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Not a relevant vintage card. For 3 mana most walkers do so much more for you.

Narset takes the first slot from where this guy would sit 99% of the time. It would just be Narset if she was not restrcited. Past that point and depending on color your options include 3feri, Oko, Ashiok, and many ore, or if you want to spend 4 any number of better mono blue walkers.

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Valakut Exploration is a card I missed in previews and it's pretty exceptional, I actually really do want to brew with it now. I like the interaction with fastbond but also just like how it is a value engine that always does something. Should be interesting to play around with.

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MTGO is probably the best place to play Magics other best format, Pauper. I think the platform is a bit crappy if you don't play multiple formats.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Myriad Construct:

You can target it with anything, even a pyroblast, and it dies. That turns on otherwise useless cards in the blue matchup.

I mean, if your definition of turning on removal is that it gives them a card that allows them the turn my 4/4 into a different type of 4/4, sure.

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This seems spicy, It is very much in the same vein as hangerback. Not as scalable on the low or high end but far more efficient for the space it exists in. Tokens do not fly and you cannot sac to ravager for tokens, it has to be targeted, but the rate is very good and since it kills itself when targeted there is some ancillary effects against some removal since they will fizzle.

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@vaughnbros said in [ZRN] Sea Gate Stormcaller:

The problem with them being that they make the original spell less efficient. Instead of pay U, Draw 3 on your Ancestral, it now becomes 1UU, Draw 6 put a 2/1 into play.

The same can be said of Merchant Scroll / Demonic tutor, has not hurt how much play they see. UU1 Draw 3 has been a pretty common play for a long time.

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How many copies of Fluster do people run now days. I would say it is very likely worth the gamble in some hands to go for it and see if they have it.

Likewise, late game this can be super strong if your opponent has grinded out a lot of his counter magic against you.

Also plays a lot nicer with DDT and TC than Snapcaster.

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Feels very win more to me. With all the extra mana you'll run out of cards to play in shops unless you are also starting to play big things that draw cards, which has not been shops strategy for some time. There will be matches where you go wide on board with a hangerback walker and then this wins because of the double anthem, but that feels like it would be rare. Also, does not protect itself and your playing your cards at Sorcery speed, so this will get removed pretty quickly in most games if you slam it.

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Seems good with the usual suspects like timewalk. The kicker is going to be like 1 in a 100 games but it's hard to believe you would lose if you hit it. It feels like it may be better than a fork effect because you can potentially bait a counter with this before you now what they want to follow up with.

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@thewhitedragon69 said in [ZRN] Archon of Emeria:

It's a good card, but not a strict upgrade. The extra power and added evasion is better than eidolon, but the 3 toughness puts it in bolt range. The flying and "rule of law" effect is a boost over thalia 2.0, but the loss of first strike and +1 power and the fact that creatures don't enter tapped makes this much worse in aggro matches. I'd rather Thalia 2.0 vs humans all day than this, for example.

Also not a human is a big hit for a deck that uses cavern of souls.