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Owen had a winning line in game1 vs Kai.

Start of turn: 8 cards in hand

Yawgmoth Will (the rest of plays are from the graveyard)
Mox Pearl
Man Crypt
3 other mox (edit: sapphire is not available)
Lotus (5 tokens, 7 available mana)
Alternate Cost Gush
Counter Gush with Fluster
Time walk (8 tokens)

Now you have 8 cards in hand. Discard blightsteel.

On your next turn you can cast voltaic key+Sensei's top to pump the tokens.

This works right?

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I liked the Vintage emta before the Lodestone Restriction. Apparently some people didn't like that meta so I would try:
-Unrestrict Chalice of the Void

Chalice pushes decks to use a wider variety of mana costs instead of spamming one-mana cantrips. I would also consider unrestricting some cards. Memory Jar seems relatively safe to unrestrict. It would help combo but jar is expensive and weak to null-rod. In order to help combo I would conisder unrestricting imperial seal. The card is very costly in terms of cards and life and petition already exists. I also think its possible we could unrestrict merchant scroll and//or mystical tutor but I'm not sure that this would help the format.

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Some version of El Drazi might have a good mentor mu. Though we will have to see how the Eldrazi deck shakes out. The popular mono-white eldrazi build is not optomized for bating mentor game1. For example it often runs maindeck containment priest.

See the 4-0 deck-list here:

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I like the top8 decks.

I feel like my deck was unfavored in the finals. @diophan had a better "card advantage" gameplan. Its hard to win the control game vs 4 cabal therapy + 1 fluster/1pyroblast even though I also had alot of counters. My mentor build is/was not that fast.

I really like @diophan 's deck and I think he played well in our games. He deserved to win this thing imo.

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I personally feel the times for the current dailies are far from optimal. Does the manadrain agree? If we agree the event times are bad is their anything we can do? Maybe the manadrain can send a statement to wizards. Or perhaps we can get someone "famous" to complain?

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There is a reason I only play on mtgo.

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Also I don't want to insult people but a rather non-trivial number of games in the VSL have been decided by clear msiplays. For example when Randy played vs efro he lost 0-2. I am pretty sure Randy was favored to win 2-0 with better play. One game he missed hangerback for zero. The other game he didn't leave up mana to replay containment priest in case Efro had chain of vapor. The threat he played was not needed that turn. There is also that Owen game but owen is not actually a VSL member.

Of course only a small number of matches have been decided by clear unambiguous misplays. But there are only 45 regular season VSL games per season. And every regular season there are several clear, match deciding mistakes. I am sure there are many matches were decided by less clear misplays.

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If you comibne this card with Cavern you get an uncounterable counter-spell.

The card seems playable to me.