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This decklist is a masterpiece, inspired by the Dadaists

The 1 burnout SB is an incredible piece of tech for this Chalice deck, ray of revelation is super nice as well with gifts. The 2x mystic retrieval is super nice with gifts again, as well as with chart a course. The planeswalker suite is super cool as well, allows for some crazy gifts piles, and each does something unique and different.

Arlinn/Sarkhan/Xenagos all add a ton of pressure and kill opposing walkers super well. Sarkhan in particular is hilarious anti blightsteel tech.

As for the creatures lotus cobra is really nice to pair with the walkers for quick pressure, SFGM adds lifelink crucially and with all the mana in the deck builds in some infinite combos with time walk. Taigam is a cool choice as well, seems absurd alongside Mystic Retrieval, to say nothing of ancestral/merchant scroll/delve spells.

Other cool value choices like Search and Sylvan Library are pretty standard at this point, but notice the BK Spyglass wedged in there as a catchall answer.

In general the deck is super super well built to be able to function under Chalice 1 in general.

Anyway, the list was way way too cool not to post.

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Was a super fun tournament, pitch dredge is great. Not my list, copied it card for card from lllllll on mtgo. Actually went 8-0 in played matches, didn't play round 6 since we were both 5-0 and locked for t8. Might do a small tournament report, played shops 3x, mentor 2x, paradoxical fish and grixis therapy.

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@cutlex was running around 75% wr with shops over 7 or 8 leagues, the last league I played went a quick 0-3 vs three straight oath lists. the metagame is starting to adapt

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Fantastic news for all lovers of the original look of the cards, have to imagine that they will command a premium in the secondary market. Also we will get VMA flashback leagues for a week, which is just fantastic news as well. It is one of the best draft formats of all time

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Just wanted to add my voice to the mix - Misstep absolutely should not be restricted, its ubiquity is not a bad thing.. but rather like FOW is part of the glue that holds the format together. It makes games more interesting, not less. By punishing 1cmc spells, it pushes players into more unique draw engines, rather than the simple ancestral or mystical->ancestral

If anything, I think the DCI should look at hitting another shops piece, perhaps Foundry Inspector. Alternatively, unrestricting Gush or Gitaxian Probe could be an interesting tack to take, but both lead down a road that I doubt the DCI wants to take

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lost my win and in with pitch dredge. deck is still great, restricting probe was actually good for the deck since it forced me to play more mindbreak traps (which are much better in this slower metagame)

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Grunch, just giving some thoughts on dredge now that I'm taking a break from the deck

In my opinion the 15 card transformational dark depths plan is outdated. Played that version to a win in a format challenge a while back, but now that many shops lists are on ghost quarter MD + karakas SB it is much less exciting. Have not tested the anti-hate+angler/hollow one package, but on paper it seems awesome vs shops. Your combo matchup is already pretty good if you MD 12x FOW/Misstep/Mindbreak, and the dark depths plan was at its best vs shops anyway. Unfortunately I don't think now is a great time to be playing dredge, as UR delver has been pushed out of the format, and most control decks have some sort of tinker combo package.

As a general rule here is how I have historically sideboarded with my old decklist, even though its outdated I think shows the general principles of siding with transform dredge. Side in everything, cut cards that speed up your clock, cut dead cards, 10 dredgers minimum and that is pushing itt...

One Note: Therapy is horrible vs shops, can't be cast half the time and does nothing when cast. Misstep is horrific vs shops game 1 but fantastic post-sideboard, hits their 4x Grafdigger's Cage and Relic. Never cut it ever ever ever.

