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wow congrats Nick! i am a big fan of Masticore and even it got antiquated it is still one of my favorite creatures of all time. I was wondering 3-4 years ago where the original art could be as it is maybe my favorite MTG artwork of all time (but of course i can't afford it); it turns out it is alive and well and now in your very capable hands..again congratulations Nick

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@Smmenen sorry to necro this as i missed this post for not being online for weeks..i do hope Jamison's RG Beatz deck is included or mentioned in this..that deck showed that aggro/beat decks do have a place in the Vintage metagame and I'm still hoping that Zoo-like decks would proove itself again...

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@maximumcdawg i just realized that you haven't gone beyond ABUR; sorry man. : ( Other additions (i hope i get this right this time) are Concentrate and Harmonize for Ancestral Recall and Time Warp for Time Walk

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@MaximumCDawg Just another addition: Plague Sliver and Grinning Demon are Juzam Djinns 🙂

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@Smmenen publishing a table would be very helpful in a sense that if you see the table you will still need to listen to the 'cast to find out why such verdict on a certain card; plus the side comments and stuff : )

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@downtoonelife Congrats for your 2nd place finish Kitz! I guess Ching was TOO STRONG (and that goes for ALL of us lol). When it comes to TMWA decks, you have to believe this guy; he's playing the deck FOR YEARS and we had our share of battles with each other (me on RG Beatz). Looking forward on playing against you (I'm on Zoo now) and again congrats on your finish.

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This is so sad...grew up listening to his's so wrong 😞

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@John-Cox been an RG Beatz player for a long time now and i suggest Torch Fiend because the problem with TSH is that it's more of "reactive" card; you may also have the problem of holding on to them unlike Torch Fiend/Reckless Revler that you can beat with first and then when a problem artifact comes along you just simply sac these fellows

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Wow, didn't expect Top getting the ban hammer but it does makes sense...
Probe is restricted? I was honestly hoping and expecting Misstep to be restricted instead of Probe