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Yeah, I've stayed away from actually playing the format for a while, so I wasn't informed about Bargain already being unrestricted. Good to know 🙂
That, though, does not completely invalidate my points, that are:

  • card availability is a factor to be considered: the more cards we are allowed to play, the better.
  • the more diverse the format, the better.
  • the more skill is required to play at high level, the better.
  • printing solutions is better than restricting powerful cards and staples of the format.
  • blue instant-speed deck should be made viable once again. Being stuck to play fat PW suck. Brainstorm and Ponder in 4x would help.
  • If some powerful decks of the past were available once again, some of the broken decks of nowadays would be kept in check. Karn was a powerful deck, but I'd be curious to see a 4-Gush deck vs Karn.
  • if Bazaar, Drain, Ritual or Workshop were to be restricted, the format would be completely, drastically different and probably less diverse. No Shops for example leads to even more PO. No Bazaar means no Dredge, but also no Survival, which I think is a fun deck. To restrict Workshop now would be like saying, back in the days: yeah, let's restrict Drain, so we can unrestrict the most powerful blue cards in Vintage.
  • The solution to avoid a Narset-dominated metagame is not to restrict it. It's to print useful cards that plays around the threat. For instance, when Darksteel Colossus was printed and started being played in place of Psychatog in T1T, many people believed it was unfair, as it is a one-card combo that lets you win in 2 turns. Many decks adapted, though, and now, with Dack Fayden and other cards, Colossus is not that big scary impossibly powerful monster like it was back then.

P.S. Jace is less powerful than Karn just because Narset and other you-dont-draw cards are being played so much, not because Karn is better regardless of the metagame.

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I’m into Magic since T1T and IMHO the format right now is boring and too slow. I believe these restrictions are not great, since they will make it even slower. In general, restrictions are not the best way to go. I’d much rather give alternatives to the other decks. For instance, Karn decks pre-restrictions were very powerful, but why? Because there are not so many powerful decks to keep Karn in check. Since Gush was restricted there has been no real blue based instant-speed combo control deck. Sure, there are many PW decks, but they’re not EOT instant-speed decks built around the ordinary blue strategy of counterspells, baits, and forcing the opponent to make difficult decisions (Gifts anyone?). The fact that this game plan is not viable anymore is really sad, IMHO - probably the worst thing in Vintage right now. Also, the progressive disappearance of black storm decks is also very sad. Of course, I’m very happy that right now a few aggro decks are viable, but I’m not enthusiast when that happens because others are dead or on their way to the grave. Many people say Mishra's Workshop is the real problem, but I disagree. Let’s take a look at the pillars of the format.

Mishra’s Worskhop
Mana Drain
Dark Ritual
Bazaar of Bagdad

It’s been this way since at least T1T. IMHO restricting one of these cards is equal to changing Vintage forever. It's like a house of cards: if you remove Shops, suddenly blue becomes insane. An alternative solution to restrictions is unrestrictions.
These are my considerations:

Cards that should never be unrestricted because they are stupidly powerful one-card combos or because they’d break the format in 4x

Yawgmoth’s Will
Monastery Mentor
Mind’s Desire
Efficient Tutors (Demonic Tutor, Demonic Consultation, Vampiric Tutor, Imperial Seal, Mystical Tutor, Merchant Scroll)
Library of Alexandria
Lion’s Eye Diamond
Lodestone Golem
Fast mana acceleration cards
Tolarian Academy
Treasure Cruise
Dig Through Time
Efficient Draw 7

Cards that should be unrestricted to balance the format, keep some decks in check, and make new archetypes available

Windfall (why not? It would not dominate the format.)
Karn, the Great Creator (Jace is more powerful, yet it’s unrestricted)
Mystic Forge (finally artifact decks have a draw engine, hurrah)
Chalice of the Void (the solution to make it playable is to print cards so that those decks that are affected have side strategies)
Brainstorm (it makes the game more skill-oriented and helps blue combo decks)
Ponder (preordain is already more powerful)
Gush (keeps Karn in check, a fun deck to play, it would make Gush a new pillar of the format. Probably, though, it’s Gush or Fastbond, not both of them)
Necropotence (an unsafe unrestriction, I know, but it’d make the black storm decks great again)
Yawgmoth’s Bargain (not played very much, it would help black storm decks to become a great alternative to Gush decks )
Golgari Grave Troll (the problem is not that Dredge is too fast, it’s that it’s not interactive; restricting Golgari doesn’t really help)
Mental Misstep (keeps Brainstorm, Ponder, Fastbond, and Dark Ritual in check)

Cards to be printed

Useful gy hate (by useful I mean such as Eidolon against Storm or Collector Ouphe against powered decks. Something that could be played in your main and not just as sideboard hate)
Useful fastbond hate (such as Ankh of Mishra but better. Also, there should be more cards like that to keep Fastbond decks in check)
Mana-expensive blue draw cards (Drain decks should get an alternative game plan to slow, boring PWs)
Broken aggro cards (to survive in a metagame of Gush, Karn, and Storm, aggro cards should be exponentially more powerful than the new cards printed nowadays)
Broken artifact aggro cards (to make Ravager shops a viable alternative to Karn)
Broken burn cards (it would be fun to play Burn again, I can’t see why it should be such a shame. Aggro must be a thing. Also, knowing when to burn and when to blast creatures/PW requires skill)
Much much more red cards for card advantage such as Light up the Stage (right now, there is an insane color imbalance in Vintage and Red has the short end of the stick)


Make Karn viable again
Make Gush viable again to keep Karn in check
Make non-Gush instant-speed drain-based combo control decks a-la Gifts viable again to keep Karn and Gush in check
Make Ritual decks great again
Increase the presence of aggro decks in the format (with new, efficient, and powerful cards that impose the aggro game on the opponent)
Make Burn viable again

In summary, these are the decks that IMHO should be viable in the format

Ravager Shops
Control Slaver
Drain-based non-Gush decks
Black Storm
Fastbond decks abusing land recursion

TL;DR: The solution to fight against powerful artifact decks and Dredge is not to restrict stuff, but to make available a few alternative decks to keep them in check, such as Gush, Gifts, Storm etc. Also, aggro decks should not be feared because they’re full of hate, but because they impose their game on the opponent. Aggro decks lacks a staple card to make them a pillar of the format, such as a Mishra’s Workshop for creatures alone. Plus, aggro lacks powerful cards. Let me make myself clear: by powerful I don’t mean powerful hate cards, which nonetheless are necessary for aggro; I mean cards such as Oath, cards that, in other words, make your opponent play faster as you’ve just gained the upper hand. Aggro will never be a thing if we rely on hate cards alone. After all, no hate deck has ever been a consistent winner in the format - other than, of course, LSG decks and Trinisphere decks back in the days, but those cards ended up restricted, and not for nothing.