instead and play a bit of Vintage, a lot of Old School and drink a good amount of beer to boot.

The result? The UK and Irish community used to sort out hotels, flights, transfers and send 30 or 40+ people to play Vintage/Legacy, an old friend of mine top 8'd in a large field not that long ago. Think there was one Brit went this weekend just gone. All you have to do is look at the final standings and see the paucity of non-French players. I fear that BoM as a Vintage "Brand" is damaged beyond repair now, which is a great shame.

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Yup, the days of 350-400 player Vintage BoM are behind us for a while at least. Hoping things take off again next year.

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Definitely a place for recall, especially as you're often shuffling them back in, or having them discard to wheel/windfall but void snare/chain of vapor can deal with the troublesome enchantments too. I've found that on the draw, mull to FoW or Leyline and business is sometimes a necessary evil. Still not lost a shops matchup (fingers crossed.) Did the grant package, but found it took a lot of slots up sadly.

Funniest win vs rod with a leyline down was was by in response making vault key, having an extra turn, playing outcome to make it again for 2 extra turns, then making Tezz before allowing the rod to resolve (keeping FoW back to stop anything scary in the meantime for rest of opponenet's turn.) Untap, tick up Tezz, repeat, swing for about 40. People watching thought I was insane to let the rod resolve, but I just thought it was funnier this way and it's a deck about having fun tbh.

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I chop lists around depending on expected meta, think last one (which topped 6 rnd Swiss before me derping in the 1/4 due to late night beer and Old School the day before) was something like this:

Tolarian Academy
Black Lotus
2 Chrome Mox
Lion's Eye Diamond
Lotus Petal
Mana Crypt
Mana Vault
Mox Emerald
Mox Jet
3 Mox Opal
Mox Pearl
Mox Ruby
Mox Sapphire
Sol Ring
Time Vault
Voltaic Key
2 Expedition Map
2 Goblin Charbelcher
Memory Jar
4 Day's Undoing
Demonic Tutor
4 Gitaxian Probe
Time Walk
Wheel of Fortune
Ancestral Recall
4 Force of Will
Pact of Negation
3 Paradoxical Outcome
4 Leyline of Anticipation
1 Dack Fayden
3 Notion Thief
4 Simian Spirit Guide

3 Defense Grid
3 Grafdigger's Cage
2 Hurkyl's Recall
2 Mental Misstep
Tormod's Crypt
Mishra's Workshop
Tezzeret the Seeker
Void Snare
Gut Shot

Thief is ridiculous in the mirror or vs paradoxical storm. Respond to your outcome by dropping thief, force backup, then wheel for (as an onlooker said) the money shot, while laughing at the flusterstorm hand the opponent drops.

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Thought there was fringe potential until I saw it RFG'd on activation.

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@Cambriel Agree about flicker - couple of friends and I built standard decks some years back (when I still played std) in the runup to UK nationals. Both times, outside of losses to each other we lost zero rounds in pre nats tourneys and between us across the standard portion we lost 3 games across 2 nationals, all in quarters (2 due to pressure of first "big" top 8 just plain causing screwups, other to flood/screw)* Although they used some rares, one was built round indestructability and the other round flicker. Both decks were picked up and top 8'd the French nationals the following week (takes a lot to audible a deck less than a week off nats.)

There's always been little gems there to be discovered, but these look pretty glaring in the wake of recent attention to Twin, so I still suspect they "allowed" it. Will be interesting to see what bans/announcements come about.

  • my personal "bad beat" in a year I 7-0'd standard in the nats was losing 4 rounds of draft to sprout swarm, lol.
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@yugular I'm sure people would like to play freeform old school, but without chaos orb and a number of other relatively common cards being unavailable, it wouldn't quite be the same. Can usually get a Skype game when you want one.

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Couple of recent amusements:

Round one of tourny playing leyline para belcher. Lose die roll, opponent plays. I start with leyline in play, probe to discover he's playing shops, kill him in his upkeep.

Oldschool tourney playing twiddle vault. Have done mirror universe exchange to put opponent on 2, but time is called. I spend 4 turns looking for fireball with no joy. 5th turn still no fireball. Am about to regrowth for twist or wheel after a wheel and notice I have 2 twiddles in hand. Normally you'd just keep chaining turns, but this was the last turn. Tap your city of brass with twiddle. Untap your city with twiddle. Regrowth twiddle (cue swearing.)

Again playing twiddle vault, playing against green aggro in game 2. He unexpectedly brought in a crypt and removed my fireball plus some less relevant stuff from the game. I get to chain turns and have sink backup, but need a plan b, as he has no cities to tap and the fireball is the only spell that deals damage. Mirror opponent down to 8, let him have a turn. Gain control of ghazban ogre, he goes for the near alpha strike (he wisely keeps a factory back so I can't just swing back repeatedly with ghaz. I cast fog. I untap vault as Garfield intended and let him have another turn, this upkeep he has to give my ghazban forest walk from the ernham - he sees the problem and goes full alpha with berzerks for lethal. Except I'm holding another fog. Proceed to take 4 more turns, beating him up with the ghazban ftw.

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FoW - changed the game forever and remains a staple 20 years later.

Will - combo out or recover from things being countered first time round.

Gush - draw and net mana. Was another entirely new concept at the time.

Wasteland - strip mine 2-5 vs greedy mana bases.

Cavern - gave teeth back to creature decks.

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Boom, Weldrazi takes down BoM