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@jclnc007 If you plan to add Dreadnought, then it seems your deck will be kind of a weird hybrid of two old archetypes from back in 2003/2004- MaskNaught, and 7/10 Split.
An example list of 7/10 Split from around that time can be found here.
An example MaskNaught list can be found here.

While neither is particularly relevant in Vintage these days, they're still fun archetypes to play around with. My recommendation would be to pick one strategy to focus on, rather than try to mash two fairly different decks together. I think you'll have more success and more fun that way. 🙂

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If you're looking for a hasty creature capable of taking down a planeswalker from high loyalty all by itself, there's also Keldon Champion, which hits for 6 in total on turn one and can stick around. I don't think it's good, but it exists.

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I can't make it tomorrow, again, unfortunately. But I'm seeing Endgame instead, so I can't really complain too much.

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Aw man, gonna miss chatting with you and playing against your brews. Best of luck in CT!

Just poking around here, I see this upcoming event in Norwalk, CT on Friday May 3rd. Not sure if they run events regularly or not, but seems a place to start. Looks like there's more on Long Island, too, if you poke around the tournaments section.

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Re: Blast Zone:

Still, the design space on this card is simply explosive

Oh you! Great stuff, as always!

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@hardy While you could technically choose 0, the end result would be adding zero loyalty counters, so that seems wasteful.

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@protoaddict You're probably right, but I'm not 100% convinced yet. The fact that all you have to do is attack with it, not even connect, to get a free cantrip/bolt/shattering spree seems good to me. I am, of course, presuming that you have one of these in the yard in the first place, which isn't necessarily a given. It does also make the Delve spells slightly harder to cast if you're pillaging your graveyard every turn, but I think the benefit would outweigh the drawback there.

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The first place I would want to try this is in a UR Pyromancer shell. Getting to re-cast a cantrip for free every turn for your Pyromancer seems like really great value. I'd probably also be inclined to test a Skullclamp or two in such a list, for clamping the tokens and for boosting this card's power to enable re-casting Time Walk/Merchant Scroll. That might be too cute, but I'd be interested to explore that space.