+15 Card Transform

Vs Shops

-4 Therapy
-1 Dragonlord
-3 Mindbreak
-1 Probe
-4 FOW
-1 Dread Return
-1 Prized

Vs Combo

-1 Elesh
-1 Pharoah
-4 Petrified
-3 Dread Return
-1 Dragonlord
-1 Prized
-2 Thug
-1 Probe

+14 no portal (think sometimes I boarded slightly diff, cutting some FOWs leaving in extra dredgers)


Imo the immediate future of dredge has us swinging back around to the faster leaner versions of dredge, similar to this version from 2 yrs ago. I would prob cut the leylines from MD unmask, cut some mana perhaps, and modernize the SB with creature package and 4 mindbreak either side or main

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Good to see the shops MW% come back to earth, and I think this data makes a decent case that the format is both healthy and that the sky is not falling. I think there have been two distinct metagame shifts that have led us to this point:

  1. Xerox (and blue decks in general) have adopted significant numbers of effective hate cards. Less hurkyl's and kataki and more ancient grudge and by force

  2. The Rise of Oath - the share of Oath in the metagame has gone up dramatically, partly inspired by Brian Kelly's ridiculous 24 trophies in the leagues. As seen in the breakdown, Oath has a fantastic 60% MW% vs shops

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Shops is a great deck anytime you run low on mtgo tix, as long as you mulligan aggressively and sideboard reasonably well its pretty darn hard to lose. I've been running 75%+ over 50+ matches with shops in the comp leagues. Really makes up for incinerating play points on drafts

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UPDATE: another 3 leagues in the books with a solid 12-3 record. Highlight was going 4-1 in the last league with all wins 2-0 and my one loss 1-2 to our hero Maxtortion

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This was beautiful and heartfelt - thank you for all you do for the community. I hope to someday attend a NYSE

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there was a point after the March MOCS when shops made up ~30% of the MTGO metagame on MTGGoldfish. Shops put 4 pilots into the top8 of the March MOCS and it was in this atmosphere that VSL whining about shops reached a fever pitch. in the past month we have seen significant adjustments from blue decks to take down shops, which got us down to the 18% representation we have today. either these decisions were made one month ago and they weren't revised for the latest metagame shifts or else WOTC has kowtowed to the vocal anti-prison contingent regardless of results.

welcome to the gush/storm metagame boys

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Ravager101 on modo, have storm

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In the wake of vintage champs and multiple MTGO challenges it seems pretty clear that shops is still the clear best deck. Even specially built Oath decks to take down shops have fallen short. So the question remains, what next to restrict?

Imo we either hit foundry inspector, sphere, ravager, or some combination. However it is becoming more and more clear that workshop itself must go eventually. As an alternative tack, unrestricting mental misstep could allow the format to develop in a different direction, and possibly hurt shops

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been playing some DPS recently to some success online. its a pretty great meta call right now because shops has seen a serious downturn and Oath is everywhere. the only really horrible matchups are dredge and paradoxical outcome varieties

also playing draw 7s and mind's desire is fun as hell

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@miketheprof Serenity has a couple major problems, the largest of which is that it blows up all your own artifact mana. The card isn't much of a 5 for 1 blowout when you are nuking 1 or more of your own moxes. Additionally, Serenity is incredibly slow. The current iteration of Shops kills so quickly that a 1 turn delay may give the Shops player enough time to kill you, or else set up Ravager+Factory. A 6+ power creature immune from sorcery speed interaction is surprisingly tough for many decks to beat.

Lastly, when comparing Serenity to other hate cards, it is somewhat similar to Hurkyl's Recall in that it gives you 1 turn to do whatever broken thing you want unencumbered by taxing effects or graveyard hate. There are very very few decks that need a 1 turn window to go off that simultaneously do not need a large base of artifact mana or a key enchantment in play. The only current viable deck that can play it effectively is Dredge or a blue control deck, and the control decks already have effective hate in Ancient Grudge and By Force.

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Kinda sweet with Cabal Therapy, part of a UBW control type shell

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Considering how much I (and many others) love flashback drafts on MTGO - this is essentially flashback constructed! MTGO has tried similar in the past with the flashback gauntlet (you get a random selection of 8 or so top tier decks from a specific era of MTG). In any case, I fully support efforts like this